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Anne and I – She was being positive, tonic and I was making a fuss about being hectic and hysterical and tired – she was also telling me about her new project, Sofa, of which I`m going to test soon – yeah, that one is in my neighbourhood too


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Ana Morodan 1Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes heels, H&M overall – Bon Bijou shoulder jewelry – Cartier bracelet

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu




Oh well, what can I say more than that this place is absolutely the best in Bucharest. In Romania actually.

Kunnai, owned by Anne Ampawan (have you seen how glowing she is?!?!) is not just another Thai restaurant. It`s an orgy of senses and delicious and surprising foods. My favorite is the duck. heart-ana


Kunnai is a place where people go and feel at home. A place where Anne is dressed incredibly elegant and in the next minute she`s all gangsta cooking in the kitchen. A place where you learn that eating spicy has tons of benefits for your body but if you absolutely don`t like it you have from where to chose another dish. A place which gives you good vibes and it`s renowned for its magical power in making you forget all your troubles and get lost in the art of fine dining.



Useful to keep in mind



  • You`ll be welcomed by Anne`s laughter. Always


  • If you want a VIP encounter this is the place because everybody who`s somebody dines at Kunnai


  • They serve the best prosecco



  • I can`t remember if I`ve told you this but one of my food porn are dressings as in dippings as in, in romana, sosurile – the Thai cuisine is filled of them. Naturally, I`m in heaven


  • Have I mentioned THE DUCK?!? Yeah, I did…#majoryum




Yeah 2, the Bon Bijou body jewelry is a KILLER. So countess like. I knowwwwww









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  1. Edna says:

    I looooove Thai food! Kunnai, here I comeeee

  2. Lisa says:

    Wow, poza cu voi doua e superba ❤️

  3. High Heels says:

    You look amazing in this great location

  4. Cristina Dinu says:

    Restaurantul arata minunat, mancarea e delicioasa iar Anne chiar e un om deosebit, cu o energie extrem de pozitiva 🙂

  5. Anna says:

    Anne and Ana looking amazing! Plus I absolutely adore your accesories 😉

  6. Larisa Stefan says:

    Cautam un restaurant thailandez care sa-mi aline dorul de tara minunata 🙂 abia astept sa merg

  7. adela says:

    Yumm, sper ca au tom yum :)) e preferata mea

  8. Andra D says:

    Doamne, cum e colierul ala!!! Ceva splendid!

  9. Am fost şi eu aici anul trecut 🙂 Este un loc fain, dar mâncarea mi se pare mult prea picantă 😀

  10. Larisa says:

    Aratati superb amandoua 🙂

  11. ella says:

    This place looks amazing, I must go as soon as possible

  12. IceQueen says:

    The dusk is indeed yummmy, I love it too. And the restaurant is just amazing

  13. Ionela Stanciulescu says:

    ador mancarea thailandeza si sosurile mai ales :)))

  14. Livia says:

    E unul din restaurantele mele preferate, abia astept sa merg din nou. Ma bucur mult ca ti-a placut.

    PS: pe Anne n-ai cum sa n-o placi 🙂

  15. daniela udrea says:

    am aceiasi pantofi, ii iubesc si nu ma mai descalt de ei. as in, ii port in fiecare zi de vreo luna incoace :))

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