Notes On Winning Best Dressed Personality at the Beau Monde Crystal Globe Awards

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22 February 2017 / By / 9 Comments

Liu Jo skirt – Smiling Shoes heels – Styland choker 

Photo by Costrut 


While getting back to my daily blogging habit & executing some very obsessive Spring cleaning at the office, I’ve discovered in my agenda that I skipped this channel (posted everywhere else though, rest assured) to brag about my latest award: The Best Dressed Personality Award I’ve won at the Beau Monde Crystal Globe Gala. 


It was one very special surprise I never would have expected because I also hosted the gala this year, for the second time in a row, actually. So when Razvan Firea came up the stage to hand me the award, as he turned to me, my jaw fell in shock. Had I not paid attention, my dentures would have been next! It was the first time I lost it on stage. #haha


With my The M Office boys 

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Thank you to everyone at Beau Monde and especially you, Robert Ratiu. I’m proud I could witness THE editor-in-chief who turned a fashion magazine in a strong social statement, all while not neglecting that right dose of lifestyle and glam we all love to need. 



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  1. amina says:

    I’ve got so much love for that green dress!

  2. sorinanana says:

    Felicitari, Ana. Meriti premiul pe deplin

  3. ande mande says:

    haha ce tare e prima poza, love it

  4. dina gospodina says:


  5. kimmy says:

    You’re the bestest! Congrats!

  6. Stela says:

    What a team! Sunteti tare simpatici 🙂

  7. caroline says:

    Ultima poza e ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  8. Flavia Manila says:

    In opinia mea esti the best dressed personality of all time, sincer.

  9. Zina Madalina says:

    Felicitari, bravo, bravo, bravo! Il meriti mai mult ca oricine, esti cea mai tare & stylish ever!

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