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It’s a pretty simple scenario, you meet him, you both fall in love and suddenly the world seems perfect. Well, you never want to be apart from that person ever and want to share everything with him/her. But how you do that? You move together after two weeks.

Sure, you’re a romantic being, but also a realistic and down to earth one and you know that “after two weeks” might be a little early. So you decide to move in together in a temporary apartment just to see if it works and your relationship has what it takes to become immortal  (?!? I’ve just woken up)

Well, 7 months have passed and this relationship grew up into something that I wish you all to feel. Therefore, it’s about time to find a permanent home cause we’ve passed the test.

While searching for a new place to make it ours, Sanziana Pop,  the awesome mind behind came by a few days ago to capture some glimpses from our temporary home.

Meanwhile, we’ve found our dream home so let the decoration project begin. Can’t wait to see how my aesthetic sense has evolved.

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Ana, The Interior decorator wannabe



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  1. Lavinia says:

    Lovely home u have!! it looks so peaceful to me, very classy and i absolutely love ur statement jewelry <3 …i would so very much love to live in a place like this!!! u are sooooo lucky! love u! :*

  2. Soos Cristina says:

    Wooowwwww <3 superba casuta voastra,imi place foarte mult oglinda 🙂
    Da cum citeam am zis : Fck 2 weeks 🙂 super tareee !!! bvo voua !!!!! Ador romantismul vostru <3 sa nu va schimbati :*

  3. pinkanca says:

    What can I say, looks like someone has good taste 🙂 You know, we feel like we know you so well after seeing so much of your home. It such a peaceful and good vibed place, it shows from the pictures. Lovely lovely lovely

  4. therosemarybabe says:

    I adore the bike in this scenario, and evrything looks in the right place, but still relaxed. It’s a warm beautiful place to live, which of course makes us WANT IT !!!!!!! :))

  5. Holly says:

    Your temporary home looks so chic!!! Exactly like you!

  6. Adina says:

    I wanna move there like NOW!!!!

  7. Miruna says:

    Your home looks as fashionable as you do! Love itttt

  8. La Roqua says:

    f dragut. very you, din putinul cat te cunosc eu. am vazut saptamana trecuta imaginile pe visuell si am zambit la vederea statuetelor. 🙂 imi amintesc de copilarie.

  9. June says:

    incerc sa descifrez misterul ceasurilor tale, care arata fiecare alta ora :))))
    si asta pentru ca sunt intr-adevar VRAJITA!

  10. and once more it was proven what a coherent personality you are! <3 stylish from the beginning to the end!

  11. Roxana says:

    De unde ai scaunul?

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