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14 January 2018 / By / 16 Comments

It was the middle of September I think. Yes, the middle of September, when Marta Usurelu called me and asked me to be a speaker at Biz Magazine‘s BIZ SMS Camp. I accepted not knowing much about what Biz SMS Camp was.

But as I do with most things in life, I confirmed almost on the spot, just for Marta, whom I’ve met last Spring on another one of BIZ Magazine’s conferences. I was a speaker and she was the moderator. Most of the things I do come directly from my instinct. And boy, did I have a good instinct this time!


BIZ (day3)(websize) -341_1

Da, like o tata veritabila. Tata. Tata!!! Fucking shit, nu stiu sa pun diacritice!


We confirmed again during the first days of December and of course, e-x-a-c-t-l-y  l-i-k-e  e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e, just before attending all the hectic events rushed in that week making me want to cancel a few times.

I’ve never done it – cancelling that is – even though I had 2 hours of sleep per night, at the most. I promised, so I went (except the vanity fair parties, those I’ve missed a few #fortunately). We went! Actually, Claude & Ange came with me because I was really tired and I couldn’t drive. No pity party here, I was just beat (2017 was an extremely good year for my team & I but a very, very tiring one also). We packed the laptops and two outfits (so we thought, thank you Cristi!) and off we went to Predeal. 


BIZ (day3)(websize) -346


We arrived the night before my speaking day so we popped up right in the middle of a party. Smoke bombs and ninja outfits included! Cocktail party. A rock party. A party.

I’ve just met a few familiar faces and right in the middle of a ‘how long has it been since we’ve last seen each other’ talks I look around and notice around 100 people, working directly for the brands, agency specialists, traditional media & social media people, everyone seeming to enjoy themselves at the maximum. Like really enjoying themselves. Without any pressure of any kind or judgement. Without fancy outfits. Without cocktails in sparkly glasses. Without socializing artificially. And right then and there, in the middle of so many people I felt somehow liberated. I mean, of course they were judging me; no people, not only fashion people judge, everyone does! But it was a different kind of energy, it was so much less superficial and much more authentic and natural. It was refreshing and tonic. 




The Biz SMS camp people & their favorite guilty pleasure: memes.


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BIZ (day3)(websize) -348

BIZ (day3)(websize) -350

   H&M suit – Smiling Shoes boots 

Photos by Mihnea Ratte 


Anyways, fast forward to the next day, when Cristi (Christophor, Jarty Peny – I’ll gift you my greatest piece of jewelry if you guess why we call him Jarty Peny), our newest #TheMoffice team member forgot to pack my conference outfit – so yes: the drama for wearing the same outfit like the night before with the same people. Yes people, staying in the fashion world for so long comes with marvelous values like this! Which wreck your brain for basically a very unimportant reason.

Some very cool professionals came to say  ‘Chapeau’ after my speech and the audience seemed less judgemental #haha when I finished so I think I didn’t blow it. Also, that devious critic of mine, Claude, was also pleased so I must have done something right.  

All jokes aside, it was very energising to meet you all. And it gave me great pleasure to share my experience and business values with all of you. It’s great to meet people who share a similar vision about the industry, business & leadership. 


Thank you all for your good vibes! They really worked! inima-albastru



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  1. Florin Dan says:

    Ce tareee! Ti-au facut meme :))))

  2. Dana Grigore says:

    Bravo Ana!!!

  3. Iulia F says:

    Felicitari pentru speech. A fost autentic, impresionant cu umor. 🙂

  4. Cornelia B. says:

    Ce tinuta mai potrivita decat asta. Iti vine super! <3

  5. Vali P says:

    Esti o tipa misto, Ana! <3 Ai fost minunata si ne-ai fermecat pe toti! SI da, asa e, inainte sa te auzim vorbim we judged you! 😀

  6. Carmen K says:

    Felicitari, Ana!

  7. Jane Gilmore says:

    That deux-piece suits you amazing. I love your style!

  8. Vilut says:

    Mi-ar fi placut sa fiu acolo sa te ascult.

  9. Gabriela L. says:

    E frumos cand intalnesti oameni pe aceeasi lungime de unda cu tine.

  10. Ramona Tudor says:

    Cred ca ai fi intimidat audienta daca apareai in rochie, dar ar fi fost si amuzant. Arati minunat si asa.;

  11. Timeea Timi says:

    Nu ai o filmare de la eveniment sa vedem si noi speech-ul? Multumesc anticipat.

  12. viorica vio says:

    Imi place mult costumasul, de unde e ?

    • Ana Morodan says:

      De la H&M, e creditat sub ultima poza, unde sunt merue creditele de tinuta 🙂

  13. Ilinca Toma says:

    Te urmaresc de mult timp si te admir enorm. Felicitari!

  14. You’re the best! x

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