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enjoy a yummy ice cream

smiling and eating ice cream



haagen Dasz


ana eating Haagen dasz

ana banananI am wearing an H&M blouse, vintage pearls and The Carine Heels from Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes Summer Capsule Collection

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



This is one of those posts that starts with `If you follow my Instagram updates daily`.


So, if you follow my Instagram updates daily you`ll probably remember my Thailand trip where guess what? I discovered a  Haagen-Dazs shop near our hotel and that was about it with my daily dessert #areasonwhyIneedPhotoshopnow.


Well, dreams do come true and my fridge is filled with this ice cream at the moment. Moreover, I was invited to show you my favorite flavors from this world wide known ice cream brand.


Now, don` t get me wrong, I don`t like Haagen-Dazs because of Bradley Cooper. Nope, although Bradley Cooper is their brand image!!!! #tressimpatique. I like Haagen-Dazs because of its` taste, duhhhh! And you might not know this but it has no artificial ingredients like stabilizatori, emulgatori si coloranti (nu stiu cum le zice in engleza). Their ice cream is made 100 % of milk and cream and because today is all about Vanilla flavour –  the Vanilla Haagen-Dazs use is brought from Madagascar, making this ice cream the silkiest ice cream in the world.


With my evil mind I`ve thought of three arguments for eating ice cream and not feeling guilty about it:


  • don`t think about getting fat. There`s always going to the gym #bleacsbutefficient. I am sorry but I was born loving food and I am not going to say `no` to this pleasure and gift of life
  • think of yourself as a modern Bridget Jones or Becky Bloomwood. This always helps me.
  • serving ice cream as a dessert from a kristal bowl can be ohh so chic and sophisticated



All in all, me telling you that I love Haagen-Dazs is not a new thing for the ones who already know me in real life but it`s one thing you guys should not ignore as a home welcoming gift when I move to my new home #soon




    Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anetta Ice Creametta


  *Thank you to my friend Vio, who made it possible for me to take pictures in this awesome location, of which I am not allowed to tell where it is #secretowner



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  1. Si eu dorm intre cutii de Haagen-Dasz de cateva luni bune. I regret nothing!! 🙂

  2. Soos Cristina says:

    Offfff Ana …. !!!!!
    I’m on a fucking diet si u vi cu un articol plin de INGHETATA

  3. Soos Cristina says:

    Offfff Ana …. !!!!!
    I’m on a fucking diet si u vi cu un articol plin de INGHETATA

  4. rachel says:

    and again, amazing photo shoot!!! these pictures are just awesome Ana! you are gorgeous in real life also, with no photoshop, because you really shine Ana! and I am sure icecream might have something to do with it also 😉 so creamy besos!

  5. michelle today says:

    mmmm yes, my name is actually today, so what? it is just like the lovely haagen-dazs (my favourite icecream!), life is all about today, sure you agree!

  6. Carmen says:

    aha! cum sa nu-mi amintesc de vacanta ta! it inspired me!

  7. Dianaaa says:

    primul lucru la care m-am gandit: unde esti aici? dar e secret…

  8. Raluca Popescu says:


  9. ELI HELENA says:

    your choices have never ever dissapointed me dear, so since i need a desert, this is it 🙂

  10. XENIA the Chic says:

    everything looks yummyyyyy!

  11. High Heels says:

    you know i love the summer boots! great post!

  12. popescu A. says:

    ai o echipa minunata Ana, se vede clar! felicitari!

  13. Happy says:

    esti incredibila, trebuie sa ai incredere in tine ca sa poti privi lucrurile asa, chiar m-ai inspirat draga mea :*

  14. question everything says:

    life is absolutely nothing without desert! i agree


    stunning style!!!!

  16. O feli A cea cu vino-ncoa says:

    yep, i love love your instagram

  17. ella says:

    well when you dress so sensually, icecream seems worthy!

  18. Die Style says:

    mad about your shoes collection mhmmm

  19. L. Edita says:

    tu si sfaturile tale, pur si simplu nu rezist!

  20. gina malina says:

    abia astept sa vad noua casa when is soon?

  21. Style Bomb says:

    uuh sexy icecream context love it
    the pearls are very nice touch quite charming i might say

  22. Georgette says:

    bradley cooper is more that hot!!!

  23. Chic&Chic says:

    only the best for Ana Morodan, it’s only normal

  24. Silvie & Marie says:

    viata ta mi se pare fermecatoare <3

  25. Pina Lewis de Chic says:

    that h&m looks breathtaking on you, you sure know how to put things into context

  26. Nobody's Wife says:

    orice fata muncitoare merita cea mai buna inghetata vara!

  27. anca q says:

    arati minunat, imi place machiajul tau mult de tot

  28. beatrice beatrice says:

    nice look! racoros si de vara (mmm cred ca m-a influentat si inghetata in comentariul asta!)

  29. I Love Fashion says:

    LOVE HAAGEN-DAZS! no. 1 fan here!!!!

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