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8 July 2016 / By / 20 Comments
The final wisdom of life requires not the annulment of incongruity but the achievement of serenity within and above it.

Reinhold Niebuhr



PNK Casual body – Doina Levintza pearl collar 


I couldn’t predict what I signed up for when I packed for Turkey again, a few weeks ago. I kept hearing over the years that Turkey has impeccable services and serene resorts and that everything is built perfectly to help you unwind and relax completely but it was only after I arrived at Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suits & Spa that I finally understood the true meaning of Serenity. 


We stayed in these bungalows situated in the middle of a forest, each one having a living room, a bed room and a cute terrace. Each five bungalows have their private pool and bar (with the best Negroni I have ever tasted). Just imagine during the day when everyone was sunbathing at the seaside (only 3 minutes from the bungalows), I was alone in the pool, floating with my head up, watching the sky and the secular pine trees…bliss, I tell you. inima-albastru


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From the All inclusive services, which yes, are a BLISS – no stress with where we’ll eat, no reservations needed, more than 100 delicious dishes – to the spa treatments and the resort’s landscapes, this place restored my peace of mind, my balance and my serenity. And I’ve succeeded to check my laptop only one hour and a half per day #workaddict



H&M dress – SunglassCurator sunglasses



PNK Casual blouse – H&M skirt – Tria Alfa necklace 


The interactive pool from the restaurants area



PNK Casual dress 

The beach little bungalows 


Our private pool with a bar 






Elisabetta Franchi heels from Lala Boutique



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The best Negroni I have ever tasted and cherries – perfect combination




Photos by Emil Costrut at Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suits & Spa 



They proved to be more than worthy of my admiration when I’ve discovered that Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suits & Spa is a eco-friendly resort. 

After one week spent at this resort I can honestly say that Turkish people do have some of the best services in the world and that their resorts are the ones to keep in mind each time we want to disconnect and find serenity and relaxation. 


And I haven’t shown you the best yet, so stay tuned for episode 2. inima-albastru


be-splendid-semnatura 1





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  1. Victoria says:

    Si eu am fost anul trecut la mare in Turcia si confirm, serviciile lor sunt de neegalat.

  2. Geanina Castrase says:

    Super fusta maxi, ideala pentru plaja!

  3. Bianca B says:

    Mi-ai facut o pofta de Negroni, hmmmm

  4. MoroFan says:

    The sea is beautiful and so are you

  5. andy says:

    ultima poza is love. arati super fericita, magnific loc 😀

  6. Carina Laura says:

    Ce resort splendid, pare ideal pentru o saptamana departe de “the real life”:) E trecut pe lista!

  7. Mada Malureanu says:

    Wow…daca paradisul ar arata asa…fusta h&m este atat de chic

  8. Fashionista says:

    Looks like Heaven to me ♥

  9. AdelinaPostavaru says:

    Looks indeed like a serene place 🙂

  10. Mimi says:

    Awww, the photo with the cat, you’re both so beautiful <3

  11. Ana says:

    Doamne, ce loc minunat…

  12. Milly says:

    Oh, the views!

  13. Lorena says:

    Maaaamaaa cate perle! Genial colierul din poza cu costumul de baie!!

  14. Ioana O says:

    Totul e splendid, dar cel mai tare mi-a atras atentia colierul cu perle pe care il porti pe spate intr-o poza. Un detaliu uber chic 🙂

  15. WeLoveFitz says:

    I-ai gasit prietena lui Fitzgerald? <3

  16. Ileana Milea says:

    Si din nou, acele sandale, I’m in love!!!

  17. Petuniaaa says:

    Cred ca ai avut o saptamana de vis 🙂

  18. lili b says:

    Niste liniste intr-o cabanuta in padure si o piscina privata suna incredibil momentan…

  19. B. Delia says:

    Ma bucur ca ti-a placut, Turcia e minunata iar oameni mai politicosi si amabili ca acolo nu am intalnit vreodata 🙂

  20. Madeline says:

    Loving the outfit with the maxi skirt. Cool post!

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