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11 June 2015 / By / 16 Comments

Ana Morodan


One day I`m Cruella, one day I`m Me. Might be confusing, I know, but where would be the fun without it.

When it comes to what I do in my public life the greatest reward is meeting the special people who follow my adventures. And yes, they really are special. Common sensed, fun, witty, capable, charming, stylish and admirable human beings. And with each person I meet this proves to be more and more accurate. And my heart jumps with joy. My people are the Greatest People! heart ana


The last time I went to Cluj for Csilla Tulogdy`s latest campaign I`ve met this crowd of independent, smart and stylish ladies who read my blog. And till this day I still talk about them and their super positive vibe. One of them is Maria, little Teodora`s mother, and the owner of Baraccavoted the best fine dining restaurant in Romania 2015. I spent the weekend at Baracca, talking, enjoying some of the most delicious dishes I`ve ever tasted, laughing with these magical women and being all fascinated with one another.


Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan


With Teodora and Mark – two of the most beautiful and well behaved little persons I`ve met 

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan


A peak of the making-of diaries with Csilla and Maria

Ana Morodan


Anca Cheregi – the lovely lady photographer who said Goodbye to her relaxing Sunday and came to take my picture

Ana MorodanCsilla Tulogdy dress and trench, Laura 8 earrings, Smiling Shoes thigh-high boots, Gabriela Dumitran hat

Photos by Anca Cheregi




It feels overrated to speak about Baracca`s strong points since its fame is well known through the country and people take trips to Cluj specially to eat at this restaurant, but here is what made me tick:


  • Maria, the owner – not because Mazetta praised her and not because I liked her, but because of the way she constantly works on improving things at Baracca and her original way of managing her staff and business


  • The food – which looks incredible and tastes heavenly


  • Tiramisu#Idie


  • The pizza spot – because every once in a while Pizza makes the world a better place


  • The vibe – this place is one of those places which makes me feel like a citizen of the world



There are people and People just like there are businesses and Businesses. Some of them deserve a capital letter. Just because they teach us the real meaning of living beautifully.









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  1. oana irimia says:

    abia asteptam acest capitol din Social Places of Cluj :)Baracca e THE SPOT iar Maria e Minunata. cu M mare 🙂

  2. High Heels says:

    I love this dress, it look great on you and paired with those sexy boots

  3. Edna says:

    I am deeply in love with Mark. You can think whatever you want about this. And deeply in love with this dress

  4. Irina C. says:

    am fost la Baracca intr-o scurta vacanta la Cluj si tocmai planuiesc sa merg maine. doar pentru pranz 🙂 e minunat locul, si oamenii lui sunt si mai minunati

  5. pink fairy says:

    great boots

  6. natalia_star says:

    I love your recent posts, you look so calm and peaceful, especially in these ones from Cluj

  7. litte miss secret says:

    Maria e o femeie splendida din toate punctele de vedere, o iubesc tare 🙂

  8. LoreDana says:

    Mark and Teodora look so cool, and the photo is great

  9. dana says:

    doamne, ce rochie frumoasa! as putea s-o port si iarna, cu un cardigan cu ochiuri mari <3 <3 <3

  10. ce combinatie faina, pantalonii de piele si rochita flu-flu. Nice!

  11. Iulia Stere says:

    Ce frumos, abia astept sa merg la Baracca! Am fost in schimb la Casa Boema si mi-a placut la nebunie 🙂

  12. ella_mouse says:

    Csilla Tulogdy is definetly my fashion crush this summer

  13. Ana Lipsa says:

    Ma bucur mult ca ne arati locuri si oameni frumosi. Sper sa trec pragul acestui restaurant cat mai curand si sa am onoare s-o cunosc pe Maria 🙂

  14. coco chanel says:

    love the boots

  15. MiraBella says:

    This is one of my fav outfits this month 😉 and the hat is just to die for

  16. Ofelia says:

    I love this combination of baby doll and sexy thigh high boots 😉

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