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20 December 2017 / By / 10 Comments


This word, “burnout”, is becoming something I’ve been hearing more and more. I heard this word 213 times last week – yes, I counted. Why? Because it’s human nature to want to believe that there’s other people who experience the same kind of pain/drain/<whatever>, and knowing/believing that gives you force to push through it.

And (unsurprisingly) there were many people who are experiencing this: 60 people who’ve mentioned it 213 times. Every individual in my close vicinity mentions “burnout” 3.55 times.

So it was time to vigorously  tap and swipe through my phone to find contacts for tarot readers, psychologists, aura readers, astrologists, Reiki healers, breathing masters, yoga teachers, Tibetan priests, tapping specialists and so on.

I like throwing self-pity parties for a while, whenever I stumble or fall. But just for a white, because I then instinctively start searching for solutions. And I don’t do this on my own – I make lists, I speak with people who are more informed than I am, I gather all the information I can and then I start kicking ass again.



Mineli boots – Morodan x RD Styling hoodie – Parlor scarf

Photo by Costrut at Stejarii Country Club 


SO if an upgrade is needed, an upgrade we’ll install: a lifestyle upgrade. But this upgrade came with some bad aspects as well. At least for me. It was the “drink more water, eat more salads, go to the gym” aspect. Bleah but well, okkkk. Fine. I took to swimming & tennis, look, I even have a proper outfit. 


And by the way, PR or not, believe me, changing from traditional cigarettes to IQOS improved my daily lifestyle. I’m not short of breath after a flight of stairs anymore. And the new 2.4 upgrade has faster charging time and bluetooth connection, and now you can purchase Heets (the cigarettes for Iqos devices) here (take a look at their offers, they always have some very cool ones) or offline from almost every supermarket and from their offline stores from Bucharest (Baneasa Shoppincg City & Afi Cotroceni Mall), Constanta, Cluj and now also Timisoara

 IQOS Store Timisoara (1)

IQOS Store Timisoara (2)


I’m determined to try all the suggestions. Because up until now I functioned on thinking that things will pass and better themselves on their own. But NO! This burnout motherfucker is stronger than the worse flu. So I am armed with a huge To Do List – morning and evening affirmations included – and I’ll let you know in a month or so how things are evolving. 


 This text was inspired by IQOS, of which I’ve been a consumer for several months. 


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  1. Dan G says:

    Nu esti singura. Burnout-ul ne curteaza pe toti la un moment dat. Join the Club!

  2. Didi F says:


  3. Gina says:

    Wow, ce tinuta!!! superbaa…

  4. Iuliana M says:

    Iqos e o revelatie. Cea mai buna inventie de la masina de spalat vase incoace 🙂 si ma bucur enorm ca l-am descoperit la tine inca de la inceput. Te pup!

  5. Madalina Mihai says:

    Ana, sunt sigura ca vei gasi mereu forta sa mergi mai departe. Succese!!!<3

  6. Luminita B says:

    Am descoperit iqosul la tine si l-am share-uit cu toti colegii mei de birou. Acum avem toti, am inceput sa ne cumparam huse, accesorii, zici ca suntem in Iqos club la birou 🙂

  7. Tania Toma says:

    Nici nu stiu ce imi place mai mult la pozele astea: ochelarii sau cizmele sau atitudinea de matusa lu’ Terminator 🙂

  8. Ioana Ivan says:

    Treaba asta cu fumatul in interior mi se pare cel mai mare avantaj. Dupa faptul ca nu scoate fum si nu mai miros a tutun. #IqosLover

  9. Alexandra Cristea says:

    Tot mai multa lume in jurul meu a inceput sa fumeze Iqos, asa ca m-am adaptat si eu. Si bine am facut! E foarte cool si foarte bun. Am trecut direct la varianta noua.

  10. Taylor Jane says:

    wow wow! You look stunning, babe! COOL OUTFIT!

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