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7 August 2014 / By / 25 Comments

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Well, one of my duties as a DOVE Deo ambassador is meeting all types of women, talking to them and discovering what makes them feel special. In one of those meetings, I was asked this question:

Which are your small pleasures during summer days?


Hmm, let`s see people… one of my biggest summer pleasures is that I can hang out with these two guys!

They are soft  #justlikeDove, they don`t talk #bonuspoints and they surround me with a well being vibe  #justlikeDoveagain



ana looking amazing

anigif 2

anamordan com3 m






Then I`d also add:

  • ·       Endless walks discovering new belle epoque buildings
  • ·       Watermellons
  • ·       Summer bistros in the garden
  • ·       The lack of freezing cold in the morning
  • ·       Ivy on the builings
  • ·       Ice tea
  • ·       Bicycle rides
  • ·       Quiet seaside secret places
  • ·       My cats which took over my garden and are laying in the sun
  • ·       Cotton dresses
  • ·       Big hats
  • ·       Summer salads



anamordan comI am wearing a Mirela Diaconu dress – available at Molecule F and a Katerini Mou headband

Photos by Mihai Dina




Another one of my biggest indulgences is my summer office – the garden at Escargot Bistro – the silent mornings, their yummy cuisine, my working space/table hidden from the sun by a dozen of apple trees and a place where my little animal friends can hang out and play freely (in case you are wondering, I am only their nanny, they`re Diana`s love pets).  My ice English breakfast tea, my laptop, agendas and to do lists are suddenly becoming my number one friends and working on a summer day suddenly becomes magical and super productive.


Ok, I`ll stop now, you got the picture. I am passing this positive exercise to you. Yes, it`s a positive one because it makes you think about all the cool things summer brings. If I ever hear `Oh it`s so hot, I wanna die` I think I`ll die myself! #haha  YOU asked for it people, all winter, remember?


As you already know, Dove encourages women to explore their real beauty potential  and enjoy as many pampering moments as possible and this is a mission that I support.  Here is a new and exciting campaign from Dove. If you missed the last two lucky draws, you still have time  until the 11th of August to  win the last of the 3 dream holidays, this time in Tuscany, Italy #dreamplace – evening dresses or another very feminine tool (take a look here)


Here are the steps you have to take – easy peasy, buy any kind of DOVE Deo or shower gel which has the promotional code on it, take to code and follow the steps from here


Now, do not forget that if you are the lucky winner of this trip to Tuscany, I want a dedicated picture from your dream holiday to see the pampering moments offered by Dove! Cross my fingers for you!




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Dove, Ana and the cute bunch

Click, Click, Click for More Adventures

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  1. High Heels says:

    well, your summer does not looks so bad, you seem like you are making your summer working days pretty fun

  2. doriana says:

    arati ca o zeita greceasca, iti vine frumos modelul de rochie, si mai ales culoarea imi place foarte tare! am tot auzit de escargot bistro, uite chiar mi-ai dat o idee unde sa merg astazi cu o prietena 🙂

  3. Veronica Paul says:

    o atmosfera foarte draguta acolo :*

  4. mireille says:

    super super cool head accessory!

  5. Chic@Chic says:


  6. Gratiela says:

    ce idee super Ana! sa imi fac birou de vara la bistro-ul meu preferat!

  7. Fete Fine says:

    si de fapt aici cainele si pisica se alergau iar ti era in drumul lor? asa pare 🙂

  8. Andra says:

    n-am fost niciodata in toscana, iar Dove imi place, so let’s take out chance here!
    vizualizez momentul in care voi castiga…

  9. wilhemina drumes says:

    spelndida tinuta, si imi plac aventurile tale cu Dove!

  10. raluca teodor says:

    o simpatica si jumatate :)))

  11. Denisa Stylish says:

    adevarul este ca imi place cu adevarat cum arata o rochie care de regula ar fi facuta dintr-un material pretios, din bumbac. e intriganta textura in combinatie cu forma rochiei, e superba!

  12. Laura's Closet says:

    mi se pare ca si tu ai facut o pasiune pentru pepeni in vara asta? eu una nu mai mai satur, sunat atat de buni! itri dau un pont, daca nu il stii deja: poti sa iti faci suc de pepene, fresh de pepene este delicios!!!!

  13. Miss Joanna says:

    love the dress!

  14. Bella says:

    uite ca m-am inscris si eu, dar ce n-am inteles este daca persoana castigatoarea a excursiei va putea imparti cu cineva vacanta iun toscana, este pentru doua persoane?
    imi place mult rochia ta :*

  15. Darlings says:

    vai daca ai stii cat de bucuroasa sunt eu cand e cald afara! da, eu sunt una din persoanele care mor de placere cand e cald afara, so no complaints here!

  16. Mihaela Atanasoiu says:

    e foarte chic la Escargot Bistro!

  17. Amalia Stanciu says:

    te salut cu drag Ana, saptamana viitoare vin in tara, mi-ar placea sa ne vedem! daca ai timp, abia astept sa vad ce mai e prin garderoba ta minunata, si sa iti vad biroul tau de vara!te puuuup!

  18. Fashion Ladies says:

    honestly, i have never participated in a contest like this, but now i don’t how this Dove campaign struck me, i would really love to visit Tuscany i guess, and i also love Dove, i use it since I can remember 🙂

  19. Tatiana says:

    love my favourite digital diva in the garden <3

  20. Ladies of the Night says:

    ei da, imi place rochia foarte tare, si fiind dim bumbac chiar as purta-o vara, minunata alegere

  21. raza mirea says:

    frumoasa culoarea, cred ca esti foarte fericita ca ambasador Dove, sa porti culorile care iti vin atat de bine, ai un partener de nadejde 😉

  22. Samantha Johns says:

    a real summer diva only brings good news, nice campaign!

  23. Stylish Bomb says:

    Tuscany here I come!!!!!! aaaaa I hope ^_^

  24. Carmena says:

    well, cu mine nu ai vorbit inca, dar pot sa iti spun ca o placere a verii mele ar fi cu siguranta sa mergh in Toscana, iar lista ta e cu adevarat delicoasa! wish me luck!

  25. Vanessa says:

    OH! that head accesory is the most beautiful thing I have seen lately!

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