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27 October 2011 / By / 18 Comments
Zara boots, vintage skirt, Zara blouse



Why do people dress-up their dogs?

I’m trying to stay open minded here but I can’t really figure this shit out. I really don’t think they (they = the dogs) like it. It’s not comfy for a dog to sleep in a bed gown for Christ’s sake. He’s natural state is wearing only his fur not some ballerina outfit.

I know everybody wants to feel special by any means(dressing your pet included) but at what point trying to be special and expressing it becomes ridiculous?


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  1. WE really love your style! WE love the lady like accessories that you combine with minimalist pieces. 🙂


  2. kittenhood says:

    dressing up dogs as persons is pretty stupid indeed. however, your outfit is adorable! I love the bow 🙂

  3. coco says:

    foarte frumoase bratari !

  4. ada90 says:

    Ce frumoase sunt bratarile!
    Am crezut ca numai eu am ceva impotriva “impodobirii”cainilor. Atunci cand vad unul de genul, mi se face mila:(

  5. modniza says:

    always goegeous!

  6. stilistele says:

    totally agree with you on the pet wardrobe issue ;))
    I love midi skirts with over the knee boots; it’s so sexy not showing any skin or tights!

  7. Anaivilo says:

    You look great! And to be honest, I find it ridiculous too to dress up your dog..I mean.. it’s not a toy! It’s just weird..

  8. Ana says:

    de acord cu tine in privinta cainilor imbracati..care e sensul?

    app imi place foarte mult tinuta, funda e adorabila:)

  9. Giu says:

    Depinde de situatie. de exemplu cateii cu par scurt sau cateii tunsi pe timp de toamna-iarna au nevoie de o hainuta daca stau afara sau daca ies la plimbare. Acestea sunt singurele situatii pe care le consider rezonabile lucrand in domeniu. Acum, ca sunt fel si fel de caini imbracati penibil chiar si in timp ce dorm, cum ai spus tu, asta este alta poveste a societatii noastre snoabe:))

  10. Anna says:

    i totally agree with you! it`s ridiculous and ugly! you look pretty pretty as always! awsome bracelets <3


  11. hannahstiff says:

    So ladylike! LOVE these boots and that neck tie!! XO

    real girl, real body fashion:

  12. I LOVE your boots!!
    and I agree, the poor doggies 🙁 I mean I can see a little bandana on the neck but even that is pushing it. I wouldn’t ever dress up my pet

  13. blue roses says:

    love the black satin bow on the blouse.

    dogs in costumes so frequently look dejected, it is pathetic.


  14. Supal says:

    agreed with your statement! and love the bracelets!


  15. colorsdiary says:

    it is indeed a stupid thing to have ur dog dressed up

  16. Clara Turbay says:

    You look amazing but that isn´t news.
    you always post something great.

    if you have time come to see mine.


  17. Alina says:

    You re so right!Love your outfit,gorgeous,as always!

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