One More Reason to have a City Break in Transylvania

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19 August 2016 / By / 15 Comments
This August you can visit Casa Kraus and admire more than 20 Rembrandt sketches.







Can you fell the Harry Potter stunt here? Did I succeed? Is it obvious? No? Ok, fine. I’ll stop with the cryptic metaphors…






Ana-Morodan-Casa-Kraus-7Clara Rotescu dress – Laura 8 chocker – Dolce&Gabbana wedges 

Photos by Emil Costrut at Casa Kraus


This August you can visit Casa Kraus and admire more than 20 Rembrandt sketches.


There, I said it. Because this is the essential information of this post. Sure, I can tell you about how beautiful Casa Kraus is, but you’ll discover it when you’ll visit the Rembrandt  exhibition (remember when we talked about the Matisse one?).


Sure, I can tell you about how glad I am that Transylvania is blooming –  here are a few of my adventures – Zabola, Malancrav, Cincsor, Viscri, Maldar, Valea Verde, Rimetea, Cross Country Farm, Jidvei Castle, and that I’ll forever be one of this region’s avid promoters.


Sure, I can tell you about how Casa Kraus was renovated and redecorated by one chic and sophisticated lady who made sure that this new Transylvanian mansion will make her guests totally unwind and enjoy some of the best country side moments. And that everything you’ll taste is cultivated and grown on in the Crit village.  


Sure, I can tell you that I enjoyed my days there, that I especially loved the large rooms, the living room from the first floor and the many restored old pieces of furniture spread all over the mansion. And those huge flower vases from every room.


Sure, I can tell you all of this but it wouldn’t be as fun as discovering them for yourself.  So go on, get in the car and drive to your next adventure. inima-albastru



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  1. Camilla says:

    Cum gasesti toate locurile astea? :O Sunt absolut superbe!

  2. Red Tulip says:

    Penultima poza e cea mai faina poza cu tine EVER

  3. Gentiana Voicu says:

    omg, ador espadrilele cu animal print :X:X

  4. kitty says:

    you’re SO stylish, I can’t even 😀

  5. Delia Fagaras says:

    Minunata aceasta vila, sper sa ajung intr-o zi pe acolo

  6. Amy Amalia says:

    Go go Transilvania! E cea mai frumoasa si ma bucur enorm ca iti place

  7. Anda Popescu says:

    Rochia!!!!! <3333

  8. Lily May says:

    hahahaha the last photo is super cool

  9. Anti says:

    Looks like a serene place indeed 🙂

  10. Catalina Maria Preda says:

    love love love the chocker <33333

  11. Maria Clara says:

    Wow, urmatorul city break vin aici, clar!

  12. mememe says:

    love ur dress

  13. Cool 😛

    util pentru fotografi in cautare de noi proiecte.

  14. iulia says:

    De unde este acel clutch?

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