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monkeysss 222

ana wearing H&M

beautiful thailand



aminals cute animalsss

Lovely Morodan



fav bag


ana in thailandI am wearing a H&M S/S 14 dress – available in stores starting with the 6th of March, Erdem for Karen Walker sunglasses from, a True Vintage reticule bag – nope, not my engagement ring also. I was scared of loosing it on the beach (#chicken pussy)

© Serban Cristea




Can you remember when was the last time you really noticed that moment when its getting dark? When the light slowly turns into dark? I couldn’t remember when I first noticed this day turning into night.

It made me think at what my grandmother once said.

She said that darkness is as fascinating as light and sometimes, darkness can be as good as light but so that you can see that goodness in the dark you just have to light a candle.

Nice word game huh?

I wonder if she said a Cire Trudon candle or just any candle? I’m idiotically joking, don’t mind me.

On the other hand, this is my second post wearing a S/S 14 H&M dress (available in stores starting with the 6th of March). I am absolutely ecstatic about this dress. I love the color, the fringe game, the shape, the romantic ruffles. EVERYTHING. I am going to treasure it till then end of day. It’s splendissimaaa, don’t you think?

Oh, yes, the monkeys were these petite thiefs. They were stealing people’s sunglasses and drinks. Ok, ok, I am not going to talk shit about them all the way. They were also quite cute (#smile)







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  1. Ashley says:

    I just adore your photos. WONDERFUL!

  2. Crina Stoicescu says:

    abia astept noua colectie, daca e ca rochia asta, oooohooooo…nici nu vreau sa ma gandesc 🙂 unde le voi mai pune 🙂

  3. Style of the Day says:

    hmmm smart metaphor your grandmother told you <3

  4. Yasmina says:

    geniala rochia, chiar imi place

  5. Fete Fine says:

    ador stilul tau chiar si pe plaja, poseta m-a innebunit, iar rochia are iintr-adevar o culoare superba, si detaliile m-au cucerit! frumos de tot!

  6. Georgette says:

    j’aime! the monkeys, thailand, the beach, the dress, the purse, you & your gorgeous inspiring blog. in short, LO-VE

  7. Chic&Chic says:


  8. popescu A. says:

    ah! ce divin! si look-ul tau, si relaxarea pe care ne-o transmiti, din partea mea poti sa ne arati vacanta ta tot anul :))) oricum, trebuie sa recunosc ca datorita tie m-am documentat despre Tailanda si mi se pare un loc din ce in ce mai tentant!

  9. kiki J says:

    Ana and the monkeys, flying on the beach :)) the little thieves are irresistible, and so is this H&M treasure!

  10. Ofelia Danea says:

    de cate ori vorbesti despre bunica ta, mi se face un dor de a mea…foarte frumoase cuvintele ei.

  11. Dianaaa says:

    mmmmmmm cand vad apa ma topesc am o legatura asa de puternica cu elementul acesta, o fi din cauza zodiei. dar cu rochia ta, cred ca se creaza si acolo o legatura puternica 🙂 numai din cauza ta, numai tu alegi asa niste piese care imi raman pe retina :)))


    great story & look dear :*

  13. victoria nelson says:

    loving your grandmother stories…

  14. fiona hey says:

    i see a new 5 Minute class is coming! uh, exciting!

  15. Lucia says:

    si culmea, avea dreptate bunica ta! ce frumos! arati de vis!

  16. Die Style says:

    what about the new kitchen victim episode? i am starving here 🙂 nice dress

  17. gina malina says:

    se putea sa nu ma lesini si azi? acuma o sa stau sa visez la rochia asta ca o nebuna fashionista ce sunt #semijoke #smile

  18. Gentuta vintage face toti banii. Si jivinele peste cad fulgii de zapada ai blogului 🙂

  19. Fericito! H&M spring 2014 arata super bine si tu ii faci o reclama pe masura! Sunt inebunita dupa aceasta camasa si dupa ia din jeans, eu am pozat in ea pentru Elle, dar inca nu e in posesia mea. Din 6 martie, sper!
    Pozele din tailanda arata super, imi dau o pofta de vacanta si de plaja! Ce sa mai zic de maimutzici…?
    Te pup, doamna misterioasa!

  20. Style Bomb says:

    the sunset light is my favourite, it is absolutely magical. actually indians say it has deep spiritual powers, and that is why we feel happy at sunset. so love these pictures, and the beautiful light in them

  21. alex says:

    am si eu o poseta in genul asta, si pana acum nici nu m-am gandit sa o port, dar m-ai inspirat!

  22. bianca says:

    Love you darling! xoxo

  23. Rona says:

    Amazing photos, and you look great 🙂

    Dress To Cook

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