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27 October 2013 / By / 3 Comments

Ovidiu Buta, Stephan Pelger, Ana and their friend Diana




#tbt till this Spring night when



  • we had fun at Diplomat Restaurant (to be read got drunk and had fun)
  • I had long hair and looked like Snow White (I might have been in my best-estest day)
  • gin tonic was still my favorite drink
  • Stephan and I finally both looked good in the same picture
  • Diana had long hair too, now her hair is short also
  • we all agreed that Downton Abbey  was our favorite tv show at the moment
  • I was thinking how the next Autumn will look like


Well, Ana, guess what?  It looks pretty Avatar, awesome like! Just like you dream about it!




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


#tbt Morodan

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  1. Skinny Mary says:

    funny! you also had your white dress on! hihi!


    mmm…loved your hair like that!

  3. hermina toma says:

    <3 love stephan si ovidiu si pe tine!!!
    se vede ce seara de pomina ati avut, frumos sa ni le reamintim now&then!

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