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15 August 2014 / By / 30 Comments

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Bonjour mes chic people,


Today, as part of the very decadent Douglas campaign, we will get on with the second episode of The Diary of a Sinner  – The Style Sins.

Yes, I sometimes love to sin against this addictive religion called Fashion. It may be sometimes a faux pass but oh my God, I adore to wear my long lame dress, whenever and forever, regardless the trends.

Or, let`s say my red lipstick, I wear it with everything, everywhere, every day, at any hour. Yes, I know, we all heard that red lipstick `must be worn only at night or with festive/glam clothes`. Well, says who? Who made this rule? Isn`t it that all we wear and use to beautify our body is meant to be used whenever we like?


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anamorodan com3I am wearing a Zara skirt and blouse, Smiling Shoes heels and Bad Romance earrings

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev




Or let`s talk mixed prints – yesterday I had a lunch date with one of my fashionable friends. When she saw the outfit I am wearing today she went all `Why do you still wear that? It`s the uni-colored outfits season now` on me…What?…I’m wearing it because I love it, it makes me feel feminine and delicate (I love being a devilish prick actually) and I want to wear it for as long as I`ll love it, no matter what mother Fashion says.

 Oh well, being a sinner against fashion may have it’s ups and downs, but at the end of the day do you know what being this kind of sinner gives you? Liberation and the freedom to make your own fashionable rules.


So thank you Douglas for reminding me that certain sins can be liberating and now that I think about it, they can also bring you a serious dose of fun fun. For example tomorrow, when I`ll meet my friend Ovidiu, he`s this fashion guru, I`ll wear my long, lame dress I was telling you about. At midday. I’m already giggling only thinking at his reaction #haha






Fashion sinner Morodan

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  1. maria says:

    sandalele perfecte!

  2. Christiana says:

    i love daisy my marc jacobs!

  3. High Heels says:

    oh, how a love a fashion sin every once in a while!

  4. ioana says:

    si eu am topul de la zara dar nu m-am gandit niciodata sa-l accesorisez asa. multumesc pentru idee 🙂

  5. irinapopa says:

    cerceii sunt superbi! de unde sunt?

  6. Cecilia says:

    ai dreptate, hai sa purtam ce ne place nu ce se poarta!

  7. maxine says:

    “Liberation and the freedom to make your own fashionable rules” I love that! I just love it!

  8. Ioana Nicolenco says:

    get real, we all sin! and we love it! si cei care nu recunosc sunt ipocriti

  9. style sinner says:

    my style sin? long printed dresses. any time, any season

  10. ANCA POPA says:

    ador mixed prints! le ador! nu ma mai satur de ele!

  11. Johanna says:

    you truly are a fashion sinner, in the best possible way

  12. Paula says:

    lovely day to be a sinner 🙂

  13. Lavinia Ionescu says:

    I love everything feminine and delicate! and I love your earrings <3

  14. Madalina Pop says:

    red lipstick este si preferatul meu desi recunosc: nu am curaj sa-l port incepand cu 9 am 🙁

  15. rocsana says:

    douglas e unul din magazinele mele preferate. ador produsele de beauty si parfumurile. cu siguranta ma voi inscrie la concurs!

  16. IRENE says:

    you look very French today! I Like it!

  17. iLOVEsunnydays says:

    we all have the diary of a sinner. it’s truly mature to admit that you have one

  18. ANa RaDu says:

    tinuta e splendida iar ochelarii sunt sooooo evergreeeen

  19. Diana P. says:

    cerceii si ochearii sunt superbi! la fel si tu 🙂

  20. Lucy says:

    sins do bring a dose of fun, you are right Ana.

  21. ilinca says:

    Manoush este brandul meu preferat si rochia aleasa de tine e superba!

  22. elena nicolae says:

    daisy by marc jacobs e parfumul meu preferat!

  23. Monica says:

    iti sta minunat cu parul strans!

  24. marianaj says:

    nu m-as fi gandit sa asortez bluza si fusta asta

  25. OanaB says:

    ochelarii sunt vintage? imi plac la nebunie!

  26. Iulia says:

    i love red lipstick, red nails and everything red!

  27. LuLu Saad says:

    site-ul tau e unul dintre preferatele mele. vreau sa-ti spun ca te urmaresc zilnic si te admir foarte mult!

  28. Amira says:

    a little sin never killed nobody 🙂

  29. Butterfly says:

    you have the most amazing jewelry

  30. Soos Cristina says:

    Ooohhh ce imi place tinuta de azi ❤
    Super Super Super

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