Nope, Summer is Not Over – And I Have Plausible Reasons To State This

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31 July 2015 / By / 29 Comments

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Nope, don`t say it. No like really, don`t say it. Summer it`s not over. I feel it. Yeah, I feel it because we don`t have enough air conditioners at the new office and we basically fry daily – we`re installing more next week. So believe me, my feedback is real. Summer IS NOT OVER. And I would like it to be because I`m an Autumn person. But nope. We still have another month and by the look of things, September will be a hell ride too.



But summer has its perks. Like holidays, city breaks and endless weekends at the seaside.  And also early sales seasons. 9b sorry not sorry, I`m still a fashionista.



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Vila dress – available on Fashion Days – Laura 8 choker – Spektre sunglasses

 © Serban Cristea at Villa d`Este – Lake Como




I bet you`ll ask me about my dress. 9b It`s from the Summer Sale #duhh. I`ve got a newsletter from 

Fashion Days before I left for Lake Como. They have up to 90 % sale on their selected brands like  Esprit, Guess, Triumph, Le Coq Sportif, Stefanel, Desigual, Lacoste, Pepe Jeans London.


Let me tell you that it`s the most comfortable dress in the Universe. And even I, the cup D lady can wear it without a bra. #success 




And by the way, I know, you know, we`re all going. To Summer Well. And here`s the deal:



Fashion Days launches Festival Days



a contest where they give away 2 invites to Summer Well and 3 boho-chic style items from Fashion Days


All you have to do is Like which outfit you like best from this album and leave a comment under that picture with a song inspired by that outfit.




Fingers crossed and see you thereeee. I`ll be the one wearing the same Comfortable dress I`m wearing today.










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  1. gratzia says:

    amazing photos, absolutely breathtaking

  2. Letitia M. says:

    peisaje superbe iar rochia e minunata. abia astept sa ne vedem 🙂 eu voi purta Bensimon roz :))))

  3. valeria says:

    Summer Well e the best, ma inscriu chair acum 🙂 te pup

  4. Andreea Radu says:

    Extraordinare fotografiile, ma uit la ele de 10 minute

  5. Edna says:

    Sales is my middle name, baby! Bring them aaaaaall to me :))))

  6. Caty Love says:

    I love Desigual and Pepe Jeans, it’s time for some Friday Shopping 😉

    PS: I will hunt your dress too 🙂

  7. gabriela madalina says:

    rochia e foarte frumoasa si recunosc, am aceeasi nabadaioasa, dar de cele mai multe ori foarte utila, cupa D :))

  8. Shana says:

    Lake Como is one of the most wonderful places on Earth, I love it

  9. damiana says:

    ne vedem la Summer Well, am deja bilet dar o tinuta superba nu m-ar deranja deloc :)))

  10. Doina D says:

    ador rochiile albe

  11. Ilinca Potra says:

    Minunate fotografiile, abia astept ce tinute superbe ai pozat la Como. Si ne vedem la festival 🙂

  12. Zsuzsi says:

    Two months ago I was at Lake Como too…it’s a magical place, one of my most beautiful trips. Since then the nice memories keep coming back in my head 🙂

  13. little_minion says:

    Wow, I wish to visit Lake Comi soon, it’ s surreal

  14. Lady Di says:

    A scenery fit for a modern countess ❤️

  15. fashionlover says:

    Am gasit cele mai frumoase rochii pe Fashion Days, mersi de pont 🙂 abia astept summer well

  16. marina says:

    lovely dress, awesome choker;)

  17. Carla Georgescu says:

    Minunat loc Como, ma bucur mult ca ai ajuns si ti-a placut. Eu am fost in 2010 si inca ma gandesc la acea vacanta si vreau cu disperare sa ma intorc :))

  18. alina enescu says:

    am si eu ceva asemanator, e intr-adevar cea mai comoda si mai racoroasa alegere pentru vara 🙂

  19. Mirela Pop says:

    Sales pe Fashion Days?! Cea mai buna veste de saptamana asta :)) yuhuuu

  20. selena says:

    can’t wait for summer well, see you there

  21. Larisa Toma says:

    Albul te prinde foarte bine iar peisajul….wow

  22. corina v. says:

    amazing photos, I must see this place too

  23. Carolina says:

    Am bifat, sper sa ne vedem la Summer Well 🙂 eu voi purta o rochie superba pe care tocmai am cumparat-o 😉

  24. anna says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ Fashion Days

  25. elly says:

    the photos are absolutely amazing, everything looks like a fairy tale

  26. Ani Dinu says:

    Imi place sa te vad in tinute mai relaxate, rochia e intr-adevar foarte frumoasa si accesoriile alese perfect 🙂

  27. viviana says:

    Lovely e cuvantul cel mai potrivit pentru rochia asta 🙂

  28. Irina Rizoiu says:

    Rochita e minunata, imi place la nebunie. La fel si poseta

  29. adela says:

    It must have been a great vacation, it looks amazing

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