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Ana wearing 109

Cool Morodan

close up

Morodan smiling

close ups on details

Morodan is awesome

The Countess Morodan

anamorodan com

Morodan having fun at La FarineI am wearing & Other Stories heels and tee, 109 skirt, Cartier Love bracelet and Andresco Jewelry necklace

© Serban Cristea – shoot with a Canon 70 D at La Farine



It had to be talked about. This skirt I mean. Each time I’m wearing it it”s like


  • I can’t wait to get up early in the morning
  • I feel like in a chick lit, cool movie
  • People are mesmerized by it
  • I manage not to hit someone while in traffic
  • I feel special without looking like Patsy and Edina


Last time I wore it I discovered this new place – La Farine -as you can see it’s a “must go to everyday” place and it’s also near to my home. I’m telling you this skirt does wonders to your day.

Have you noticed? My hair starts to finally stay in place after the horror mistake an idiot did to my hair last month. Pfff, finally. No, I wasn’t that stressed, after all it’s just hair, it grows back but I’m sure glad that its starting to do that, to grow I mean.

Moving on…

I can’t remember if I ever told you this but I was never a Romanian designers fan just because it was cool and trendy. And until today that’s not the trigger that lights my fire, that’s why I only love some of them. The ones that have a concept, catchy campaigns and that strive to deliver a high quality product.

109 is one of those brands. I started buying their designs from their first collection actually and I’ve become a fan over the years. Their clothes make me feel like a powerful and sophisticated lady. I mean, this skirt?!? So special and chic, no?

Between the 16th and the 20th of December – 109 launches Dark Truffles – a capsule collection of awesome black dresses – let me know if you love them.



Now, I’m going to take some photos. 7 more pictorials to do before I leave for my parents and then Thailanddddd. This is a much deserved vacation and I can’t wait for it! How about you guys? Are you ready for the holidays?




Ana says



109 lover Anette de Bananette



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  1. Micsan Ioana Maria says:

    foarte frumoasa fusta si intreaga colectie 109 <3

  2. July says:

    it really is WOW!

  3. Chic & Chic says:

    love this shooting ana, very powerful and stylish

  4. teodora z. says:

    ce frumooooos am fost in tailanda si a fot una din cele mai frumoase vacante! love the outfit si La Farine arata foarte inviting!

  5. Georgette Girl says:

    you are trully gorgeous 🙂 happy hollidays dear 🙂

  6. I Love Fashion says:

    have i told you lately that I LOVE YOUr style???? amazing

  7. My Grandma Tought Me says:

    this place looks really great love it and you look great too, it must be fun to be you 🙂

  8. luiza says:

    ce sa mai, avem gusturi comune, ma indragostesc de toate locurile pe care le descoperi si ni le arati, sa nu mai vorbim de haine :)))) arati mi-nu-nat + fusta o vreau! ador 109

  9. From Style Country says:

    hey, a friend of mine told me about your blog and I’ve just spend two hours reading it and
    looking at your amazing pictures. You are so cool! yes, i love the skirt!

  10. Aurora Turdean says:

    aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh am murit si am ajuns in paradis fusta asta chair exista! extraordinar! genial!

  11. Delia Carina Ion says:

    foarte speciala a doua poza, toate sunt frumoase, dar asta m-a impresionat. love the shoes a lot

  12. Sweet Veronica says:

    maybe some think this is superficial ana, but i so understand what you mean with the hair problem, i just got the wrong haircut 🙂 and thinking of making a radical change cause it’s bad like this! kisses & admiration!

  13. Ilinca says:

    esti de vis!

  14. Thalia says:

    uuuu great news! i love this brand, si inca nu am gasit rochia potrivita pentru sfarsitul de an, simt eu ca 109 ma va salva din nou 🙂

  15. sorina raducanu says:

    tocmai mi-am cumparat un Canon 70 D !!!!!!! yeyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! muah!

  16. Amelie Amelie says:

    I am so ready for the hollidays, you cannot imagine…actually i am sure you understand, cause you’re also a workoholic. so let’s relax! i am going to a quiet place in Moldavia, i don’t want any noise or agitation at for two weeks :))))

  17. Miss Ophelia says:

    such a diva you are! lovely look!

  18. Love For Fashion says:

    hmmm it’s the first year i didn’t make a huge plan for the hollidays, i think i’m just gonna spend time with family. haven’t done that in years and i miss it. but i still want to look fab, so can’t wait for the 109 collection

  19. Cosmina says:

    Ana, cum ti-ai facut chestiuta aia de pe prima pagina? Ma chinui de vreo luna sa-i dau de cap unui cod de slideshow si al tau arata aproape la fel ca ce-aveam eu de gand sa fac 😀

  20. Oana says:

    The capsule collection looks really great!
    I am absolutely ready for the holiday, I am also flying to Thailand in two weeks time 🙂

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