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Mes chers, buckle up because we’re going on a little adventure. H&M Romania invited me to be the only one who wears the dresses from their Conscious Exclusive Collection before it hits the stores.

I accepted their invitation because of two simple reasons. One, because I really love their sustainable fashion concept and second, because the dresses are dreamy, chic and movie like.


You know I love to share with you my life experiences and what I’ve learned from them.  Here is a general situation, one we all faced,  covered with some Tim Walker story telling.

Turning your life around – like taking a different professional path or moving to another city, deciding to have a baby or just to try some new experiences you’ve never had before. Deciding to change your style, way of thinking or the way you look at  food. These might seem small decisions but when you are in front of them, they still raise some feelings inside of you. Feelings like these ones…


Phase 1


Ana is the only one who was invited to wear H&M Conscious Exclusive new collection

Powder Pink and shining stores can be a great match

I wonder what's behind that tree

Serban, where are you


I’ve always associated taking a new decision with discovering something new, exploring or entering the unknown. Sort of like entering a forest, alone.

First you smile, then you start thinking and exploring the options, you feel small in front of  the unknown but you don’t give up. Cause we all know, once you’re going down a road, you can never come back again! (sure you can, I was trying to be dramatic)


Phase 2


The perfect chic woman

Our beautiful countess

The Conscious Countess

Details of a chic lady

Ana wearing H&M Conscious Exclusive


You’re  gathering all you hopes, wishes, serene thoughts and you man up thinking that it’s the right thing to do. You analyze even the smallest details and you are already starting to look on the bright side of your decision and how awesome it will be.


Phase 3


I make a kind of magic that can light up everybody's days

I don't see you with my eyes but I feel you with my soul

I'll forever be better than all the witches

Photos by Serban Cristea



 .And then you do it! You make to jump, step into the unknown, turn your life around. And you’ve thought at it before, analyzed the details over and over again but you left out that unpredictable factor. Well, actually that factor turns your decision from being just a decision into a great adventure.

I’ve took a few life changing decisions until now and you know what? It was hard, hard like hell, I ended up in tears and I was afraid of “what’s next” but I was a small Johnnie Walker and I kept on walking, moving forward, pushing my limits, changing perspectives and guess what? In the middle of the forest, I found the most beautiful castle with everything I always wanted in it.

So keep on walking courageously for your dreams because I know for sure that  in the middle of your forest everything you’ve worked so hard for will be waiting for you.


All my dresses are from H&M Conscious Collection and you can find them starting with 4 of April in H&M Unirea, Bucharest. Until then, LIKE H&M‘s Facebook page for their daily updates of chic fashion tips.



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Ana, the real life story teller




5 MINUTE - curs de stil personal cu Ovidiu Buta si Ana Morodan

Dragele mele,
Va invit la primul curs “SPEEDCHANGE de stil personal” din Romania, unde voi fi profesoara de “savoir-vivre”, detalii “chic”, shopping si eleganta romantica.
Stilul personal inseamna emotie, sinceritate si asumare. Cu un strop de curaj si cateva reguli de baza, usor de invatat, pe care sa le poti aplica in doar 5 minute, vei avea ce ti se cuvine: povestea ta personala de stil – superba, perfecta, remarcabila. Dincolo de vremuri si tendinte.
Atat de simplu si atat de plin de bucurie trebuie sa fie.

Inscrie-te aici

Click, Click, Click for More Adventures

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  1. silvia says:

    sunt supebre toate 3! preferata mea este cea din dantela alba:))

  2. Raluca says:

    you are so right! I admire you very very much! & you look fab’ as always!

  3. Alexandra says:

    You keep becoming cuter with every post 🙂


  4. Adee says:

    oh Ana, you are indeed a story teller, and you are so right.
    A life changing decision is a true adventure and only the brave ones can make it through.
    You inspired me today! Thank you.

    P.S. You look wonderful in all dresses, but my favorite one is the white one <3

  5. Ana says:

    A doua rochie este de vis!!!

  6. I love this dresses! I have to recognize that the first one it wasn’t one of my favorites but now that I have seen it as an outfit it totally blew my mind. I love this exclusive collection. I think it’s one of the best until now. As you said they really have a fairy tale touch and this is one of the reasons that I love it so much. There is also another pink dress, a long one that I really love. I hope when they hit the stores I’ll afford at least one:D. Love the story you created using them!
    Kisses Deea,

  7. gina boca says:

    Esti superba in rochia alba, it’s so you!

  8. Anaivilo says:

    Oh my, the story is great , the photos are just fantastic, you look brilliant in all those dresses, but my favorite has to be the white one! Great post 😉

  9. Alina says:

    You look unbelievably gorgeous! I am literally speechless!

  10. Dora says:

    De vis rochia alba din dantela!!!

  11. Georgiana says:

    Sunt minunate toate, iti vin ca turnate!

  12. sasha says:

    you are so porcelain white. 🙂

  13. Emanuel I. says:

    Sunt geniale toate cele 3 rochii.
    Ai facut cele mai bune alegeri!
    Ti pup.

  14. sorina says:

    You are blooming more and more each day and I am so happy to watch your efforts pay off! You are a bright talented “midget” – as you sometimes call yourself, but you have the guts of an elephant! Great work my dear Ana! ♥

  15. Regina Gromova says:

    AMAZING PHOTOS!!! Serban is a good influence!!! get married already!!!

  16. The last two dresses really blew me away.

  17. cat woman says:

    Adore the white lace one, you look stunning in it

  18. style and style says:

    UUUU great news the dresses look amazing on you, and your story is, well…s inspiring, must tell you that when i feel hopeless I read your blog and you make me happy again. kiss

  19. lademoisella says:

    the white one is amazing! you look gorgeous <3

  20. Zadin says:

    Ce să mai comenteze omul? Ești perfectă în toate variantele. Nu cred că puteau alege o persoană mai bună ca să îi reprezinte.

  21. Nisa says:

    Love the white dress 😀 can I ask you what size the dress is? Hope I hear from you

  22. Divine, my darling Ana! Just divine! <3

    Te imbratisez!


  23. You are damn right,and I think every person should pass through his personal struggle! This is the only way to grow up and become a better and stronger person! most of all we should always believe in good and in our succes, but never forget who we are and what we are able to do, what we’ve done! you are a inspiraion!

  24. miky says:

    i love the white lace dress…it looks so chic.

  25. Ioana says:

    I love your Phase 2 white dress, hair + shoes simply because I’d wear the exact same outfit without changing a thing. Lovely!

  26. Enni says:

    Love it! What size was the “bridal” dress btw?

  27. Enni says:

    Do you still have that dress? Cannot find it anywhere :/

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