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21 March 2017 / By / 32 Comments

Yes, this is an advertorial for a new face cream that I’ve been testing out for the past couple of months. I’m very proud to speak about a new Romanian brand of creams that contains (drum roll please) VIPER VENOM. Yes, you read that right! The formulation helps your face muscles relax and it stimulates collagen production in the skin.

What’s different though is the powerful message that this new brand conveys. It’s impactful not only to me, but to all of us.

Generally, before creating an advertorial for a brand, we get a brief with information about the brand and the product in order to get familiar with their credo, manifesto, ways of action. Basically we tap the core of the brand, that’s how we give it life. And this is how I got to really fall in love with the brand.




Because Daje REALLY spoke to my heart. Their product is tailored for women who have a purpose and women who are their own support systems and who empower THEMSELVES. She conquers mountains and hearts. She’s unbreakable and unshakeable. She’s a dreamer and a road opener. She wears her age with comfort and pride because she knows that age is just a social construct. She stays young perpetually, and it shows; in her heart and on her skin.

So they passed the first exam with flying colours: seducing the costumer – and ladies, I was VERY MUCH seduced. So with this in mind, I started testing the products: 2 creams – one for the day and on for the night. I stayed faithful to my credo: if they were going to be effective, I’d write about them. If not, well, it’s just another product with clever marketing – a hollow shell.












As I’m becoming more and more obsessed with Japanese and Chinese motifs and wallpaper, the Legend of Lady White Snake came mind. I felt sassy and dangerous. More so than I usually do. See, I always had a mixed to dry skin. This was confirmed by the experts at Silhouette back in January. So the first big plus for me is that I feel my face is much more elastic and moist, without it feeling greasy or heavy. That viper venom does wonders to collagen production, this was one of the few times when I was really pleasantly shocked by the efficiency of a product. My favorite is the night cream. The results are palpable in the morning!

Also, I am really surprised to notice that the small wrinkles around my eyes started to disappear. The Mariana Trench on my forehead is still there, though.



Cristina Savulescu dress – Hardot heels – Tria Alfa headband & choker 

Photos by Costrut – Giorgiana, Lavinia & Ruxi – you’ve been the coolest white snakes


In the end, what’s more relaxing than pampering yourself and taking care of your skin? Beauty norms are not the most arduous task on my to-do list anymore. Complying with them was replaced by balancing my life, body and mind.

You might want to follow Daje. On Facebook or on Instagram. If you want you can try their moisturizers, or just to find a place on the internet where you can find that daily dose of empowerment. You know, that right dose which helps us, women, to take a step forward into accomplishing our goals. 


P.S. for all the animal lovers: the vipers are not harmed while collecting the venom. Imagine they’re like the purple cow on the chocolate wrapper. Only with scales, no legs and no teeth, and probably less pet-able.Although, truth be told, I don’t mean to be a hypocrite, I’m not quite fond of them. But they are unharmed and ready to harm us #cringe #yikes


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  1. Carmina says:

    I have no words… ❤️

  2. Mary says:

    nici nu stiu la ce sa ma uit, la tine, la rochie, la “serpoaice” totul e de vis

  3. Anka Dumitrescu says:

    M-ai facut sa vreau sa le incerc produsele, neaparat!!

  4. Candy says:

    Now this is what I can an advertorial. If other bloggers would put half the effort & creativity you do, we wouldn’t even mind the constant advertising and product placement. I for one adore you!

  5. Julia says:

    Nu am incercat niciodata creme cu venin, in mare pentru ca mi-e frica de serpi, dar acum cred ca le voi da o sansa 😀

  6. Andreea R says:

    I hate snakes, but I love these photos

  7. Dalina Burgheza says:

    Parca sunt scoase dintr-o revista Vogue pozele astea.

  8. SweetAmi says:

    Felicitari, ai creat o adevarata poveste!!!

  9. Belle says:

    Credeam ca nimic nu o sa bata postarea cu sirena de anul trecut, dar m-am inselat, m-ai lasat gura casca ? ❤️?

  10. Dudu Delia says:

    I am in complete awe, you are most definitely the coolest, most original & creative blogger ever!

  11. Daria Ioana says:

    Nici mie nu imi prea plac serpii, dar totusi ma bucur ca nu e nici un fel de animal cruelty implicata. Le folosesc produsele de vreo 2 saptamani si si eu sunt tare incantata 🙂

  12. delicious.tina says:

    I also love checking out a brand’s story and message before choosing their products

  13. dorothea says:

    Lady White Snake e una din legendele mele preferate si nici in my wildest dreams nu mi-as fi putut imagina o “ecranizare” mai frumoasa. Bravo, esti bestiala

  14. layla says:

    this post is magical ✨

  15. karla.maria says:

    Ai cele mai nebunesti idei, dar iti is mereu magnific <333

  16. dina balerina says:

    Deci pentru asta era lavabilul!

  17. Vera says:

    Imi place ca ai ales sa creezi o pozeste bazata pe legenda chinezeasca, probabil oricine altcineva cine ar fi facut o campanie pentru crema cu extract de vipere ar fi ales-o pe Meduza, care mi se pare tare previzibil – iar tu esti, mereu, exact opusul 🙂

  18. zina says:

    prima poza e ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  19. nevermind says:

    De obicei nu comentez, dar nu ma pot abtine, vis-a-vis de mini drama de la postarea de pe Facebook. Am ajuns sa gasim ceva “offensive” si in cele mai frumoase lucruri, in arta, in creativitate, in povesti. Nu sunt de acord sub nici o forma cu ce a zis tipa aceea si cred cu tarie ca ceea ce ai facut aici e minunat, o reprezentare extraordinara a unei povesti care ma fascineaza.

  20. carla vedan says:

    cadrul in care ti se vede doar mana cum ei din crema, si fetele o tin si se uita la tine e absolut, incredibil de frumos

  21. ralu says:

    Toate sunteti magnifice ?

  22. OMG! You are amazing!

  23. acidbetty says:

    Ana, esti THE Queen. Superbbbbbb

  24. libby says:

    this dress is incredible 😮

  25. Daca nu ma insel, am auzit de nenumarate ori ca veninul ar fi un remediu foarte util, binenteles, atata timp cat este atent prelucrat si in cantitatile necesare. Este cam acelas lucru cu tratamentul intepaturilor de albine, usor mai deosebit fata de acest proces.
    Nu ma pot oprit din admirat aceste poze fantastice. Rochia ta este o adevarata bijuterie.

  26. Danny says:

    If all snakes looked like this I’d probably be cured of my phobia :))

  27. deedee l. says:

    genius <3 this post is genius.

  28. Bookish says:

    Super wow pentru rochie, poze, dar mai ales atitudine!

  29. Morofan says:

    You are one damn incredible woman.

  30. Daiana Varga says:

    Ador poza in care fetele iti pun coroana. Emana atata forta, emotie si gratie ca m-am topit

  31. anda panda says:

    Your amazing!!!!!

  32. Geanina Munte says:

    Asta e Arta, cu A mare.

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