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Ana Morodan



So that you know, I have been searching for a while. I did not say `yes` to the first beauty clinique which sent me an email. That happens every week. Even a few more times  per week, actually. And you know I`m not this Test Everything freak. I don`t spend my time doing beauty routines (although I deeply envy beauty editors and beauty bloggers because THIS is their JOB  9b). I don`t get to spend my time this way because well, I just don`t have enough. Time that is. So if I move my ass and decide to try something I`ll do it because I am convinced that it works for me and that it will improve my lifestyle.



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I told you recently that I`m going to Noblezza every week for my Crio Sauna procedure – it does wonders for my kidney problems and in terms of beauty, my skin looks awesome  – So Elena (she`s the cryotherapy specialist) told me about the permanent hair removal procedure and its benefits.






She even gave me a book about it to read at home. Which I did. And it busted that myth which says that your hair will grow back. Nope, it will not, but you have to do that one time per year maintaining procedure. Because hair is a living and constantly regenerating part of our body, you know…



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What I think is worthy of mentioning  on this matter is that Noblezza  Beauty Clinique is the only place in Bucharest which has the PrimeLase Laser, the newest technology when it comes to permanent hair removal.


Dioda Laser PrimeLase – the laser machine behind me, has controlled power, the Crystal Freeze system (this helps me a lotttt) and works on any skin tone. And has  ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 when it comes to quality standards. And you can see live hair removals during the first session, too. Here you can find more info about this procedure and this laser.



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As for me, I`m already at my third procedure (you have to do 5, one every two months) and I`m not that hairy scary pussy anymore. Hairy pussy as a figure of speech. Or not.


I`m doing my legs, arms, mustache (yes, I have one). I`m not doing my bikini yet. Why? Because I`m a lazy idiot who doesn`t have time for the whole procedure at once. This year these parts, the next the rest.


Thank you Roxana Bllinder for inspiring me to research and start this procedure.



Ana Morodan 3mMorodan Shop dress and necklaces – Hardot heels – The Morodan by YVY Bags bag 

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev 




To you ladies, I`m sharing my journey in the beauty procedure world with you because I firmly believe that technology is here to make all these pains we need to go through (and mostly just us, women) go away easier. And for me, this world is something which I`m discovering now, in my 30`s. Because I come from a crowd of ladies which thought me that in my 20`s I can cure everything with a glass of red wine and laughter.


In your 30`s you start to take more care of yourself. That beauty is the beauty you have to keep forever. My grandmother used to say.



 I`ll keep you posted. Till then, let me tell you that it`s quite a miracle, to see that the hair you`ve damned so many times before  just silently…went away.














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  1. Alice says:

    Do you still have to shave before the procedure?

    • Ana Morodan says:

      In general it`s recommended t do it but with this machine is not necessarily

  2. SilviaPopa says:

    Eu as incepe cu bikini, acolo e cel mai f***ing dureros :)))

  3. Lilly says:

    The procedure is simply divine. I haven’t waxed or shaven any part of my body for 4 years and it is the best investment I have ever had in myself 😉

  4. sorina mateescu says:

    ce tare, si eu ma tot gandeam la epilarea definitiva. poate e momentul s o fac si eu

  5. Lumy says:

    Awesome, thanks for the tip

  6. livia enescu says:

    si eu am incercat mai intai la mustata- da, brunetele au mustata! :)))- si mi se pare minunat. rest of the body- pregateste-teeeee :))

  7. dina says:

    love your look ❤️

  8. Mikaela says:

    Esti splendida si extrem de savuroasa 🙂 keep up the good work

  9. mara i. says:

    Noblezza rules

  10. Nicole says:

    si eu tot la 30 am inceput sa mi fac epilare definitiva 🙂 a meritat

  11. Fifi says:

    Love u’r purse 😉

  12. Ileana Pop says:

    Sa stii ca vinul functioneaza si dupa 30, doar ca un pahar nu mai e de ajuns :)))))

  13. sanziana says:

    rochia e perfecta si tot ce se intampla la Noblezza e de asemenea perfect 😉

  14. Anca says:

    Eu m-am pierdut de la prima poza. Geanta roz cu rochie verde, pantofi rosii si dresuri negre?

  15. adina florea says:

    si eu vreau epilare definitiva, problema e ca mi-e frica de mine. Sa fiu mai exacta, am 7 abonamente la sala pana in prezent si am fost cumulat de 10 ori :(((((

  16. Sara says:

    I must have that bag ❤️❤️

  17. lavy says:

    Great decision, I made it 3 years ago, sorry I didn’t make it sooner 😉

  18. Zoe T. says:

    M-am apucat si eu- sunt doar la a doua sedinta, abia astept sa scap de par foreveeeeeer :)))

  19. denise says:

    Fish nets, love them. And the killer heels 😉

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