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Photos by Silvia Postolatiev




She has red lips, red nails, wears black, a big hat and a statement necklace. And she wears high heels. After all these distinctive signs it must be me. Turned into a doll. By Agnes Keszeg.

The Ana doll was a very inspired gift from my darling friends, the Andreescu sisters.

Now she lives on my wall, watching my favorite room in the house with cat eyed looks. I am a big fan of Agnes Keszeg`s dolls ever since I got my Luisa Casati doll from her – do you remember, two years ago? Well, of course not – here`s the link.


It highlighted my day when I got it. And I must admit, it`s such a cool gift idea.


Speaking of cool gift ideas, here is my gift plan for my friends upcoming birthdays:


  • a weekend getaway in a cool, dreamy and quiet place
  • a painting made after a picture of my friend
  • a hand written letter with a pretty medallion inside the envelope
  • a surprise dinner party in a decadent setting
  • an 80`s themed party
  • a picnic in my backyard
  • a ride with an air balloon
  • a notebook with my feelings towards that person



Now, they might read this but they still don`t know which surprise goes to who because the trick is that I plan to give each surprise to the person that has nothing to do with the idea. So that everything will be new and somehow unexpected. Because I think gifts should be about experiences not about objects, most of the times. Except when that object is a doll created after you #haha #heart





Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anetta and her doll





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  1. marta says:

    nu pot sa cred! e superba papusa! la fel si ideea!

  2. marina says:

    Ana and mini Ana! Great!

  3. cristina ds says:

    pana si pantofii sunt identici! cata atentie la detalii! Agnes e intr-adevar foarte talentata iar tu ai prieteni minunati, ca tine!

  4. the fashion lover says:

    an 80`s themed party is my dream party!

  5. christine martin says:

    I absolutely love the cape! Love love love it!

  6. Andreea Ioana says:

    vai, trebuie sa fie minunat pentru oamenii din jurul tau sa te aiba ca prietena. esti atat de creativa!

  7. Anca Dumitru says:

    sunteti identice! nu pot sa cred! o sa fur ideea pentru sora mea!

  8. Soos Cristina says:

    Superba ❤
    Se va intelege de minune cu prietena ei Luisa

  9. Irina says:

    draga Ana, imi place la nebunie tinuta! e atat de sexy!

  10. carmencita says:

    ne surprinzi in fiecare zi! ideile de cadou sunt pur si simplu minunate. sper ca exista oameni care le apreciaza

  11. Lovely gift ideas! <3

  12. Rona says:

    Absolutely stunning 🙂

    Dress To Cook

  13. Edna says:

    asteptam o serie de papusi, poate cu mai multe outfituru

  14. Eleonora says:

    Lovely! ❤️

  15. carmen popa says:

    tinuta este superba

  16. iuliana says:

    e unul dintre cele mai inspirate cadouri pe care le-am vazut in ultima vreme! foarte special!

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