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Well, we pulled it through in the end and we manage to finish the Snobbish Breakfast spring lookbook right on time.

Yes,yes, I can hear your thoughts, right on time for Adina’s wish to come true. Yep, she’s all about numbers and energies lately so she wanted this lookbook to be ready in the same day it was last year when we partnered. With this in mind, she began the offensive… I started using headphones because of her.

So that you know(Adina), I cannot work under maximum stress b**ch (mommy loves you!) and you need a prescription for Xanax nowadays, life’s hard!

As always, Glamography guys ruled, Delia and Meg were beyond words and Dana’s make-up always makes me want to learn how to do it (did you notice by now that I have only a way of doing that, the only way I know, as a matter of fact!)
Guys, please receive our humble “thank you’ssssss!!!!”

Tell me what you think about it.
Au revoir, kittens.

Ohhh, sorry, before I go I have a surprise for you…ok, relax, I’m telling you what it is right now.
Because we know how much you love this dresses, Adina and I decided to make you a present.

Here it is:

Because there’s only one dress and many of you, we’ll follow some steps ok?

First you have to LIKE Snobbish Breafast on Facebook
Second, you have to follow High Street Cardigans with Google Friend Connect
And finally, you should leave me your contacts in a comment at this post.

After two weeks we will sort out a winner.
Good luck kittens!


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  1. O rochie incantatoare!!

  2. Kalancea says:

    You are simply amazing!!!


  3. Diva says:

    Oh my God, I sooo crave for that dress!!! Please, Gods of fashion and fabulous, help me win it!! :))
    Hey Ana, it’s me, ur little minion, Andra.
    I follow you:
    Fb: Andra Beatrice Melinte
    Gfc: Diva
    E-mail adress:

  4. sorina says:

    my first comment ever!!!!
    luv u!!!

  5. Mali says:

    Love the dress, followed the steps :). My contact details:

  6. Andrea says:

    I follow you everywhere! 🙂

    Love this dress and all the other dresses, too! :))


  7. So many amazing dresses, as always! And I love the lookbook!
    I’m the same way, I really only know one way of doing makeup, haha…oh wells
    [sadly that dress would drown me so I’ll let others win it..sadddd]

  8. a dreamer. says:

    Ah, it’s one of those dresses you must have in your wardrobe :).

    on FB I liked with Le Reveur.
    and on GFC I’m with a dreamer.
    the same, of course :).
    and e-mail:

    thank you!

  9. I like you guys on Facebook, and follow you on GFC! *fingers crossed*

    natashafatah at gmail dot com


  10. Anonymous says:


    Contact :

  11. Andreea says:

    Congrats for the new line!
    I followed the steps, now I have my fingers crossed maybe I will be the lucky one xxx

  12. Anna says:

    The new collection is sooo beautiful! I love every single one of them! ok maybe the long one shoulder dress i love more :D. very beautiful pictures!
    i`m not the luckiest of persons but i will take my chances!

  13. Alexandra says:

    Avand in vedere ca sunt asa o mare fana, evident ca particip <3

    Facebook : Alexandra Lzr
    GFC: Alexandra


  14. Dana M says:

    Lovely 🙂
    Facebook: Dana Joy
    GFC: Dana Joy

  15. these dresses are gorgeous and i am completely in love with that white faux animal head on the wall! it’s so pretty and works so well with the photos!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  16. Ramona says:

    I love first of all your personal style. You do have a style and it’s something very unique nowadays. I absolutley love your dresses, because in each one of them there is a small part of you. So, I would be very proud to win and wear one of your dresses.

    Contact details: Popa Ramona – Elena
    ID mail:

    I am following you through my blog: and also you have my like on the facebook 🙂

  17. irina says:

    Pasi urmati, contactul este acesta:

  18. Simona says:

    beautiful dresses!


  19. Stara says:

    Love everything! All the time!
    Tara in Vancouver BC, Canada!

  20. selffish says:

    looooove your dresses :heart:

    fb: Anca Ancaa
    gfc: selffish

  21. Special K says:

    I’m so entering this one! ♥

    FB : Special Koko
    GFC : Special K
    e-mail :

    Keeping my fingers crossed :)) :D.

  22. Anna C says:

    Congrats for the amazing results!!

  23. Felicia Alexandra says:

    You are wonderful. Period!


  24. stilistele says:

    yes, I like and want the dress 🙂
    FB Ioana Bora
    (be mine, be mine, be mine, be mine, be mine, be mine, be mine……………………..)

  25. Iuliana says:

    toate rochiile sunt superbe!!! >:D< e-mail:

  26. Biju.Brill says:

    Uhu! Superb collection Ana! Sophisticated indeed and it is so you! ♥ Where’s my luck?:-D

  27. Teodora says:

    Rochiile tale sunt incredibile, imi plac maxim!!! ar fi o mare bucurie sa o pot castiga eu pe cea crem:) (am urmat intocmai pasii pentru asta)

  28. Deiusk says:

    GFC: deiusk
    Facebook: Andreia Barabas

  29. adee says:

    Rochia e superba si sper sa ajunga in dulapul meu ! 🙂

  30. Mada says:

    Amazing dress!

  31. Cristina says:

    visez de mult la una din aceste rochii! 🙂 sunt superbe toate, sper sa ajunga si pe la mine! 😀

  32. Cristina says:

    Da!O vreau eu!!!

  33. Ruxi says:

    Si eu, si eu! 🙂

  34. A says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Britta says:

    Ohhh amazing! I’ve been dreaming of having one of your Snobbish Breakfast dresses for quite a while now..they are so gorgeous!

    Didn’t realized I wasn’t following you yet onf GFC, but I am now for sure! And liked SB on facebook too 🙂

    Fingers crossed!!


  36. Andreea says:

    Fabulous! love it !


  37. Cristina says:

    Oops, de emotionata ce eram am uitat sa las datele de contact

  38. Theo says:

    OMG! ce surpriza ne faci tu, nu stiu cum am reusit sa pierd postarea asta:D
    Te urmaresc si pe Fb si prin GFC!
    E-mail: theodora_1989[at]hotmail[dot]com
    Sper sa castig minunatia!!!

  39. Ma~ says:

    matilda –
    Minunata rochia 🙂

  40. fb & GFC: Ruxandra Dumitru


  41. diana tudor says:

    Wow! Ador rochiile tale! Facebook friend Diana Tudor si pe GFC dya – mail iana_tudor at yahoo dot com

  42. Oana says:

    FB: Oana Catalina
    GFC: Oana

    email: oana [dot] catalyna [at] yahoo [dot] com

    I love the dress!

  43. Irina Turcu says:

    Truly a wonderful dress …
    facebook like as Irina Turcu
    following you as Lili :))
    fingers crossed

  44. miha.ela says:

    FB : mihaela pojogu
    GFC : miha.ela
    e-mail : mihaela.mihordea at

    ..fingers crossed 🙂

  45. Melania says:

    Yes, yes – my so-called fashion sense gave me a kick in the ass and left me at the bottom of your page. What can I say about you and your work – simply fantastic. Keep going girl because you know that you are the smartest girl in town. By the way, if I will be so lucky to win that wonderful dress, I will send you a picture for be sure that I praised enough. 😉

    My contact:

  46. Alina C says:

    Superbe si fotografiile si rochiile!
    Alina Codrean

  47. Sarah says:

    Liked and followed (on google and bloglovin:)
    Sarah (

  48. Ioana Visanescu says:

    Oh, Ana iti ador munca, stilul si modul de a gandi… Asta e primul meu comment, dar asta nu inseamna ca nu urmaresc blog-ul zilnic, chiar daca nu sunt postari noi. Rochia asta e superba!

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