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I think it was my Facebook friend Viviana  who showed me this article.

In the moment I clicked on it and saw what it was about, time froze – exactly like in this Parisian Apartment.

Found exactly how it was left more than 70 years ago this mysterious apartment of Miss de Florian carries a big enigma somewhere in it.

Colored ribbons, forgotten love letters, mysterious paintings, amazing pieces of furniture and works of art were found in this apartment that was untouched and abandoned in the most strange manner. This is how she left it when she went to buy some flowers and never came back.

What kept her away even after the war? Was she running away from someone or something other than the Nazis? For all those decades, her rent on the elegant apartment in a flourishing city had been faithfully paid, but it was left to freeze in time. It all sounds like the perfect mystery…


Some say that Miss de Florian was actually Luisa Casati and that was her hiding spot in Paris. Well, as you know my passion for ravening every information about the Marchesa Casati, this assumption kinda made me giggle with enthusiasm.


With all my Belle Epoque obsession I can’t even imagine how mind blowing it would have been for me to see this apartment and all the things in it.    Read all about this modern magic discovery here




Ana's Lifestyle Pill

It just crossed my mind…how about  making a time capsule?!?

Yes, I think I’m gonna to this for may Godson (a year and a half old).

I’m thinking of gathering things in it for a year and then putting it in some safe place for him to find it when he will be a grown up (I’m not gonna bury it in the ground, what if a house will be built over it?!?!)

I think that will be an amazing moment for him! To see evidence of our era and how everything looked like.





 .Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


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  1. lana says:

    great story. thanks for sharing. *_*

  2. Cristina Soos says:

    what a beautiful story <3
    definitely !!!! Do the time capsule with you're godson <3
    that will be amazing when he grows up & plant something above it so he knows the place & everytime he look at that plant he knows there is a trasure hiden <3

  3. Miss Retro says:

    Hello gorls! I would print that picture as big as my wall and look at at every day

  4. Charlene says:

    very chic news 😉

  5. luisa of bucharest says:

    wow how cool. too bad here in romania we do not value our gorgeous buildings as we should…

  6. Mara says:

    haha great idea! mmm, who is Godson?

  7. Viviana B. says:

    Great idea, the time capsule. I would have been thrilled if somebody would have done it for me. With some mystery in it, of course.:)

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Viviana, I credited you because you showed it too me remember? 🙂

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