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Had to post this awesome wheat headband Katerini Mou sent over recently. It was a historical moment  because my second selfie ever was made (still having issues when it comes to this activity).

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Now I have to get dressed and leave for Thailand – kinda psyched about this although I’m becoming a workaholic.


Here’s an old tune I love to  listen to now and here’s what I laid my eyes on the first time I opened my laptop this morning.


    Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, “So what.” That’s one of my favorite things to say. “So what.” “My mother didn’t love me.” So what. “My husband won’t ball me.” So what. “I’m a success but I’m still alone.” So what. I don’t know how I made it through all the years before I learned how to do that trick. It took a long time for me to learn it, but once you do, you never forget.


— Andy Warhol 



Have an amazing Sunday people!

Ana says



Crowns lover Morodan

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  1. Soos Cristina says:

    Have an amazing and wonderful vacation
    ma cherie ❤
    Love the song 🙂

  2. Alina N says:

    Fain headband-ul! Stiu melodia :), mie imi place si You Bring On The Sun :). Distractie placuta in Tailanda! La Multi Ani 2014!

  3. Fashion Start says:

    :)))) i also have this problem with this selfie thing, but i admit you are cute and still love you after this second selfie #beautifulanamorodan

  4. delia iacob says:

    this andy warhol quote made my day :* enjoy your vacation :*

  5. francisca says:

    WOW this headband is just WOW, arata foarte bine pe capul tau & esti o scumpete stilata! muah!

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