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30 October 2011 / By / 17 Comments
That’s why autumn is my fav season!

Alice in Wonderland like.

my favorite lady

by the time he will be 26, I’ll be 46…hope is all I have left…until then, I’m his adopted, Cruella aunt.



If you somehow clicked and arrived on this blog more than twice you are already familiar with the fact that my absolute lifestyle highlight is not some fancy hotel or bistro, nor some concept store situated on some fashionable street but a gothic like, deserted garden. And if that garden is situated near a castle it generates the same “wow”  for me as a Mary Katrantzou dress does for Anna Dello Russo.

If on top of that you add the sea in autumn, then all I can say is fuck fashion! (again). The UGG’s from the pics help me sustain that.*

I’ll always be the girl now converted into a woman who loves a good fairytale. Even if my fairy tales include decadent countesses and deserted ball rooms instead of  pink outfits and white horses.

I never experienced that level of silence like I did in Balchik this past weekend. It was my first weekend in ten months when I finally had the time was forced to completely shut down any form of communication (I facebooked a little from the attic).

I always told Delia that the smartest investment she could have possibly made was buying an apartment there.


It’s the perfect place where you can let go of your constant need of validation (please do not bore me and yourself, saying that you don’t have it). It’s just a quiet place, without fancy clubs and high conceptual restaurants and cafes, also without that lack of manners and hypocrisy that surrounds us at every step in the city.

I’m not gonna start telling how extremely overwhelming were Queen’s Mary’s gardens or how much common sense and lady likeness those places inspired me. I’ll let you discover that by yourself. Just take two days off and go. I promise you that Zara and Net a Porter won’t go anywhere! ok, ok, I’ll stop  posing in some anti consumerism nun.


*remind me to tell you what I think about this one day!






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  1. Ooh I’m loving these photos! Such a gorgeous location. I need to take a weekend getaway somewhere…

  2. Jen S. says:

    love the pictures…you look fantastic!


  3. Arielle says:

    Wow, these pictures are lovely! 🙂


  4. out of order says:

    ooooh it looks ssooo lovely! what a beautiful getaway, and when on a getaway, nothing’s better than jeans and scarves!


  5. Gorgeous place, girls! And such beautiful pictures! Delia, you look amazing, Eric seem to be your little brother, not your son!

  6. coco says:

    like this place…!

  7. Balchik is such a beautiful town. I visited last year during summer, but it seem is more beautiful in autumn.I really feel the urge to get out from town and go in some quite place

  8. So cute! Love the pics! Have an amazing week! XO Rebecca


  9. the pictures from this post are truly some of the most gorgeous pictures I’ve ever seen! I especially like the one of you on the boat soo cute. I’m also an Aunt & I loove it so much you look beautiful as always 🙂

  10. Iulia Romana says:

    VAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI cat de frumos e locul ;x Am ratat eu randul sau nu ai mentionat unde e ?

    Si imi place foarte mult cum te-ai jucat cu dungile in prima tinuta. Fuck fashion & UGGs sunt cele mai confortabile incaltaminte care exista si vor exista 🙂

  11. Anna says:

    the garden looks as beautiful as it does in summer time! it`s so serene there…loved it! the pics are amazing and you look so beautiful! love how you layered the striped shirt and striped tee.


  12. colorsdiary says:

    it seems that you had a quiet and extremely beautiful time off, i m glad for you 🙂

  13. Anna Pope says:

    Beautiful photos and outfits 🙂

  14. arty says:

    I was sure it was Balcic from the moment I saw the gardens. It’s for sure a magical place. I am reading -Ultima Romantica – Regina Maria a Romaniei and this fairytail place is so beautiful described . Congrats for Snobbish Breakfast collection. I am following you since last winter -as I recall- and I found you adorable.
    P.S. I want to buy a dress but it’s very hard to choose.

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