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7 January 2015 / By / 15 Comments


 Hello my 2015 chic warriors,

A few weeks ago I was invited at the Se Zice Ca TV show at TVR 1 where I talked with the lovely hosts about my activity, about you, my darling followers and about the business of being Ana Morodan.

Press play and enjoy. And nope, not a word about my hairdo, I had just got out of the hospital 2 hours before the live show.



Thank you dear  Sonia Argint Ionescu and the lovely ladies for having me. And thank you all of you who watched and wrote me that you loved it. #heart










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  1. Veronica says:

    minunata ca de obicei. Te-am vazut si in direct, mi a placut mult

  2. florina grigore says:

    esti o prezenta calda

  3. Micky says:

    cute dress 🙂

  4. Laura_S says:

    cu ce ma imbrac cand duc gunoiul hahaha

  5. di says:

    autoironia e semn de inteligenta si maturitate, sa stii.


  6. preppygirl says:

    love your accesory

  7. M. says:

    Ana, draga Ana, ai o voce atat de clara si frazele tale sunt atat de elegante, fluente!

  8. Raluca Pantea says:

    foarte dragut interviul

  9. loredana says:

    Ador oamenii sinceri, esti unul dintre ei. Bravo draga mea

  10. claudia says:

    I’d love to see you more on tv

  11. Delia says:

    Esti printre putinii bloggeri pe i am auzit vornind despre echipa. Asta inseamn profesionalism

  12. ivona says:

    wow, cata munca

  13. flory says:

    superbe ghetutele 🙂

  14. AmaliA says:

    draguta emisiune

  15. Soos Cristina says:

    Imi place sa te ascult ❤
    Love !

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