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It’s time for my Style Capsule on Prima TV. Last time we discussed about smart shopping and what we should have in our wardrobe so that we can build chic outfits without ruining our bank account.

My next topic will have much to do with how we should dress in specific common situation but I can’t tell you more yet (#sorry, #secret #you’lllikeit)

See you guys next Saturday!


Until then, stay tuned for this afternoon to see another secret revealed! And enter this giveaway for owning some LUSH goodies

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  1. Miky says:

    Nu am televizor de vreun an si cateva luni si azi e prima oara cand mi-as fi dorit sa am unul. 🙂

  2. Miruna says:

    I saw you Ana! You are as magical on tv as you are on this blog <3

  3. Fashionable Dea says:

    Wooowww, this is BIGGGG!!!

    Good luck Ana <3

  4. Andreea says:

    My mother saw you last Saturday. She came shouting to my room you are on TV :)))

    So chicc

  5. pearlsanddiamonds says:

    You are quite telegenic dear 😉 love your tv column you are great! girl power!

  6. style and style says:

    you are the living proof that hard work and believing in your vision, and of course style,
    gets us where we want to get. you are an inspiration to me, i adore your blog, and tv show 🙂

  7. therosemarybabe says:

    just watched you on tv!!!!!! oh my God !!!! you look amazing dear

  8. pinkanca says:

    lovely tv show, ii finally saw it 🙂 you are amazing

  9. ilovefashion says:

    i love secrete de stil congratulations dear :*

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