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We’ve known each other for quite a while now so I think it’s time for me to share this with you.

The high school I went to was Pedagogical Institute in my native city so yes, I know how to play the violin. I remember it was my first choice when we had to pick an instrument at our music classes. My mother also went to the Pedagogical Institute ( she actually a teacher, I’ve gone rogue and became a countess) so I grew up with this exact violin in my room.

It was my grandmother’s who went to a Parisian boarding school, after that my mother picked it as her favorite instrument to study at school. I remember growing up and always being mesmerized each time my mother would play the violin on her soirees. I know the  adventures  my grandmother shared with this violin, she was such a rebel spirit so naturally, it had to be my choice of instrument to study too.

And so it became and I learned it, graduated high school, my grandmother died, my mother got old, I moved to another city, in different houses but this instrument is always with me, just to remember that things keep memories immortal.



Shop this Maria Marinescu dress on Molecule F

Pictures by Serban Cristea


This is exactly how  this Maria Marinescu dress will become when I take it into my wardrobe: immortal. It is such a feminine dress. The perfect length, the most soft fabric, the simple chic and the most poised color – perfection, I tell ya.




And now, the two MOA giveaway winners


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Ana, the little David Oistrach

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  1. therosemarybabe says:

    My dearest, this dress is so simple, but there is something special about it. The fluid texture, the refined color, the elegant lenght, it is wonderful, the kind of dress you can wear in so many occasions. Looks amazing on you,I love how it looks with red lipstick and red nails especially, it’s a surprising and cool contrast 🙂 That is a good style tip!

  2. pinkanca says:

    This shooting is just like a dream, I love it. You, with your violin, and wearing that chic and feminine dress, everything so simple and so dramatic ! AMAZING, COUNTESS !!!

  3. Gee Gee says:

    Amazing pics, honest memories. Yes, immortal. Thank you for posting!

  4. Amanda says:

    The pictures you took are so inspired, especially that they were taken near my favorite building in Bucharest! I love the stories from the past, which carry a talisman over the time! Lovely post!

  5. These must be the most beautiful pictures of you!! Especially the 3rd one, I just adore it…<3

  6. Soos Cristina says:

    Sperba Ana !!!!

  7. Holly says:

    woooowwww! You really are royalty !!!!

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