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24 November 2012 / By / 2 Comments

Buying audio books is such a good idea when you spend lots of time in your car.


Now, you might think that I am laying in bed today.

Well, quite the opposite. I have a magazine styling tomorrow and I’m not even half done. I’m a nerve wreck. That’s why I considered suitable to take a look at my immortalized relaxing moments from last week.

Sometimes, looking and remembering some quiet moments I lived works like an instant xanax for me. But not today, oh no, today, I’m gonna run like hell to find the perfect noir outfits.

As for you, if you are luckier than me and you are really having a relaxing day, just one suggestion if I may:

Take a good book and go to a tea shop (A TEA SHOP not Starbucks or some loudly/glam spot), order a white tea and a little quince comfiture like in the Belle Epoque era and enjoy your read quietly and alone. And if possible walk your way there.



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  1. petitegigi says:

    I would really like that sometimes, but it’s impossible! I have to take care of my daughter! But she works better than Xanax for me! 🙂

  2. sasha says:

    ah statuetele… ! 🙂 parintii mei aveau unele asemanatoare, s-au spart la un cutremur.
    le asociez cumva cu copilaria, cand stateam si le studiam fascinata drapajele rochiilor. 🙂

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