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Morodan si Molecula drinking in Paris




It just hit us (pe Molecule si pe mine), MORODAN Day is 1 and a half years old and this calls for a celebration!

This Wednesday at Gaia, at the Molecule F Party!

Also, did you notice the pics I was tagged in on Facebook, from the last Wednesdays at Gaia? That’s my drunk face. Keep it in mind and print it to your brain – never to drink that much!

See you on Wednesday cause you are all invited.


p.s. If you somehow still wanna have fun and look like a cartoon, my secret ingredient is gin tonic or red wine (#wink#drink#winkagain)




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  1. mazilique says:

    at first I read “gin tonic AND red wine”, and so I said to myself: “hmm, this is an interesting combo. the girl sure knows her way around cocktails” :))))

  2. mazilique says:

    on second thought: baaaaah, ala e inel ysl? mi-a scapat printre degetele cand am vrut sa-l comand si acum there’s nowhere to be found #sigh

  3. denise says:

    say whaaaat ?! you, woman, are so funny you make me make sounds while trying to seem busy @ work :))))

  4. CAMY says:

    HEY LA MULTI MULTI ANI !!! love you guys muah !!! and since i am in Bucharest on Wednesday night, i’ll be seeing youuuuu

  5. fashion up says:

    tricou alb Molecule F cu voaleta…aaaaahhhhhh

  6. Soos Cristina says:

    La multi ani si la mai mare !!!

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