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28 August 2014 / By / 19 Comments

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And here we are, the last episode of The Diary of a Sinner airs right now. And by now I`ve gathered a few `big` sins that also make me feel good.




  • ·       eating junk food – well, it also made me fat besides making me feel good but eating junk food is a sin that I deeply enjoy
  • ·       spending money on deco objects which I don`t have room for – I am sure you are familiar with `O sa se potriveasca la un moment dat undeva` saying
  • ·       drinking a few gin tonics. Ok, a lot of gin tonics. And then laying in bed the next day with a terrible headache
  • ·       speaking for hours on the phone and paying an outrageous phone bill – this is a problem, must plan to fix it as soon as possible
  • ·       gathering perfumes from every place I visit in my budoir. I love wearing more perfumes. Not at once, duhh. But wearing a different fragrance gives that unexpected vibe to your personality and vibe
  • drinking tea from the tea set I created last year for Wagner Arte and believing what everybody tells me – that I am a petite new millennium countess




anamorodan com11I am wearing a Dolce&Gabbana dress, Smiling Shoes heels, a Celine bag, Prada sunglasses, a Cartier bracelet and a Stella McCartney ring

Thank you to Beauty District for my Edna hairdo

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



Now, do tell me which one of your sins make you feel good? Do you have these kind of sins?


Because of Douglas`s The Diary of a Sinner campaign I`ve come to realize that being some sort of Maleficent can result in something positive for my general vibe and state of mind.


And if you are searching for an unforgettable fragrance to remind you that sins can also be positive, in August, exclusively in all the Douglas shops, when you buy a Roberto Cavalli, CK, Marc Jacobs or Chloe perfume, you fill a card and with it you enter and run for winning cool and desirable prizes – one of the 15 compact Canon cameras or an awesome Roberto Cavalli statement necklace.





Anetta Sinneta

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  1. florentina says:

    O sa se potriveasca la un moment dat undeva 🙂 am jumatate de garaj plin cu d-astea! te inteleg perfect! dar sunt sigura ca la un moment dat va venit si vremea lor! nu mi-au iesit in cale degeaba! 🙂

  2. the fashionista says:

    I just came from the stylist and I also have and Edna haido, only I’m a blonde Edna 🙂

  3. miriam says:

    the ring is ageless and very cool!

  4. lioara says:

    tu ai ginul tonic, eu am sampania, prietenele mele vinul…toate avem cate un pacat mic in cv 🙂 important e ca le recunoastem

  5. Paula says:

    junk food e una dintre placerile vinovate ale fiecarui om. important e sa nu abuzezi

  6. Sonia Cristea says:

    Chloe este parfumul meu si sper sa-mi aduca noroc la concurs. i-ar sta bine sticlutei langa un Canon 🙂

  7. gloria says:

    the photo of you on the chair is very powerful! i like it!

  8. fashionlover says:

    well, we all had the huge phone bill, and i personally still have it. i just think i am a person who needs to comunicate 🙂

  9. GeorgianaLaura says:

    gata,m-am inscris! i love roberto cavalli, if you know what i mean 😉 sa-mi tineti pumnii

  10. Rosalia says:

    seing you so elegant every day makes me want to look more elegant also! thank you for that

  11. Virginia says:

    rochia e absolut superba! si iti vine perfect!

  12. Doria says:

    I love the tea set for Wagner! It’s so aristo

  13. kelly says:

    i completely understand the perfume part. call me crazy but i have 15 right now and yes, i use them all!

  14. Vanda says:

    pana de curand nu le intelegeam pe femeile care foloseau mai multe parfumuri. se pare ca intelepciunea vine cu varsta 🙂

  15. Carmen says:

    ador sandalele si mi-au placut mult colectiile de pana acum cu smiling shoes. am deja cateva piese si sper ca veti avea o noua colectie la toamna

  16. evelyn says:


  17. Minola says:

    te-am vazut la beauty district zilele trecute 🙂 esti foarte carismatica

  18. Gloria says:

    your instagram account is so funny and inspiring! love it

  19. Flori Stan says:

    rochia asta iti vine perfect! ar trebui sa porti mai des Dolce&Gabbana

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