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30 June 2017 / By / 6 Comments


Hi world! Sorry for being away for a while, busy life, hectic schedule, I’m still alive on social media. Or at least sort of alive,  it’s more of a they’re-keeping-me-on-life-support kind of situation (and praying I won’t finally go insane). Go check Facebook, Instagram, Insta stories, I’m alive and kicking there. It’s easier and faster. But I can’t wait to show you what this space will be all about. Soon. Soon. Soooonnnn. I’ll keep teasing you in order to keep you curious & excited, because you know how they say… well, actually I don’t, I don’t always have a smart and insightful quote or proverb to share, so bottom line is you’ll just have to stay excited because I said so (who said countesses can’t be dictators?). 




Till then, here are some impromptu memories from my Collective Stores event I hosted a few days ago at Collective Campineanu.

I met some of you, ladies, who attended the event, we put together some cool outfits, posted them on social media with the #TeamMorodan hashtag and you have the chance to WIN a 1000 Euro voucher to buy cool items from Collective! I also wanted to include a few glasses of gin in the prize, however they wouldn’t let me. It’s sad, I know. 

Cool summer gift, no? I know, I know, I’m feeling generous. 





Vera Sacarea



UPDATE: Also made a LIVE, had some fun and later I discovered that from all the influencers’ teams, the WINNER was selected by a cool jury right from mine! Well, I always knew my people are The Greatest (and the most stylish)! 

Congratulations my darling Lavine Jianu! inima-albastru


Lavine Jianu



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  1. Ela Manuela says:

    Ahahaha ce faine tricoul tau :))

  2. Daia Lunganu says:

    Acea salopeta-rochie-ce-o fi albastra e super frumoasa

  3. Cornelia says:

    Oau. Sunt divini pantofii cu sclipici pe care ii tii intr-una din ultimele poze. Sper sa ii mai gasesc in magazin.

  4. Karlaa@ says:

    In love with your outfit, the cut out shirt especially, it’s super sexy but not vulgar ❤️

  5. Darla Anita says:

    Ce tare e prima tipa! Imi place mult de tot tinuta ei, atitudinea, tot

  6. Anda Furla says:

    Felicitari castigatoarei, chiar are o tinuta uber cool!!

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