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30 March 2016 / By / 11 Comments

If you happen to be in Baneasa Shopping City, you should pay a visit to Collective to check out the cool Rock Tailoring gadget by Boss Orange. If you play the mixing table, (cum ii zice la discul asta? Ca o masa de DJ? God, I`m old) you have the chance to WIN a trip to Boss Orange’s next campaign shooting. 




All you have to do is mix the items from the Spring/ Summer Boss Orange campaign, take your picture, select a filter, enter your email and






voila! One little reminder for you and your entry confirmation goes straight to your email. 



Ana-Morodan-Boss-Orange-1PNK Casual dress – Smiling Shoes boots – Josephine brooch – Styland pearls 

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu 


The contest is live until the 10th of April and the directions for joining the contest are here.


Nope, you don`t have to buy anything. Although, vorba fie intre noi, I found a few Boss Orange items I liked, the whites. Lately I`m a sucker for everything white. 

It`s such an easy, fun and cool way to have a chance at WINNING an exclusive trip. And check it off  your Bucket List. Eu doar va zic sa stiti. 7b



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  1. Angelica says:

    Count me in!

  2. Cornelia Manolescu says:

    Ce tare! Tot timpul mi-am dorit sa asist la o sedinta foto, sa vad cum se intampla magia 😀

  3. crina says:

    iti ador brosa statement!

  4. mimi says:

    Ce sistem de participare la concurs interesant… de obicei e buy this, buy that, share this like that

  5. Cata iulia says:

    Foarte interesanta rochia ta, Ana 🙂 Te prinde de minune, eu cred ca as arata ca un sac in ea.

  6. JulieO says:

    You look amazing, as always!!!!!

  7. The Millennial says:

    Stai linistita ca eu sunt din generatia Y cica si tot habar nu am cum i se spune acelui instrument ??

  8. caty critina says:

    perlele sunt ♥

  9. Roberta Rus says:

    Haha, ce dragut ai iesit in poza! Faina ideea campaniei!

  10. Ioana Crista says:

    Maine ma duc. Fingers crossed!

  11. Mara says:

    Interesant! Merita incercat! Merci pentru pont!

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