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“What? What do you mean I don`t look like a Countess from the ski?!?” 4b






“Morodan, fetito, you look so, soooo psycho!”



Ana-Morodan-DBOL-2Oana Lupas dress – Vintage Baazar bag – H&M choker 

Photos by Emil Costrut


Well, this just hit my top experiences list. It made me see clearly once again the real greatness of this world. (So it`s not the Malls? Who knew?)


Last time I was in Cluj my friend Csilla told me about a special man who loves birds, takes care of the injured ones, rescues them, feeds them, nurtures them in his home and then releases them into the wild. She suggested I gave him a call. So I did. And that`s how I met Mugur Gliga – the bird man. One special human. And Strutu, a female falcon which I swear behaved as if she were human. Or at least like she understood what we were saying. 


Naturally, my first thought was `I need to photograph this. I need to immortalize this!`


So Emil, Addams and I  jumped in the car, found this absolutely awesome Oana Lupas dress – did you notice that the embroidery is made of pearls and beads? I can literally die enchanted; I`ve finally seen one of my dream dresses in real life, not just in picture. I`m counting down the days until mine will be ready. This one…well…this one was made for someone with a different bra size than mine 6b. I already knew this place, a Transylvanian Delta, that looks like no other place in Romania. The accessories were already in my mobile closet: the car. Everything matched with what would be the story of  a crazy lady living in the swamps


Words are not enough to describe the feeling of greatness you get when a birds flies in the skies then comes right back on your arm. 


Out of the more than 700 shootings I did throughout the years, this shooting is most definitely the one which brought me the closest to the Greatness of Divinity. I wish we could be more careful when it comes to our attitude towards the environment, nature and animals. And I hope we can start doing it soon. Because one day it may be too late. 


Thank you for the lessons, Mugur and Strutu! Thank you for the memories!


 Now, some behind the scenes snaps.



Told you 7b




Mugur giving indications 







*Strutu is not a captive bird. She was found injured and Mugur took care of her. In a few weeks she will be released into the wild. 


   be-splendid-semnatura 1








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  1. Iustina P. says:

    Eu una innebunesc cand ies sa ma plimb intr-o padure si tot ce vad in stanga si in dreapta sunt tot felul de gunoaie… Despre poze, ce sa mai zic, jos palaria!

  2. Danny says:

    Spatele rochiei..asa trebuia sa se aseze rochia la spate?

  3. Osoian Ana says:

    Cu postarea asta cred ca ne-ai adus pe toti mai aproape de divinitate 😉

  4. lupoaica says:

    deci nu mai pot cu toate rochiile astea superbe Morodan, imi creezi daune!

  5. Maria Manole says:

    Cel mai tare shooting ever. EVER. Am zis!

  6. Claudia. says:

    Ana Morodan, m-ai cucerit cu aceste poze. Absolut supeba postarea, felicitari!

  7. elizabeth claude says:

    That dress, the falcon, the umbrella, the scenery, everything goes together seamlessly and creates the most beautiful story. Reading your blog is the most pleasant break from the “real world” there can be

  8. Miriam says:

    It’s so nice to see more and more people start caring about nature and the world we live in. You’re the greatest role model 🙂

  9. IntoTheWoods says:

    Queen of fucking everything! (pardon my french)

  10. Ildico /N. says:

    Sunteti doua exemplare speciale, tu cu Strutu 🙂 Puternice, maiestuase si abosolut superbe.

  11. Renee says:

    Mugur sounds like the kind of person I’d love to meet 😀

  12. Anto_Antonia says:

    superba <3

  13. Maria timofte says:

    Imi place tare mult ce faci tu aici… Esti unul dintre putinii bloggeri de fashion/stil, care au si un continut relevant, nu doar un ambalaj frumos, daca intelegi ce vreau sa spun

  14. Radu says:

    Stau si ma intreb, de unde iti vin ideile astea geniale de shooting?

  15. Marina Ionescu says:

    si mie mi-ar placea ca mai multor persoane din jurul nostru sa le pese de natura, dar na, nu ai cum sa ii educi pe toti, se vor invata ei minte cand va fi prea tarziu… multumim, totusi, ca tu incerci!

  16. Eli says:

    Gorgeous shots and about the dress not fitting the bra size… I know how you feel :))

  17. Alin Maria B says:

    Cel mai tare post de pana acum, Ana, congrats!

  18. Hhenrietta says:

    Umbrela aceea e atat de frumoasa, de unde o ai?

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Am cumparat-o de pe un site online. Nu-l mai tin minte :(((

  19. didi says:

    Cred ca rochia asta e rochia din visele multor femei, ai dreptate, e perfecta 🙂

  20. Clara pacurar says:

    iti ador stilul, parca esti scoasa dintr-o poveste

  21. Gemma says:

    Where are these photos taken?!!?!

  22. Sandu Iuliana says:

    Emani o fericire contagioasa prin fiecare poza! 😀 <3

  23. BirdGirl says:

    Aww, that’s so nice, what Mugur does, taking care of injured birds, then releasing them. I would love to be able to do that one day too, I can already see myself living in a tiny little cottage in the woods…

  24. Anna says:

    I love that you’re no afraid to show your goofy side too. People tend to take themselves too seriously lately.

  25. Larisa says:

    Superba rochia!
    Intrebare practica si la obiect: ai idee cat costa rochia? Ma visez mireasa intr-o astfel de rochie si as vrea sa stiu daca ramane doar un vis…(sper ca nu…cross my fingers 🙂

    • Ana Morodan says:

      In jur de 4500 de lei cred 🙂 Mai bine scrie-i Oanei – ai link ul spre profilul ei in creditele de tinuta sub poze 🙂

  26. Cristina S. says:

    Superba rochie si peisajul e de vis <3 vreau sa merg si eu !

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