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22 November 2011 / By / 10 Comments

A few weeks ago I received in my inbox, a special/surprising email. It was from Iohanna,‘s PR. She told me that at 121 headquarters everyone reads my blog and besides that they love my style (she said that! ok?!) they also like the fact that it’s full of daily positive energy that people can relate too.

I’m always humbled by people’s interest in my blog. Especially because I do this for fun and because it’s the only thing I didn’t get bored of. I have a problem regarding discipline and this is my only “activity” where I proved constancy (Anca would be proud). Talking properly on a subject however is not. Focus Ana, focus!

Ok, so when they asked me if I want to speak at one of their events(they have weekly meetings on different subjects as books, self motivation, gym classes, fashion and so on) about my daily wears  and what inspires me when I buy clothes, I was excited and said yes.
They didn’t settled with yes and asked me to bring some of my last acquisitions and explain how I incorporate basics in the seasonal trends.

I had tremendous fun (must have been the wine! God, I’m turning into a little permanent tipsy person) and the night ended with changing phone numbers with all the wonderful ladies who put up with my senseless explanations.

Thank you for having me!

p.s. And yes! I loovvveee MOIR!!! (the awesome/sophisticated furniture store where the meeting was held)

Moir Concept Store  has the most amazing designer chairs I’ve seen in Bucharest!

And the young and cool team from the new “must see” furniture store that has my ultimate must have” armchair!

And I wear it with grandma’s brooch

Dear mum/friends/Santa/lover/Tooth Fairy, I WANT THIS ARMCHAIR! ( you can find my delivery address at the store, just sayin’)

I love Daniela!

Why  most of the time I choose to wear only simple, nude or black shoes? Hmmm, hard to explain…

Daniela Kammrath and Iohanna Purdea from 


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  1. This sounds like so much fun! I am loving your outfit 🙂

  2. out of order says:

    looks like sooo much fun!

  3. Lili says:

    Uuuuh, sounds like such an ejoyable treat for yourself AND others, the perfect combination! Love the store, that armchair is perfection, indeed 😀 So happy for all your success, keep it up!

  4. georgi says:

    you are such a lovely and enjoyable person!
    and the part with the positive energy is the one that I love must.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have been a long time admirer of Kartell plastic chairs, but they don’t have armchairs, I think. Can you give more details about your “Christmas gift” must have armchair? I fell in love as well:)) It is a perfect combination of Moooi Smoke Armchair and Kartell Ghost Chair.

    Thanks in advance, Tina

  6. colorsdiary says:

    what a lovely event 🙂

  7. HelenDushko says:

    this’s absolutely perfect furniture!
    Honestly it reminded me ’bout the chair invented my Philip Stark-Marie.
    It’s also pure light and so comfortable!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Would like to know wher did you get this necklace? so hot!

  9. besiuta1 says:

    ah shoes,de unde este perechea nude?mersi

  10. Iulia says:

    In pozele astea ai un look cute si fresh.

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