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21 January 2013 / By / 11 Comments

Shop this Sandra Galan dress on Molecule F

Pictures by Serban Cristea



 .Darlings, I’m trying to find the right words to describe this weekend. It is, because it’s a prolonged weekend and we’re still here, one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever lived in.

Grand Hotel Villa Cora is a former castle and it has it’s original interiors. I’ve been to Florence before so this weekend was all about relaxing in the hotel’s sumptuous living rooms. Our apartment is so chic, with draped curtains and antique furniture. I spend my morning writing letters, drinking tea and eating cantuccini. In the afternoons I’ve dressed up very fashionably. Like this time when I used this Sandra Galan simple yet so chic black dress from It’s not Monday, it’s Morodan day on Molecule F project. With the right accessory – I paired it with the head piece from my collection for Statement Jewelry – it looks so aristo and glamorous doesn’t it?

The city is exactly how I left it, calm, beautiful, full of stories and joyful people. Italy will forever be on my top 3 places to move to. I think they were the greatest aesthetes of the world and I love everything about their cities, their respect and preservation care for old architecture and their dedication to create beauty all around them.

I’m gonna tell you more about this trip in the following days so stay close.

I wish you guys a positive start of the week.



Ana, The little Countess


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  1. therosemarybabe says:

    Dear, you look so feminine and stylish in that dress. The head accesory is perfect! Not to mention that you belong in that castle! Jaw dropping, breath taking, you get the idea 🙂 Oh…

  2. therosemarybabe says:

    When you stand next to that statue, you look like a godess, when you stand next to that vase, you are a flower, when you lay on that sofa, you are fashion. Jesus, i sound like I’m loving this! Great dress, countess…

  3. Noree says:

    Awesome, amazing, gorgeous place!

  4. I can see how happy you are, you look beautiful!

  5. Hellen says:

    Love your outfit,darling! And the building is absolutely breathtaking :X
    Molti baci

  6. ah, this environment suits you to perfection!

  7. Georgi says:

    Absolutely stunning outfit, as usual you have just the appropriate aristocratic attitude and overall gorgeousness! Love it to bits! Ana, could I ask what do you use for foundation, powder and lipstick, as they look… ‘perfection’?!? Looking forward to your reply! Many thanks!

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Georgi I use Chanel concealer, Dior powder and LUSH liquid lipstick.
      Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

      • Georgi says:

        Ana, many thanks for the info, …you’re truly lovely both inside and out! …seriously you should get a commission from the cosmetics representatives, as you’re a marvelous ambassador for them. The make-upo looks flawless on your skin! Just a bit puzzled though, ….so you are wearing no foundation at all??

  8. Ana Morodan says:

    Georgi I use Chanel concealer, Dior powder and LUSH liquid lipstick.
    Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

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