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Why don’t you never write your opinions about designers and collections on High Street Cardigans? ” it’s a question that I’ve been (and still am) asked a lot!

Well, here’s the answer:

This is a personal style blog not a fashion journalism one, also, fashion is indeed a passion of mine but you all know that this blog it’s not only about that. Here, I tell you all the stupid things that happen in my life and we small talk about different subjects that are not always related to this field. And last, I don’t think that in the ocean of “I hated or loved that designer!” you need one more little person that does that.

But, yes, it’s always a but involved, every now and then, I find that one brand/designer that I feel in love with. And you know what I always feel in love most? With their well mannered attitude, their modesty and their sense of reality. If you are successful and you can manage to keep those qualities intact, then by all means, I’m your supreme admirer.

Andreea Badala needs no introduction but this time I need to say something!

Her brand – Murmur – is among my favorite brands of all time. I admire her creations as much as I admire her! She’s indeed a true retro movie character! Not the eccentric type of character but a well-mannered, polite and humorous one. I’m wearing her designs because I feel they suit me perfectly, because they have a life of their own and because they stand out!

I’m sure you will love Murmur too! And you know why? Because Andreea Badala‘s creations tell a story! And it’s a hell of a good story!

You can see all Murmur’s collections on
 Follow their news by LIKE – ing their Page on Facebook or visit their showroom on 75 Icoanei Street, in Bucharest

Now, about the post title: You know that I always considered the negative characters more fascinating than the “next door ones”. So this is a story about that wife which is perfect at home but she secretly has a life of her own. And with this I stop before you call me autistic.


Mum, I know, please don’t faint!


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  1. Ana says:

    Ce-s de tari pozele!!!! Ma uimesti Ana, ca intotdeauna:)

  2. daria says:

    I just love the first dress, it’s amazing, and the story of these pics is great.

  3. Alina says:

    Wow…wow…wow! Esti superba!

  4. styletto says:

    Lovely styling!

  5. stilistele says:

    lovely writing and amazing photos, as always. Are those leggings from Murmur? (please give me some hope here, I need them asap 🙂

  6. Ohmy, this is beyond amazing!!!


  7. Emanuel I. says:

    Esti intr-adevar… WOW!
    M-ai lasat cu gura cascata.
    Cat despre creatiile Murmur sunt ceva inedit, nou si original pe piata noastra. Chiar mizez pe succesul la care va ajunge Andreea.
    Felicitari pentru fotografii, styling si idee.
    Mi-am permis sa “fur” o fotografie pentru a o face teas pe Fb (cu sursa binenteles).

  8. OanaC says:

    wow…wow you look so amazing!!!!

    baci oana

  9. you are the very definition of the essence of cool! really!

  10. HOLY COW!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  11. Wow, I love this shoot! You look amazing, especially in the first look! 😀
    I’ll have to check out more of her pieces

  12. My Style says:

    love the photos! you look amazing!


  13. Anaivilo says:

    You look so different, fierce..sensual..amazing! 😀 Great shots, I especially love the first one, you have such a great gaze there, and the concept too is gorgeous 😉

  14. K. Starks says:

    Most amazing photos ever.
    You are a goddess.

  15. Boheme.Fille says:

    You look incredible and I love Andreea’s creations!..and the way you write makes me wanna read you over and over again!

  16. anca vio says:

    arati super! poza nr 4 e fff sexi, si parul e fain mai lung!

  17. Lisa says:

    OMG I love this!! Beautiful photos, makes me want to re-create it. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Merci!!

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