Mornings in The Guerlain Universe & a Giveaway

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I hope you have your nerves with you today because a long article awaits for you below. I have tons of things to say and its because I had the honor to be invited to a morning in the Guerlain universe.

I left mesmerized and here`s why:

p.s. I need to get my hands on that Meteorites miracle product. heart ana


Ana MorodanZarug blouse, Morodan Shop skirt, Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes heels, H&M necklace

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu


 Guerlain started to mesmerize me ever since I was little and all the women in my family (because we are many – my grandmother has 3 sisters) used Guerlain perfumes especially SHALIMAR(1925) which is the first oriental fragrance in the history of perfumery. Its name, which means “temple of love” in Sanskrit, is also the name of a bewitching Indian garden.

Maybe it`s because I got familiar with this brand at an age of intense dreaming and fairy tales but even today when I touch a Guerlain product a sort of magical feeling arises inside me.


Ana Morodan 7


Since 1828, Guerlain Beauty has been synonymous with the promise of Sensual Pleasure. Guerlain’s Creative Daring opens the doors to a Dream that takes you on a journey through space and time. Over generations of perfumers, Guerlain has marked history with legendary olfactory masterpieces that have withstood the test of time and fashion; fragrances that pay tribute to the most beautiful raw materials and craftsmanship in its purest form.

The first expression of the Art of the unique is without doubt the Art of raw materials.


Ana Morodan 3


That`s why when I got an invitation to meet the Guerlain official make-up artist – Jose Luis, this original, talented and special personality – there were no words to be said. I was there.

Jose Luis Yuve was in Romania for three days at the Guerlain stand from Sephora Baneasa and he came especially for all the beautiful customers who wanted to try a unique make-up made by him. Well, I was one of them.

And during our conversation I learned a few make-up tricks also, like applying concealer  (Precious Light 01) on the superior eyelid too. Or to use this special Guerlain powder called Meteorites Compact Powder  02 (clair) for highlighting your skin. A CULT PRODUCT: A GENUINE VEIL OF PERFECTION! Three harmonies are available: Clair, Medium and Doré.


Ana Morodan 9

Ana Morodan 8


From the outset Guerlain has been renowned for creating the most extraordinary powders and innovative lipsticks, and as such is widely regarded as the leading make-up artist.

In 1984, Guerlain invented Terracotta, the first compact bronzing powder. Shortly after its launch, it became the top-seller in the United States and Europe.

A must-have, often imitated, but never equalled. A concentrate of sun which perfectly mimics the sun’s caress on the skin, and provides every woman with her dream tan: ENJOY A HEALTHY GLOW AND RADIANT, TANNED COMPLEXION ALL YEAR ROUND


 Ana Morodan 8

Ana Morodan 2


And after a few questions I`ve discovered that Jose Luis prefers Glamour before Minimalism. Red lipstick before nude colors and Outstanding women before Normcore. What can I say, he`s my kind of person ana-9


Ana Morodan 1

Ana Morodan v


And because I don`t want me to be the only lady who got pampered by Guerlain here`s your surprise:


2 of you ladies can WIN  a set of Ecrin 2 Couleurs+ Gloss D’Enfer



All you have to do is tell me how do you feel towards this brand. How Guerlain makes you feel when you get in touch with its products.

And LIKE Guerlain on Facebook


You have a week



And the 2 lucky winners are:



Congratulationsssss heart ana – Send me an email with your contacts and we`ll make sure to send you the goodies in no time










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  1. Roxana says:

    Guerlain is one of my favourite brands and “L’instant de Guerlain” is the perfume I use almost everyday. It makes me feel powerful but yet feminine. I think they want to give women the chance to feel like goodesses because that’s what we are but not all of us know that yet.

  2. Alina says:

    Every time I try its products, Guerlain makes me feel classy, sexy and feminine. I love their lipsticks and sometimes, when I’m in a hurry, I chose to wear just a red lipstick and it’s enough. Because Guerlain doesn’t offer me just some make-up products, but an attitude every time I use them.

  3. Andreea says:

    I only have the Meteorites pearls from Guerlain and each time I use them I feel I have a cult product from an iconic brand in on my face 🙂 and that unique fragrance of violets makes me imagine I am a fancy Parisian girl 🙂

  4. Stoica Cristina says:

    Buna!!! Nu cunosc si n am folosit decat minunatul terracotta blush de care sunt cea mai multumita!!!

  5. Using Guerlain products makes me feel like Natalia Vodianova in La Légende de Shalimar. 🙂

  6. Sabina says:

    I use Guerlain Le petite robe noir obsessively. Not in the sense that I overuse it, but in the sense that it never ceases to amaze me and I never get bored with it. So this experience makes me associate the brand with pleasure – the please of surprised. It’s a luxurious experience that makes me feel powerful and confident.

  7. Sabina says:

    I use Guerlain Le petite robe noir obsessively. Not in the sense that I overuse it, but in the sense that it never ceases to amaze me and I never get bored with it. So this experience makes me associate the brand with pleasure – the please of being surprised. It’s a luxurious experience that makes me feel powerful and confident.

  8. Sabina says:

    I use Guerlain Le petite robe noir obsessively. Not in the sense that I overuse it, but in the sense that it never ceases to amaze me and I never get bored with it. So this experience makes me associate the brand with pleasure – the pleasure of being surprised. It’s a luxurious experience that makes me feel powerful and confident.

  9. Catalina Stoian says:

    Wow, Guerlain! i worked in Sephora for some time and i had the opportunities to learn about the brand. How Guerlain makes me feel when I’m wearing the product: like The Million Dollar Baby.

  10. Viorica says:

    Am farduri de Guerlain….si le ador!!

  11. Cristina Ș says:

    I don’t have any product from this brand, YET, but I’ve liked Guerlain (not just on Facebook) since I’ve tried a lipstick and a powder of my aunt. The powder’s case looks so elegant and the lipstick is so creamy, but even so, it persist on the lips…
    With this article, you made me more interested about this brand, so I will try some perfumes, too. 🙂

  12. Diana Tiganus says:

    I have been following you for quite some time now and I really enjoy what you do and how you write about what you do :). I will try to write this in English even if I am a little rusty (I don’t speak or write in English to often).
    I like Guerlain because it can turn a “normcore looking” me into a chic and glamorous woman (see how i used your words there :D). It’s that simple. :). A little red lipstick and I look and feel perfect, confident, refreshed.

  13. Anca says:

    Hi Ana!

    I can imagine it was a real pampering session to wear the Guerlain products applied by Jose Luis himself.
    When I say Guerlain I say high quality products both in perfumery and makeup. These are the products I’ve tried, but I’m sure the other Guerlain products are the same in terms of quality and delicacy. To be more precisely Guerlain Champ Elysee was the first great fragrance I bought from my savings when I was a 1st year student (I had to emphasize this because I’m a kind of mad perfumista). I got a lot of compliments and I can still feel the sweet tile smell of the fragrance. I love the vintage aroma of Guerlain fragrances, the softness and the great makeup colours that make you feel really confident and classy. I wish every woman had the chance to wear the Guerlain products!

  14. Alina N says:

    Ma bucur ca ai scris despre Guerlain, este unul dintre putinele branduri care chiar face ce promite si pe care il asociez cu un lux accesibil si ma simt deosebita si unica atunci cand il folosesc (desi stiu ca nu e asa, pentru ca doar Guerlain e un brand apreciat, nu ma pot abtine ;)).

    Am avut Shalimar Parfum Initial, o reinterpretare youthful a Shalimar-ului original. Ador nota pudrata si l-as recunoaste oriunde.

    Alt favorit este blusher-ul dublu, tine foarte mult, are o cutie aurie eleganta si o husa de catifea si miroase delicios! Pink Punk este nuanta mea preferata!

  15. Maria says:

    Se poate si-n romana, da? 😉 Nu pot decat sa-mi imaginez, pentru ca n-am avut inca placerea sa le folosesc, dar, daca as folosi aceste produse, m-ar face sa ma simt puternica, sofisticata, stralucitoare si, evident, frumoasa. Poate chiar o sa am sansa sa castig si sa ma simt exact asa 🙂

  16. Mihaela says:

    Hi Ana,

    I like very much their lipsticks; this one 😀

    Also their perfumes make me feel alive and in a party mood.

    Have a great day dear Ana

  17. Elena says:

    Guerlain makes me feel glamorous.

  18. Alina Danciu says:

    Whenever I hear the name Guerlain, in my imaginations pops an image of sun kissed cheeks and a beautiful, bold, red lips.. I think it’s the most reliable brand when it comes to cosmetics, and we have it in Romania too, which is a honor!!! Everytime a see a Guerlain product I think of excellence, quality and beauty! Love it!

  19. With a just a light touch of its lovely meteorites, Guerlain makes me feel sophisticated, classy and a little French. It’s just like magic!

  20. Catalina M. says:

    I fell just like a little princess. I can’t use words to describe the feeling because… it reminds me of childhood, reminds me about how happy i was then when my grandma was trying to hide every little especial thing (like parfumes, lipsticks,mascara) only because i wanted to try them all – on me, on the mirror, but also on the walls

  21. Oana says:

    With Guerlain, it was always about the lipsticks for me. Wonderful textures, beautiful colours and the most exquisite packaging design. I own a couple of Guerlain lipsticks and they always bring a luxurious note to my make-up.

  22. Ana-Maria says:

    Never tried Guerlain products, but I’d love to win them 🙂

  23. Andreea says:

    Este una dintre firmele care iti confera siguranta si feminitate,facandu ma sa ma simt ca o adevarata printesa de fiecare data cand folosesc produsele.

  24. Alina says:

    Produsele beauty de calitate te fac mereu sa te simti ca o adevarata printesa. Guerlain ofera fiecarei zile obisnuite un val chic care radiaza. Sint impresionata de calitatea produselor deoarece sint pigmentate si persistente pe parcursul zilei. Ambalajul frumos, de asemenea, nu lasa pe nimeni indiferent.

  25. I’ve always loved Guerlain products, their powders make me feel like I have the face of a china doll. Perfection. And I really need to get my hands soon on the Meteorites powder also!

  26. Adriana says:

    Oh, iubesc Guerlain! Kiss Kiss si Rouge G sunt preferatele mele, fara indoiala. Este unul din brandurile care mixeaza armonios calitatea si grija fata de client.

  27. anca ungureanu says:

    Nu am folosit niciodata produse Guerlain, dar as fi incantata sa am ocazia. Te-au machiat foarte frumos 🙂

  28. Raluca says:

    I am simply in love with Guerlain, from perfumes to make-up and back. They are luxurious and yet simple flavoured, classic and still one step beyond. Guerlain makes me feel the queen I deserve to be.

  29. Oana Dragomir says:

    Putin in dubiu daca sa raspund in romana sau engleza, dar fie! here we go :))

    Prima data cand am auzit de Guerlain, a fost cand o prietena mi-a oferit un rimel pt buna dispozitie, intr-o zi fffff proasta ( o zi in care te impiedici primul lucru cand cobori din pat, si seara, cand ajungi, te trantesti singura inapoi, in ideea sa te fure somnul mai repede ca sa se termine ziua).
    Ei bine, eu aveam o zi din aceea si ea tocmai ce-si primise un pachetel cu ”cate ceva” pt donsoare, printre care acest rimel. Pentru ca a pleca nemachiata de acasa se intampla rar, iar acea zi se asigurase sa dau pas si la machiaj, s-a gandit sa-mi ofere rimelul cadou ca sa ma binedispuna.
    PAC! Soc. Am genele foarte lungi, si de obicei abia ma ating cu rimel, pentru ca trag o linie de tus si c est fini ! Daar, acel rimel, pe ochii mei nemachiati, a facut minuni. In asa maniera incat nu-mi amintesc ultima oara cand am folosit tus. Am ramas la un machiaj simplu cu rimel, un rimel minunat, care-mi scoate in evidenta ochii fara a-mi face gene de paianjen! :))

    Au revoir, madame! Esti superba si gratioasa, ca intotdeauna!

  30. Maria says:

    Guerlain makes me feel beautiful, unique and loved.

  31. MiraBella says:

    You look amazing! Guerlain reminds me of the firts lipstick I used, from my mom’s purse 🙂 I was 10 and it was the greatest feeling :))

  32. anca popa says:

    Guerlain ma face sa radiez intotdeauna, ador cremele lor

  33. Mioara Coman says:

    cred ca cel mai bine ar fi sa asculti asta ca sa intelegi cum ma simt cu produsele Guerlain

  34. elena h says:

    Hidratata perfect cu siguranta, pentru ca ador masca lor hidratanta 🙂

  35. Mimi R. says:

    I adore your necklace

  36. Roberta Dumitrache says:

    Guerlain makes me feel simply BEAUTIFUL

  37. marina says:

    Meteorites is the best! Guerlain is my favorite beauty brand

  38. Irina C. says:

    Frumoasa ca matusa mea care folosea doar produsele Guerlain 😉

  39. Natalia Popescu says:

    sunt o mare consumatoare de produse de beauty si Guerlain e printre preferatele mele. de fiecare data cand folosesc fardurile Guerlain simt ca radiez

  40. mikka says:

    Like a spoiled little french lady 😉

  41. Magda Ionescu says:

    din pacate nu am incercat pana acum produsele Guerlain, dar stiu despre ele ca sunt excelente si creeaza dependenta 🙂

  42. Edna says:

    I’ll be dreaming about this blouse tonight. And Meteorites 🙂

  43. Panait Adriana says:

    glossurile sunt preferatele mele si niciodata un gloss Guerlain nu m-a dezamargit

  44. Alina Enache says:

    TERRACOTTA e cel mai bun produs de acest gen pe care l-am folosit vreodata! si am incercat vreo 7 pana acum, nimic nu se compara cu aceasta pudra compacta

  45. andra dinu says:

    Gloss D’Enfer e minunat si ma simt ca o printesa urbana de fiecare data cand il port 🙂

  46. Catalina G. says:

    Guerlain a fost dragoste la prima vedere si dragostea asta dureaza de 7 ani, sunt cele mai bune cosmetice si le recomand cu caldura tuturor

  47. Gabriela C says:

    Two Christmases ago I received Guerlain as a present and I absolutely loved it. Whenever I use Guerlain it feels like Christmas 🙂

  48. Beatrice says:

    Guerlain makes me radiant like no other

  49. anca ioana says:

    vaaaai, si Nana (matusa mea) folosea acelasi parfum! Guerlain imi aminteste categoric de copilaria mea frumoasa

  50. Creola O. says:

    the perfect Rouge Automatique by Guerlain makes me feel like a movie star whenever I wear it

  51. violeta says:

    dar cate amintiri ma leaga de Guerlain…am crescut si m-am scaldat in parfumul mamei mele, care purta si inca poarta Mitsouko. ani la rand ma imbrac si ma dezbrac de miresmele Chant d’aromes, un parfum de care nu ma dezlipesc. imi plac deasemenea eyeliner The precison of calligraphy si fondul de ten Lingerie de peau. nimic nu se poarta asa de bine ca un produs french!

  52. Diana says:

    Calitate prezentata intr-un ambalaj elegant si seducator. Folosite de femei elegante care vor sa seduca. Guerlain ma face sa ma simt frumoasa si reuseste sa dea putin deoparte tomboy-ul din mine si sa scoata la iveala o femeie sofisticata 🙂

  53. Adina says:

    The Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipstick that I’m using makes me fell super feminine 🙂

  54. Gina Popa says:

    Guerlain makes me feel classy, stylish, and cool. I love the fragrance La Petite Robe Noire. It’s so Paris-like.

  55. Maria says:

    Iubesc acest brand! Inca de cand am inceput cursul de make-up, am tot auzit despre ele ca fiind produse de lux si foarte bune. mai ales pudrele Meteorites.
    Asa ca acum absolut le ador 🙂

  56. Sorina says:

    I have only had a few of their products over the years, because they lasted forever! 🙂 The quality of the products made me feel respected by the brand, because of the passion and the attention to quality they have invested in their amazing goodies. feminine and loved. That’s how I feel when using their products.

  57. roxana says:

    A fost dragoste la prima vedere ….. premium brand …. love it

  58. Hmm, pe mine ma fac sa ma simt stralucitoare toata ziua, folosind pudra pe zonele principale ale fetei, pe pometi si pe arcada.

  59. Magda says:

    I use the météorites and I feel like … I can never go back to using something else! I am gorgeous!

  60. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    Nu am avut niciodata ocazia sa testez produsele de machiaj Guerlain, dar parfumurile lor m-au fermecat !
    As incepe cu faimoasa pudra Terracotta, ca tot vine vara !
    Iti multumim tare mult pentru concurs si iti transmit numai ganduri pozitive ! Te pup !

  61. Ella85 says:

    Guerlain is my secret dream I always embrace when I want to show my unique character. The perfumes I worn are charming senses, conveying a traditional richness with a touch of modernity. I absolutely love Guerlain for its signature scent: love and passion!

  62. Ana Maria P. says:

    Busted! Nu am incercat niciodata Guerlain!

  63. Mihaela F says:

    Oh, Guerlain! Primul produs pe care am pus mana, intamplator, a fost un fond de ten. Un pic prea deschis pentru tenul meu, dar era Guerlain, nu puteam sa il las !

  64. Maria says:

    The Guerlain products make me feel feminine and they give me an outstanding selfconfidence. I just love the “Rouge G de Guerlain” lipstick, not only does it last all night, but it keeps my lips hydrated and yet glamorous.

  65. Raluca says:

    Dear Ana,
    First of all, you look amazing!! And now, in regard to your post I need to admit that I’ve never used Guerlain brand. The reason is very simple, I can’t afford it, but I can imagine that it will make me feel pretty.
    Beaucoup des bisous pour toi, jolie Anne!

  66. Julie says:

    I didn’t try GUERLAIN brand so far, but I would certainly LIKE to do. I’m still searching for my perfect lipstick (my favorite make-up item). Bisous!

  67. Andreea C says:

    Every time I use their products I feel like I’m apart of a secret elite society of beauty. Their Terracotta powder is to die for!

  68. Andra Catalina says:

    I love your make-up and I love the way their products somehow give a glow to every woman

  69. Ana Lipsa says:

    Sofisticata. Asta e cel mai bun atribut pentru Guerlain 🙂

  70. Natalia O says:

    Guerlain a aparut in viata mea cand am implinit 18 ani si am primit un set de farduri. De arunci au trecut 10 ani si Guerlain a ramas in viata mea iar fara aceste produse m-as simti altcineva

  71. Margot says:

    I believe the best way to define my relationship with this brand is to define the one I have with my best friend: based on confidence, sparkled with joy and fun, lasted for years and I hope it will never end 🙂

  72. Adina Lazarescu says:

    Guerlain m-a facut intotdeauna sa ma simt mai frumoasa si mai increzatoare. Plus ca e cel mai bun cand vine vorba sa-mi scoata ochii in evidenta 😉

  73. Adina Lazarescu says:

    Every time I use Guerlain I feel like I’m a princess in jeans 🙂

  74. Ela says:

    Every time I use Guerlain I feel like I’m a princess in jeans 🙂

  75. Denise says:

    Guerlain makes me feel like a countess! Their perfumes are unique and you can feel them from a mile…when wearing “Champs Elysees” or “Shalimar” it makes me feel powerful and different!

  76. Cristiana Ilie says:

    Guerlain ma face sa ma simt distinsa si eleganta. Ador produsele lor si pana acum tot ce am incercat mi-a placut la nebunie

  77. Olivia says:

    Guerlain makes me sparkle even on a rainy day ❤️

  78. Anca Radulescu says:

    Perfecta! Pentru ca Terracotta imi face tenul perfect 🙂

  79. claudia says:

    Guerlain reminds me of the amazing friends of my grandma, such chic and lovely ladies. I admired them and I hope I am worthy of admiration when I wear Guerlain

  80. adriana says:

    Acest brand imi aminteste de copilarie 🙂 mama avea un parfum Guerlain atat de pretios

  81. I didn’t try GUERLAIN brand so far,but I would certainly like to do.I’m still searching for my perfect lipstick my favorite make-up item.

  82. Ioana Olaru says:

    I adore Guerlain everything! From the delicate woody breeze of Samsara to the violent powdery rush of Insolence. I feel like Guerlain makes me stand out. It makes me feel optimistic, enveloped in a glowing cloud of bontón. All of their products smell so delicate, powdery and clean, one simply becomes addicted!

  83. Dana Dumitru says:

    Parfumul meu preferat in acest moment este La Petite Robe Noire, un parfum care ma face sa ma simt speciala oriunde as merge.

  84. RADU ANA-MARIA says:

    GUERLAID transform you,recreate a glow and a natural beauty.Make you feel BEAUTYFUL

  85. Adelina says:

    I have a red lipstick that’s on its last legs and everytime I wear it I feel like a ’40s goddess 🙂

  86. Cristina Soos says:

    superb machiajul <3
    nu am incercat produsele Guerlain 🙁
    daca castig cu siguranta revin cu un raspuns :))

  87. Monica Daliu says:

    Guerlain Météorites Perles represent the classical beauty! I love them! It gives such a stunning incandescence that you won’t believe your own face! You feel like a goddess when you wear them!

  88. Roxana says:

    Guerlain is the best. I adore La Petite Robe Noire which makes me feel like I’m a 50’s diva. I’d love to try new things from them. 🙂

  89. Anca Ionescu says:

    Guerlain Kiss Kiss e produsul caruia ii sunt cel mai fidela pentru ca m-a facut intotdeauna sa ma
    Simt speciala

  90. Matilda says:

    I am in love with Guerlain for years and it is my no 1 beauty brand. I always feel like a movie star with Guerlain

  91. Nicoleta S. says:

    Acest brand a scos intotdeauna frantuzoiaca din mine, desi l am descoperit cand locuiam la Londra 🙂 e the best

  92. Clara Marin says:

    Intotdeauna mi-am dorit sa am un machiaj impecabil si asta sa de intample in fiecare zi, fara prea mar efort. Cu Guerlain asta se intampla in fiecare zi 🙂

  93. Ingrid says:

    I do feel pampered with Guerlain and I love and enjoy every moment of it

  94. pinky says:

    I love all Guerlain lipsticks and they make me feel sexy and wanted ❤️

  95. ana grigoras says:

    am descoperit Guerlain la mama si mai apoi la matusa mea, si fiecare folosea o gama diferita de produse. Am ramas vesnic indragostita de parfumuri si de pudre, acele produse care le faceau pe ele, in ochii mei, cele mai frumoase

  96. emilia says:

    Cand folosesc Guerlain Insolence pe care il ador ma simt unica si sigura pe mine, e deosebit intradevar! Toata lumea il lauda !
    La petite robe noir este la fel de irezistibil, efectiv nu-i rezist! M-as da cu el si inainte de culcare !
    Terracota sprey pt fata e foarte bun si rezistent, nu acopera, isi ofera o culoare placuta si nu pateaza hainele, cand il folosesc imi schimba total ziua!
    Toate parfumurile Guerlain sunt diferite, dar deosebite si unicate!

  97. LoreDana says:

    I honestly believe that Guerlain is the one thing I would take with me on a deserted island :))

  98. Carina Dinu says:

    arati superb si cred ca aceasta lumina pe care produsele Guerlain o dau femeilor e ceeace le face atat de speciale si dorite 🙂

  99. Alexandra Ana says:

    Ador glossurile lor si de fiecare data cand le port simt ca radiez si intineresc 😉

  100. laura c. says:

    Guerlain makes me feel Hera when I get in touch with its products. And the signature Guerlain violet scent of Meteorites is divine, too.

  101. Guerlain makes me feel classy, stylish, and cool. I love the fragrance La Petite Robe Noire.

  102. Teona says:

    Am incercat produsele atunci cand intram in magazin si bineinteles ca m-am indragostit. Vreau sa mi le achizitionez pentru ca, mai ales vara, am ocazii speciale la care sigur ma voi simti cu ajutorul lor, ca un super star:-)

  103. dana says:

    Guerlain makes me feel chic, powefull and confident. I am a big fan of their products and my favourite are the mascaras.

  104. Flori Dinu says:

    funny thing: am descoperit Guerlain la sotul meu :)) avea un parfum minunat cand l-am cunoscut si de atunci sunt o fana declarata a acestui brand. imi aminteste de primele zile de dragoste 🙂

  105. Luciana M says:

    like my day will be a fairy tale 🙂

  106. dana mihai says:

    Gurlain ma face sa ma simt adolescenta over and over pentru ca prima data am incercat produsele lor cand eram liceana 🙂 the happy carefree days :)))

  107. Claudia Pink says:

    Terracotta, I love it! O am de o saptamana si e ceva DIVIN! DIVIN, I tell you!

  108. Marina D. says:

    Teazzurra e preferatul meu si da, Guerlain ma face sa ma simt ca un movie star 🙂 the Grace Kelly kind 😉

  109. Annalise says:

    I never used Guerlain before, but I would love to try their products. I am a huge fan of your blog. I have a pinterist board of you under the name Ana❤

  110. Rocsana Ene says:

    O femeie puternica

  111. Clara Moise says:

    cred ca in primul rand frumoasa, mai apoi increzatoare si de ce nu sexy 🙂

  112. Natalie says:

    Guerlain has always been my first choice regarding beauty products but recently I discovered their perfumes and they make me feel amazing

  113. maria ioana says:

    cu Terracotta de la Guerlain sunt cea mai buna versiunea a mea 🙂

  114. Kate says:

    I thing Guerlain bring out the French and the Oriental in me, and they are a perfect mix

  115. Ruxandra Andreea says:

    am incercat produsele Guerlain in urma cu multi si tu mi-ai amintit de ele acum. de cateva zile stau si ma intreb de ce am incetat sa le folosesc. pana gasesc raspunsul si le aduc inapoi in viata mea, pot sa-ti spun ca eram foarte multumita de ele si ca nu m-au dezamargit niciodata

  116. Crina Iosif says:

    de mai bine de doi ani Guerlain e nelipsit de pe micuta mea masuta de machiaj si ma face mai frumoasa in fiecare zi

  117. adina bucur says:

    I think the perfect word to describe my relationship with Guerlain is perfection

  118. Cristina Sece says:

    Guerlain mă face să mă simt puternică , încrezătoare, frumoasă. Guerlain maxi lash este preferatul meu. Il ador!

  119. Anca says:

    Guerlain ma face sa ma simt feminina, sediucatoare. Unul din parfumurile mele preferate este L’Instant Magique. O simpla pulverizare si totul devine magic!

  120. Adina says:

    Sunt incantata ca ai scris despre Guerlain in acest articol!
    Imi place foarte mult conceptul colectiei Terracotta care ma duce cu gandul la desert, la taramuri exotice, este de o calitate deosebita, alcatuita din produse versatile care pun in valorea pielea in tonuri calde, radiante si sunt un deliciu. De asemenea, ador parfumul Shalimar in mod special, apreciez foarte mult inspiratia care a stat la baza crearii lui si are notele mele preferate intr-o combinatie orientala. Guerlain ma face sa ma simt increzatoare si armonioasa, ca intr-un loc luxuriant unde parfumurile sunt esente pretioase si produsele de machiaj sunt niste mici comori menite sa-mi completeze ritualul de zi cu zi.

  121. Madalina M says:

    Pentru mine Guerlain este brandul suprem, nu imi pot imagina existenta fara parfumurile sau cosmeticele lor. Produsele Guerlain ma fac sa ma simt frumoasa, respectata, feminina, seducatoare si intr-o permanenta stare de reverie si de dorinta de a mai achizitiona inca un produs. Pur si simplu ador brandul Guerlain.

  122. Alina Popescu says:

    Parfumul L’Instant a fost prima mea dragoste si prin el am inceput sa descopar brandul Guerlain. Acum mai mult de 70% din parfumurile mele sunt Guerlain si tot adaug alte si alte minunatii parfumate la colectia mea. Parfumurile lor au o frumusete si o magie pe care nu le-am mai intalnit si imi dau o extraordinara stare de bine, de incredere si de feminitate.

  123. Stefana says:

    Si eu, de fiecare data cand ating un produs Guerlain, simt fluturasi in stomac si atat de multa bucurie…Noi doi avem povestea noastra, inceputa cu Shalimar si care va continua, probabil, si in viata urmatoare. Nici un alt parfum nu imi exprima atat de multa feminitate, eleganta, optimism si incredere in mine insami.

  124. Nu am folosit niciodata produse Guerlain,dar as fi incantata sa am ocazia si sa port un machiaj impecabil.

  125. Georgia says:

    De putin timp am descoperit perlele Meteorites si m-am indragostit iremediabil de stralucirea lor, de mirosul ametitor, de cutiuta pretioasa, lucrata cu atata atentie si delicatete…Magie, feminitate, lux = Guerlain.

  126. Ambrosia says:

    Pfff..absolutely ahhmmmazing make-up! You look breathtaking!

    I only owned Guerlain Midnight Butterfly Sublime Radiant Body Powder, a scented shimmer powder in a glamorous puffy-puff old-fashioned lavender atomiser….ahhh!!..which look like a beauuuutiful vintage perfume bottle. And Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipsticks.
    Using them always made (and still make!) me feel like a DIVA!

  127. Povestea mea de iubire cu Guerlain a inceput acum multi ani, pe cand am intrat intr-un magazin hotarata sa testez Shalimar si Samsara. Am plecat cu blotterele in buzunar si cu sufletul plin de bucurie. Imi gasisem parfumurile care sa ma imbrace perfect. Aveam doar 17 ani pe atunci, varsta incertitudinilor se spune, insa nu mai exista niciun dubiu ca eu ma indragostisem pentru totdeauna. Anii au trecut si in calea mea a aparut L’Heure Bleue. Cum sa descriu minunea albastra? Cum sa ii zugravesc frumusetea? L’Heure bleue nu a fost al meu, eu am fost a lui, m-a ingenunchiat prin maretia lui, mi-a luat in brate sufletul, l-a sarutat si mi l-a dat inapoi stigmatizat cu amintirea lui. Cat il iubesc! As purta L’Heure Bleue la nunta mea. E melancolic, dar e pentru miresele care pentru o clipa inchid ochii si lasa sa se scurga o lacrima de dragul lucrurilor lasate in urma de timpul ce s-a scurs. Apoi, am intrat in fascinanta lume a cosmeticelor Guerlain si mi-am promis sa am mereu in portfard un ruj Kiss Kiss si minunatii Meteorites. Asadar, sunt indragostita, da! Si nu mi-e rusine sa recunosc!

  128. Andreea says:

    For me Guerlain is a symbol of old school glamour, is the essential accessory for the proper lady running around in this mad modern world.

  129. Raluca Andreea M. says:

    Am avut ocazia sa incerc doar o mostra de parfum de la Guerlain acum ceva timp.
    Tin minte.. cand l-am purat eram asa mandra ca scria parca pe fruntea mea: Bitch please, im a fabulous ! And im wearing Guerlain! :)))

  130. Isabela G says:

    Guerlain a statement of luxury and elegance with high end products that delivers magic and confidence for every women. My favourite product is Lingerie de peau BB cream that instant reveals a better and improved me,waking up my inner glow.

  131. Ellena says:

    Hmmm… Guerlain. The epitome of class and elegance, in my opinion, makes me feel, somewhow, connected to the past. Why that? Because I feel like transposed, back into that interwar period (which I so love) when glamour and style melted together into a whole, into a single unity. Aaaand because wearing its lipsticks, its perfumes is like having a glimpse of that world engraved on your skin forever.

  132. Marina says:

    Guerlain makes me feel delicate, feminine and empowered at the same time.
    My favorite Guerlain make-up product is Terracotta Joli Teint powder, a planetary must-have. It makes your skin glow without ever overloading it.
    When it comes to fragrances, my summer choice from Guerlain is the Pamplelune from Aqua Allegoria collection.

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