Mademoiselle ANA – École de Beauté et Elégance – ep 3 – Getting Ready in 15 minutes

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14 December 2014 / By / 12 Comments


You know, if you`re a lazy person with tons of things to do it might affect you a bit. It even might make you feel desperate and unorganized a bit. You might not have time to search for the 5 outfits you need per day to finish all your projects and you might look sloppy at evening events, a bit. Your dress might be that one you found in your car 5 minutes before the event and your make-up might look extremely unfit for the occasion because guess what? When it comes to make-up you`re just not talented at all. And you have to admit it.

And when you`re wise enough to admit it you invent for yourself a beauty and elegance project – Mademoiselle Ana – Ecole de Beaute et Elegance.  And as you have seen in episodes 1 and 2, I am learning from the best – Alexandru Abagiu and  L`Oreal Paris.


Here`s how I and you, if you`re in the same pot as me, can be ready and look flawless in only 15 minutes.



A? It looks pretty easy. All we have to do is get the steps right.

Holidays are near and we have some make-up tricks stuffed under our sleeves so stay near and see you soon with the next episode.







Mademoiselle Ana






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  1. Eva says:

    supeeeeer! ce bine! abia astept sa incerc si eu

  2. Larisa Dinu says:

    imi place la nebunie aceasta serie de makeup!

  3. celine says:

    I can never get the cat eye right and I love it soooo!

  4. Raisa says:

    love the lipgloss

  5. elena says:

    ce cool e bluza, taiata la spate!

  6. tinacristina says:

    ce idee buna cu lista de produse la final! le-am notat pe toate, sunt pe shopping list!

  7. alexandra says:

    chiar ca ten de portelan!

  8. Alexis says:

    Alexandru is the beeeeeest! 🙂

  9. Maria says:

    Alex este brilliant, ma face geloasa prin indemanarea lui… Am atatea produse de beauty si parca niciodata nu ies din casa atat de pusa la punct dupa doar 15 minute.

    Anyhow, depasind aceasta tristete meschina, imi place mult bluza ta, ne poti impartasi brand-ul? 🙂


    • Ana Morodan says:

      Maria, bluza o gasesti la SuperJeans 🙂 Si da, si mie mi se pare ca Alex este genial si ca n-o sa fiu nici eu niciodata atat de indemanatica :))

  10. pinky says:

    I love how relaxed you are on camera even with no makeup at all

  11. Soos Cristina says:

    Daca as avea un Alex langa mine …
    poate poate ajunge 15 min :)))
    Si Bluzaaaaa ❤ e beton !

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