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A countesses jewelry

Ana's casual Sunday

Relaxing walks

Sunday morning faceChanel espadrilles, Woldford tights, Zara cardigan, Ysl ring, Jennifer Behr headband

Photos by Serban Cristea



I am still having problems with the relaxation process. I don’t know how to do it anymore. Even when my body is resting my mind is constantly thinking about all kinds of professional stuff.

I’ve tried massages, spa’s, energy therapy, yoga, yogalates, trips to the mountains, trips to the sea, beauty procedures…nothing works. Well, face massages are the most efficient, I wish you could see me when I get out from a session, I look like a little mouse on crack. All smiling without reason.

Not even shopping does the trick. Well, not to wonder, I am doing that daily for so many people that when I have to do it for me, I kinda prefer going to a movie or laying in bed.

I haven’t decided yet if my lack of free time and this little workaholic I am converting myself into, tires me or it’s something I like. I’m still thinking if I should make a drama out of it or just go with the flow and be a working warrior. All I can say is that I’m starting to forget how to unplug. I have three agendas, one is an A3 sized, tons of post its glued on all over my house, three assistants per week in audition and I’m still not managing to get things done.

However, almost every weekend we go out of town somewhere, just to try to do that, to unplug a little. Last weekend we went to Cluj but guess what? I worked at my laptop the whole weekend, we were doing the last touches at the 5 MINUTE project so these pictures are here to state that those two hours were the only hours when I took some time to relax and walk through the city.




mai buna

When you feel that you must unplug but your mind can’t buy some Xanax! I’m kidding.

I’ve noticed that massages really help me to relax my muscles and my whole body starts to become less tense after a massage.

Here you have an article about the most common types of massages and what are they good for. I think it might help you too.

Now I have to go and take some pictures and after that I have to prepare a dinner for my friends. Well, not me literally, I will work on my laptop while Elena – the all mighty chef – will cook for us.





Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Ana, the relaxation problem patient

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  1. Dana Gherghilescu says:

    I only get relaxed with a big glass of red wine and a black and white movie or a big cup of macha tea or a Starbucks coffee and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. I know it sounds really cliche-istic, but this helps me a lot! :X:X:X

  2. Cristina Soos says:

    Pe mine ma mai ajuta condusul … ma relaxeaza cumva …
    have funn tonight 😉
    Pupici :*:*:*

  3. Cristiana says:

    Ana, as putea sa jur ca pozele astea sunt facute la Sibiu!

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Daaa, una este 🙂 Cea din Piata. Ne-am oprit pe la Sibiu in drum spre Cluj 🙂

      Te pupp 🙂

  4. sasha says:

    Cred ca e o etapa a micului workaholic din nou.
    Incepe pe la 24-25 si dureaza cam pana pe la 27-28 asa, dupa care te prinzi cum sa unplug, chiar daca nu iti iese tot timpul. Povestesc din ce am observat la mine si la oamenii din jur.
    If you’re a workaholic, you’ll forever be one, dar cu timpul te organizezi in interiorul tau, deep inside, mai bine.
    Pe mine cel mai mult ma ajuta sa ma deconectez activitatile fizice (fac balet de 2 ani) si problemele celor apropiati mie (se reprioritizeaza totul in anumite cazuri, iar munca mea trece pe un alt loc).

  5. Zadin says:

    Dacă eşti aşa cum te percep eu nu cred că îţi va plăcea să fii relaxată în alt moment decât în vacanţă.
    Dacă îţi merge mintea e normal să fii permanent excitată în direcţia diferitelor proiecte… sunt sigură că îţi place să fii în priză şi sunt sigură că şi rezultatele muncii tale sunt pe măsură.

    P.S. Mi-ar fi plăcut să câştig o invitaţie la proiectul 5 Minute. Aş fi venit cu cea mai mare plăcere.

    • Ana Morodan says:

      O sa ai ocazia next week, darling 😉

      Te imbratisez cu drag,

  6. Paula says:

    Eu, cand vreau sa ma relaxez, ma pun in balansoarul meu, ca o bunicuta, imi pun muzica relaxanta si ma joc Solitare sau Sudoku. Si daca am nevoie de ceva extra, cu un ceai sau o ciocolata calda in mana… 😀

  7. ale saioc says:

    Nu vreau sa par ipocrita, stiu ca muncesti din greu si e de apreciat, dar multumeste-te ca ai unde/ce/pentru cine sa lucrezi. E foarte important pentru vremurile noastre. Relaxarea va veni si ea!!! :*:*

    Spor in toate!!

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Ale, ma multumesc, normal. Si sunt foarte recunoscatoare ca am ce sa muncesc, nu-mi cer osanda insa stii si tu ca de multe ori, cand se intampla sa muncesti mult o perioada indelungata, incepi sa te resimti, sa te uzezi si atunci te mai gandesti si din perspectiva lui “nu mai pot” 🙂

      Multumesc mult! Si tie draga mea!
      Cu drag,

  8. johnny says:

    This blog is amazing. I realy like it!

  9. Anca says:

    Imi place de tine, initial am avut tendinta sa te judec, dar esti super, ok, esti fantastica, sper ca sufletul tau este la fel, linistit si multumit. I like you very much!

  10. cool babe says:

    thanks for sharing dear, i’m glad i finally found a place where i feel understood 🙂

  11. style and style says:

    love your relaxed style, by the way 😉 massages?! yes! they do wonders for us busy girls…

  12. Violeta says:

    O baie cu multa spuma si aromoterapie!

  13. Dana Gherghilescu says:

    Pfoai ce imi place a ta mutrita in ultima poza! :)))) E o combinatie intre “How the f**k should I pose now for this picture” si “I am so relaxed that I can move my face muscles as I wish ” hihihih…. epica poza :*

  14. Alexxa says:

    Interesant articolul, in ziua de azi reusesti sa te deconectezi mai greu de la problemele de zi cu zi dar trebuie sa incercam sa ne facem timp si pentru noi din cand in cand. Pe mine ma relaxeaza o carte buna, o ceasca cu ciocolata calda si muzica lui Leonard Cohen pe fundal!

  15. alabalamandarina says:

    who’s Elena and what’s she cookin’?

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Elena is my darling friend and she’s always cooking the coolest stuff 🙂

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