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15 January 2016 / By / 16 Comments

anamorodanOchelari vintage – Agenda Traieste Frumos – Stella McCartney ring – vintage brooch 


  • Oh my God, I still need a month of nothingness


  • Not gonna happen so as you see in today`s postcard I started planning 2016 carefully 


  • The latest posts on my virtual chateau contained only one picture instead of a pictorial – that`s because things are going to change around here. Can`t wait for you to see them soon. Hitting 31 on Tuesday makes me feel much more confident that I have to take my own road. I was a `road opener` and I want to keep being one so let`s step up the game to the next level. #RedLadyDancingFlamenco 


  • I still owe you the 2015 follow-up, I knowwwww. I`ll have it ready this month. Bare with me.  I`ll be back. Just a little more couch potato-ing and taking care of the Morodan Shop updates in the mean time


Now I`ll leave you with my 2016 Mantra:



There is No Force More Powerful Than A Woman Determined To Rise 



See you soon mes chers.


Now it hit me: all of you, the ones who read my adventures and  share the same frivolities as me, you`re my virtual soul mates. Yep, you are. inima-albastru



be-splendid-semnatura 1








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  1. Alexandra Popescu says:

    I love this one picture thing you’re doing now, outstanding

  2. mirabella says:

    the glasses are so cool, love them. and you look so sexy with glasses 😉

  3. Elvira says:

    31 TODAY! Happy bday to us, darling! Have an amazing year

  4. Edna says:

    Best mantra I’ve seen lately ❤️

  5. irina stefan says:

    abia astept 2015, fiecare inceput de an imi aminteste de niste tinute minunate din care ma voi inspira din nou 🙂

  6. Olivia says:

    I must have a bed like that

  7. Oana Ivan says:

    Superba fotografia, imi place la nebunie

  8. ancutza says:

    te inteleg perfect. stii care a fost primul lucru pe care l-am trecut in agenda pe 2016? CONCEDIUL :)))))

  9. Lavinia Oprea says:

    Wow, ce fotografie! Super hot and sexy, I can feel you’re planning something nasty 😉

  10. adina lazar says:

    la multi ani minunati, inspirati si aristo, asa cum esti in fiecare zi 🙂

  11. Corina says:

    Such an amazing photo, hotels are always a great inspiration spot

  12. paula maria stroe says:

    draga mea, un 2016 spectaculos. la multi ani, may all your grand wishes come true


  13. Eva says:

    Awesome pic 😉

  14. honey honey says:

    optimism, sex appeal, calm, serenity, witty, all in one picture I absolutely adore

  15. Elena Loredana says:

    La multi ani minunati iti urez din toata inima!

  16. Flory says:

    “Traieste frumos” ti se potriveste de minune. Am comandat-o si eu si o iubesc, e agenda perfecta. Iar mesajul e minunat

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