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ana speaking about Seduction along with Marius Chivu and Daneila Nane 2

ana speaking about Seduction along with Marius Chivu and Daneila Nane 1

ana speaking about Seduction along with Marius Chivu and Daneila Nane




I finally got my hands on a few pictures from one of the most enjoying conferences I`ve been invited to speak at – The Self-Confidence and Seduction Conference from Psychologies Magazine.


I want to tell all of you ladies who attended (more than 200 women) that it gave me  tremendous pleasure to discover all these types and kinds of women – young, middle aged, wives, fiances, singles, working ladies, entrepreneurs, mothers – all of you interested and focused on personal development. You filled the space with such a powerful and positive energy and you so rocked!


I spoke along with Marius Chivu, an extremely witty and a funny character and along with Daniela Nane, who is even more beautiful in real life. Her point of view about seduction was a interesting one. Iuliana Alexa, the Editor-in-Chief of Psychologies Magazine was a charming host and moderator, as we all can agree.


I am so grateful that I get the change to touch so many people`s lives and I hope that my words will give you the puch you need to get out and live life to the fullest, without fear, without frustrations but with an open heart and a constant smile on your face.


Thank you Psychologies Magazine for having me!




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



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  1. lovely pepa says:

    Wooowww Ana, this i sos cool. You are involved in so many cool and valuable projects! I love the fact that you are so different from all the fashionistas around here :))

  2. Miruna says:

    My friend saw you at this conference,, she said you totally rocked :**

  3. Alina Popescu says:

    I wish I had been there. I am reading Marrius Chivu`s articles for a long time now and I also adore you so I`m sure it would have been amazing to know and hear you speak. Next time I am there

  4. Carmen says:

    Cel mai mutl imi place cand ne spui ca trebuie sa avem incredere in noi. Vorbesti cu atat de mult putere si pasiune Ana incat ai putea muta muntii 🙂

  5. Iulia Irina says:

    Yes, you are really different and truly unique Ana! Always stay this special!

  6. Fashion Addict says:

    Of, ce rau imi pare ca nu am stiut :((( As fi venit sa te aud draga mea :* Salutari de la Brasov

  7. Rainy days are the best says:

    Mi-ar palce sa te intalnesc si in viata reala Ana, esti cu adevarat senzationala si ma inspiri mereu sa trag de mine, sa-mi indeplonesc visurile si sa fiu increzatoare. Multumesc 🙂

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