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.Ana looking happy r


ana walking in the forrest





morodan at the castle

perfect nature


ana walking

zabolaI am wearing a Zara coat, American Apparel tights, Smiling Shoes boots, a vintage reticule purse from Vintage Bazar and Linda Farrow sunglasses from SunglassCurator

© Serban Cristea




As you all know, I was and still am a declared cat person. However, what you don’t know is that I was also declared NOT a dog person because, yeah, it’s true, I’m not a dog fan, at all.

Let’s face it, cats are little, easily huggable, they smell like superrr cuteee, all in all, cats are the CHANEL and lately the CELINE of pets.

It was on a Monday morning when Serban and I took a walk in the woods surrounding the Zabola castle, where we spent a few days last month.

Right when we got out, two dogs popped out next to us. Now, you might tend to think that I got scared but if you think that, well, you my friend are foolishly mistaken. I might be tiny but I am pretty brave (do not take this post into consideration). So, I was actually quite pro active: I gladly  socialized with those creatures, the rivals of cats – dogs.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m growing up and I’m getting wiser (please God make me wiser) but I’m getting more and more positive vibes from all the things I rejected in such an absolute manner until now, like nature, cooking, standing still, working (never believed I would ever say this), eating healthy (junk food lover until the end of my days) and yes, dogs.

The 2 dogs that came with us in the woods that morning were so gentle, so well behaved – seriously, they were not jumping on you like lunatics, they were not shouting, you know…all those things super excited dogs do – maybe they were blue blooded dogs…Anyways, very educated, very, very educated, I tell you.

At one point I got the impression that they are actually taking care of us as they were walking calmly in front of us, stopping from time to time to see if we were coming on the right way, redirecting us to where the road was easy to walk on. Their eyes were so pure, so warm, so full of this intention to protect us. I can’t even find the words to explain what I actually felt in that moment.

Well, at that point something happened in my cat lover heart, it dog melted (?!?!) and I made a friend. A friend I never believed I could have.


cute dog



I must confess though…I tend to get attached to big sized dogs, no offense Roger..



Style tricks


By now you noticed  my reticule purse. I have always adored this kind of purses. They are from another era but still oh so chic today.

Try to find accessories that are different, very well manufactured and different. It will make you look and feel iconic.








Ana, the new dog lover

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  1. Teodora Ion says:

    :))) very cute story, eu una am fost inspaimanatata o viata intreaga de cainii de pe strada, dar am invatat ca ei reactioneaa dupa cum ii tratam. acum ii ador

  2. Delia says:

    foarte draguta poseta intradevar <3


    dogs are the new pink ^_^ kiss ya

  4. Georgette says:

    oh my, what an ellegant purse! love the fur also!

  5. I'm A Fashion Show says:

    missing a walk in nature! and i love both cats and dogs 🙂
    love the chic & layed back look

  6. alina enescu crin says:

    dap, cainii sunt cei mai buni prieteni <3

  7. Uber Fahion says:

    hey there! i don’t understand this segregation between cats and dogs, never did, i do not know why everybody makes such a big case out of it. i love all animals, we have a lot to learn from them. thanks for sharing your experience dear, i am glad you made a dog friend 😉

  8. samantha says:

    love the red coat and the cool accesories the dog is very cute !

  9. kiki J says:

    oh God my heart melted…i am crazy for dogs. and for you countess, even more now!

  10. L. Edita says:

    foarte dragutza povestea ta, si amuzanta ca de obicei, i’m hooked on your humor dear, not to mention your amazing style

  11. Yasmina says:

    it’s amazing how stubborn we can be and how suddenly we realize that so many things we said no to can make our lives better, life is trully fascinating, isn’t it?

  12. Hera says:

    tres jolie *_* loved the cats and dogs story and how you connected it with the bigger picture, you are something!

  13. Dana Toma says:

    Doamne cat as vrea sa nu imi mai fie frica de caini 🙂 chiar trec prin perioada in care incerc sa ma imprietenesc cu ei, asa ca incurajarea ta conteaza 🙂 ce ochelari frumosi!

  14. Pina Lewis de Chic says:

    you are the coolest chicest modern countess and I love you and your big heart!
    oh my God I sound like a freak, i will not stock i promise :))))

  15. gina malina says:

    wow that little perfect purse is soooooooo beautiful i could hang it on the wall, i am just mad about precious pieces like that…

  16. I Love Fashion says:

    Darling, this place is beautiful and the light is magical, i should go take walks like this more often. The positive vibe on your blog Ana is very dear to me. Muah!

  17. Cristina who Loves You says:

    Yep … maybe they were blue blooded :))
    Amazing creatures , I love them <3
    Pupici :*:*

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