Sex Makes the World go Round. In Lipsa Banilor, of Course.

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2 March 2018 / By / 14 Comments

I keep hearing the same question/advice:


Why do you like old ladies? Why do you dress so often like you live in the 19th century? Why don’t you approach more sexual looks? Why don’t you pose in a more provocative manner? It will bring you more likes, more reach, more feedback. 



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The reason is pretty simple, but I have no nerves to explain it. It would take me till the end of time.




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Also, do you know why?

Nope, not because I can’tany woman can! Yes, you heard me right! Any woman can be sexual if she wants to! Never forget that the attitude creates the most powerful impact. Bodies of all kinds are everywhere and you’ll be surprised to discover how many flat tummies/long legs/fit bodies lack the slightest sex-appeal. How you look is not a success assurance but it makes me feel really good to conquer the world without using my seductive side. That’s the true power for me! 


And here’s another important note – given to you by one pretty damn good connoisseur – most of the ladies we all adore to follow on social media present a lifestyle that’s not theirs. It’s all made to look glitz&glam for that one Instagram picture. It’s not their lifestyle, it’s just made to look like that. So. don’t let it get to you. Don’t let it frustrate you. Don’t let it get you away from your goals and your true selves. Keep your eyes on the ball, stay focused, keep pushing, keep moving forward. Who cares if you don’t have the perfect bag, the perfect legs, the perfect face? Let me tell you: NOBODY! People react to empathy, feelings, authenticity & realness.


*of course I use Photoshop – first of all I do it for me because I adore flawless skin, but I’ve told you many times it’s Photoshop, you know that. I don’t say it’s my natural skin nor I let you believe that. I also post myself even without make-up or make videos when I’m at my worst.


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I’m over being a pop star, I don’t wanna be a hot girl, I wanna be iconic. – Beyonce



Andra Andreescu Red Leather mini dress – Atu Body Couture blazer – H&M white silk dress – M.Marquise red sequin dress – Vintage Lady scarf – Hardot heels – Sweet Paprika vinil hat 

Photos by Nico Grigore at Chaya Tea House 



Let these pictures be an example of the vanity fair monde we live in. While there will be always people ready to stay pretty for the pictures, someonelaid back in the shadows does all the games. And most of the times that someone is 

R I G H T  IN  F R O N T  OF  Y O U. 
So take a deep breath and decide. Do you want to be praised or do you want to work and build an empire, inspiring other women on your way up?


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  1. Georgiana V says:

    Pozele astea sunt cele mai frumoase din ultima luna, iar fluturii… cum sunt flururii!! Esti WOW

  2. Julianna says:

    Imi plac mult pozele astea, sunt diferite de ce face Costrut. Imi place ca nu lucrezi exclusiv doar cu un fotograf. Bravo, Ana!

  3. Timeea Timi says:

    ce fain e locul asta. unde e?

    • Ana Morodan says:

      E Chaya Tea House, e creditata locatia sub poze 🙂

  4. Camelia Dinu says:

    Outfitul cu rochia de matase si manusile din paiete e favoritul meu. Arata atat de luxury si de old glamour. Esti un fel de Rita Hayworth moderna… <3

  5. Lidia P says:

    imi place teribil makeup-ul si voaleta. you look gorgeous, babe!

  6. Ioana Stan says:

    Rochia din piele de la Andra e splendida. Se poate comanda si online, unde o gasim?

  7. Laura says:

    Rochita rosie e din piele naturala sau imitatie?

  8. Stela S says:

    Glamour-ul ti se potriveste teribil. Tu nu trebuie sa fii sexy.. senzualitatea pe care o transmiti din ochi e suficienta. Cel mai important e cat si cum o dozezi. Noi te iubim fix asa cum esti tu: exuberanta, nebuna, curajoasa

  9. Alex Andrei says:

    Hot like Mexico <3 <3 <3

  10. Vilut says:

    esti bestiana Ana !!! te plac asa cum esti <3

  11. Alexa says:

    Sunt destule fetele sexy care se pozeaza, e plin orasul de mimoze… Fii tu asa cum vrei sa fii pentru ca esti foarte bine 😉 you have brains, in definitiv… :*

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