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22 August 2014 / By / 19 Comments

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I have come to realize that life, balance, the human body and soul are of some sort fragile. I`ve been reading a lot lately about balance, the energy flux and it`s connections in our body, about all sorts of alternative therapies, about relaxation, mind focusing, massages and why are they really good for us besides relaxation, about where the energy centers are placed in our organism and yoga. And as I dig deeper in this ocean of holistic way of looking at life I`m coming to realize that we are in charge of most of the things we live. That we really can make dreams/thoughts into reality and we alone are the ones who dictate our dose of sadness or better yet, well-being.



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And I am glad that I noticed this trend even in brand`s campaigns. Take for example The Diary of a Sinner with Douglas. Well, what this brand in trying to communicate is that as long as you don`t harm other creatures in this world and you enjoy your little guilty pleasures, these little pleasures are working for your well-being not against you. You know, many of what society calls `sins` are not actually sins, it`s just perception.


Speaking of that, today I have to reveal another sin I sin – sin I sin??! You get the picture –  it`s easy, another sin of mine, a fashionable sin, are long dresses. Lavishly long dresses to be more exact.

I wear them everywhere, from a walk to the supermarket, to café meetings during day time, to late dinners or events. I am aware that sometimes, especially during day time I may look like an eccentric lunatic but I don`t really care, they are my obsession and they make me feel good so sin or not, I am going to wear them everywhere, at every hour.


If you are searching for an unforgettable fragrance to remind you that sins can also be positive, in August, exclusively in all the Douglas shops, when you buy a Roberto Cavalli, CK, Marc Jacobs or Chloe perfume, you fill a card and with it you enter and run for winning cool and desirable prizes – one of the 15 compact Canon cameras or an awesome Roberto Cavalli statement necklace.



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anamorodan comI am wearing a Clara Rotescu dress and H&M earrings

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev




To understand that life is about well-being, positivity and that everything is yours to have and in your power – to me that is freedom. And freedom my friends, freedom is much more fashionable even than fashion itself!



*yes, I`ve noticed, along with all of you people, that I`ve left my bra at home. Oh well, it happens. Goodbye







Ana von Sin

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  1. Nadia says:

    You look amazing in long dresses! And this one is just WOW!

  2. olivia says:

    Cred ca ti se potriveste parfumul Roberto Cavalli, nu-i asa? Il am si eu

  3. Claudia Popa says:

    Practic yoga de un an si-ti spun cu mana pe inima ca ma ajuta foarte mult! E adevarat, sunt unii pentru care e un moft trecator, dar daca faci asta constant chiar iti schimba viata.

  4. Funky says:

    You look very spanish today, don’t you think? 🙂

  5. amalia says:

    Sufletul e intr-adevar cel mai fragil. Si e foarte greu sa pastrezi un echilibru in lumea in care traim 🙁

  6. selina ion says:

    life is all about positive thinking and good vibes! and sometimes great perfumes!

  7. Felicia says:

    Clara Rotescu a devenit preferata mea in materie de rochii datorita tie. N-as fi banuit ca e atat de talentata! Iti doresc o zi superba!

  8. roxane says:

    You are right, Ana! We are responsible of the things we live. It depends on how you want to live: happy and positive or sad and unfulfilled! I chose happy!

  9. miriam says:

    Bra or no bra, the photos are great!

  10. Doina says:

    Aceasta nuanta de verde ti se potriveste de minune. Ar trebui sa porti mai des!

  11. Andreea Ionescu says:

    Unde sunt facute pozele? Gasesti cele mai frumoase locuri! E in Bucuresti?

  12. Andreea Ionescu says:

    O rochie splendida pentru o zi perfecta de duminica 🙂

  13. Anamaria Pop says:

    Si eu ador rochiile lungi! Iar cea pe care o porti este minunata!

  14. Irene says:

    Positivity….it doesn’t work out always for me, but i do my best! The truth is that we all should be more positive!

  15. Dana says:

    Daisy by MJ really is an unforgettable fragrance! You should try it!

  16. Smaranda says:

    O fata brunete + rochie verde = LOVE

    Si decorul e perfect!

  17. Laura says:

    Imi place foarte mult machiajul simplu ,tus si ruj rosu <3 . Sephora lipstain ,nu?

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