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`I don`t know how she succeeds?  How does she manage to be that – I quote – cool/amazing/sunny/awesome/hard working and the list can go on` other people`s words not mine #notthategocentric

I keep hearing this question from people who stop me on the street to tell me that they are reading my blog, from people who know me and from the people who witness everyday what my entire life and business is about.


I thought, in my `immense` wiseness, it might be handy or inspiring to create a new column where I share with you my lifestyle`s secrets. So welcome to the first episode and secret I share with you from The Business of being Ana Morodan – this little secret is also the most important  – take a look at the pictures and I`ll tell you why below.



the edgy queen

ana banana

ana banana having fun

the bwautiful new dress

cool ana m

magic place

ana having fun at her secret place

cool ana and her secret

the edgy queen1 mI am wearing The Edgy Lady heels from Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes summer capsule collection, Massimo Dutti jeans, H&M shirt and bag and All Saints hat

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



I think you guessed it by now, didn`t you? It`s because of my big tits and the hormones that make me eat chocolate and get fat that the most important secret when it comes to being  me is a trustworthy Clothing Retouch Atelier.

Oh and I have one more argument why this kind of place is a MUST in my life – because like a fashionista that I am, if I like something I buy it even if it`s with a few sizes larger than my actual size. I`ll take it to be resized afterwards. The ones of you who know me are probably smiling while reading this post because I am always carrying bags with things that need to be taken to the retouch atelier. That`s the story of my life.

I always recommend this kind of service at all my style classes because it`s also the perfect way for refreshing your wardrobe and the clothes you already have so there`s no need of investing in new ones.



Ok, I know, you want tell me to stop it with the bla bla and tell you the actual secret – Ok, after a few adventures in the retouching ateliers land here`s my one and only love and here`s why:


  • they are the ones who have the `you call and we come where you are` service- and it`s totally free – that for an active person like me, is heavenly sent – they come to my house, take my measurements and the things I need to retouch and they also bring them back – I only pay the retouch
  • they offer you a guarantee for every clothing item you leave in their care
  • their two locations are placed extremely central- Calea Victoriei 1/5, Nicolae Titulescu 80 – and they look homie and elegant. They just want to make you to sit comfortably and wait for you items to be ready
  • and most of all, because I am retouching something every week, this aspect is also very important – the prices – you`ll see, even if you chose to call them at home or you pay them a visit, the prices are the same and you`ll be amazed by their extremely low prices



So there, this is the first secret from The Business of being Ana Morodan and I would say – the most important. And you know why? Because ever since I was younger and read how Wallis Simpson was retouching her wardrobe every season, I understood that what I want most is to have a stylish allure, not a wardrobe with many clothes!







Morodanetta von Retouchetta

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  1. Soos Cristina says:

    Eu le duc la bunica mea ❤

  2. Elena says:

    rochia galbena e superba, abia astept s-o vad!

  3. Magdalena says:

    multumim pentru sugestie! cautam un astfel de atelier, mai ales ca am avut cateva experiente neplacute pana acum

  4. Fiona says:

    i absolutely love the fact that you can call them at home! can’t wait to do that!

  5. Alexandra Popa says:

    primul lucru pe care l-am facut a fost sa ma uit la preturi. ai dreptate, sunt foarte bune!

  6. Anca says:

    abia astept sa-i testez, mai ales ca am cumparat la reduceri un sacou care nu e masura mea. sper sa fie ok

  7. Nicole says:

    those sandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaals! they are PERFECT!

  8. ADINA LAZAR says:

    rochiile sunt minunate!

  9. paula p. says:

    din fericire, matusa mea se ocupa de toate hainele mele. stiu cat de important este ca aceste mici modificari sa fie facute de profesionisti pentru ca vad haine modificare prost in fiecare zi

  10. Ioana Maxim says:

    te inteleg perfect, Ana, mai ales cand vine vorba de pantaloni. si eu sunt micuta si toti pantalonii si jeansii trebuie modificati 🙂

  11. Lavinia says:

    mi se pare genial ca vin acasa! abia astept sa incerc si eu!

  12. Ilinca Tanase says:

    oh, am avut atatea experiente neplacute la croitorii ca mi-era si frica sa mai incerc! dar lor le voi da o sansa thanks to you 🙂 who knows? poate nu ma vor dezamargi. te pup!

  13. valeria says:

    abia astept sa ne mai spui din secretele tale!

  14. Cristina Popa says:

    I love secret telling! Can’t wait for the rest!

  15. the fashionista says:

    cool outfit today! i love the hat!

  16. Amelia says:

    can’t wait to see the skirt in a dazzling outfit! I bet it will look amazing!

  17. roberta says:

    big boobs and chocolate addiction, welcome to my world!

  18. kitten says:

    retouching is my middle name! thanks for the tip!

  19. doina says:

    Eu lucrez cu ei si sunt foarte multumita! Ii recomand cu caldura!

  20. marlene says:

    Oh, sharing secrets! I love it! Can’t wait for more 🙂

  21. Natalia says:

    Cool outfit!

    • carmen says:

      I personally love them! and when they come to your house they make you feel like a princess 😉

  22. ilinca says:

    tricou cu ramones si perle! love it!

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