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17 December 2012 / By / 3 Comments

Darlings, this is the final point of  the Peroni Collabrazioni d’Inverno project – the after ski party for which all three teams had to design a versatile and elegant piece of clothing.

This project will always remain close to my heart because I got the chance to meet inspiring people and professional teams. We had fun, learned how complex the designing process is and how much work it implies.

I send all my admiration towards the other two teams, Irina Markovits &Nadia Popescu and Claudiu Enescu & Dan Mihai Zarug. They did a great job. You know, at the party, many of you asked me who won. This was not a competition, all three teams had to design a versatile object, that could be practical when skying and glamorous at after ski party and which also embodies the Italian’s passion for quality and elegance.

The Peroni Collaborazioni after ski party was as elegant as the place where it was held – The Fratelli Expresso bar.

Below you can see some of my dearest moments from that night.



With Irina Markovits and Claudiu Enescu – the other bloggers from the campaign
 Each team’s design
With Ioana Voicu – the other half of Mauvert
With my dear Kinga Varga and the friendly Livia Dila 
That night I wore a Kinga Varga comfortable and lady like dress. Instant love.

Kinga Varga, the designer I’ve teamed up with is a warm and gentle person, we share a common vision about this project and I’m glad that our design turned out exactly how I dreamed it. A glamorous long dress that can be used as a scarf too. We focused on a creamy color, very feminine and delicate with silver touches for that zip of glamour. The dress was entirely knitted, this being Kinga‘s designer particularity.


Serban Cristea and Mickey Mouse


Thank you all for following our adventures during this amazing project.
I always considered Peroni such a cool brand and being part of this project honored me deeply.



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  1. stylish people…as always!

    te pup , esti o scumpa!


  2. Elena says:

    You look lovely,darling!

  3. Anca Miron says:

    Ana! I really like your and kinga’s dress, I would so wear it ! <3 love dear

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