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7 October 2017 / By / 10 Comments

My dear ladies, as I promised when I lived with Mirela Bucovicean from the IQOS store from Afi Cotroceni, here is me being back with my latest 10 rules in entrepreneurship. They change and dwindle every now and then so a) take it with a grain of salt and b) YOU BETTER STAY UPDATED!!!!! 


Ah, it’s that time of the year again. The leaves are turning orange, the air is finally breathable again and there’s a pumpkin spice latte for everyone. There’s basically no excuse left to slack off and tell yourself that when summer’s over you’ll be more productive. Summer’s over. The time’s now. Now is the time. Time the is now. You figure out the order!


Now, now, I know it’s harder than it seems. But, ladies, there’s still quite a long way to go until we reach our final goal, the TWD (Total World Domination), so we need to put our big girl panties on and get our knuckles cracking. Especially if you’re working for yourselves, or on your own personal projects. I’ve been at this game of entrepreneurship for quite some time now, so I’ve decided to put together the ultimate entrepreneurial decalogue. In less pretentious words, 10 essential rules that I’ve learned during my venture in the world of independent ladies. 


1. Slow & steady is better than a burnout 

When you work for yourself, it’s super easy to go down the overachiever path and overwork yourself to death. Or, if you’re into less dramatic things, a burnout. So, on the long run, it’s a lot more productive to know your limits and respect the signs your body is giving you. 


2. Your business is not the Me Me Me Show 

I don’t think there’s one person out there who made it completely on their own. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. 


3. Nope, sorry, you’re not Little Miss Know-It-All 

I used to think I was too, in the beginning. Maaaaaaan, was I wrong. However, sometimes you may trust your gut. Some decisions do require expert counselling, yet some require a white night, a few glasses of gin and trusting your intuition.


4. Technology advances every day. Follow suit. 

I am a clutz when it comes to technology, much like any other Countess, however, we can’t live without it and it’s vital for the well development of our businesses. So, stay up to date and learn aaaaaall the apps, programs, gadgets & other devils that keep appearing. 


5. Time is money. SOOO much money. 

Let’s have an imagination exercise. Imagine that for every minute you waste, you burn 1 RON. For each and every minute. But, please, relax, this statement is not meant to stress you out, but to help you organize yourself and make the best decisions. One way I used to waste time a few months ago, quite surprisingly large amounts of time, in fact, was by smoking. No, I did not quit smoking, I just found a more practical & innovative way to do it. After they banned smoking inside, it would take me minutes to dress up, put some shoes on, go down the stairs, go up the stairs because I realized I forgot the lighter, go down the stairs again, then sometimes stay out talking to others with the same time-consuming habit for minutes and cigarettes on end. Since then, I discovered the magic of Iqos, the device I use to get my nicotine fix inside (even at the airport). There’s no more continuous coming and going, I can smoke while I work. It may seem like a small thing, but if you do the math and add up the minutes, oh, it piles up. 


6. Treat your employees like you’d treat your friends/family 

Listen to them, understand them, care about them. Your business will run a million times better if your employees don’t hate their job. 


7. Don’t make promises you can’t keep 

Don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk.


8. Be a solution 

When things get tough, don’t just whine around and sip on gin. Sip on gin and find solutions to your problems. 


9. Your integrity is worth more than any contract ever could 

There are compromises you can and can’t make. Know when to draw the line. 


10. Be passionate about what you do 

This is pretty self-explanatory, right? There’s no point in doing it if you don’t love it. No amount of money will make up for spending whole years being unhappy, doing something you hate. Eternal glory, however… Maybe? 


That’s it, ladies. That’s all I know. Take it or leave it (but really now, take it, it’s all true.) 


This text was inspired by IQOS, of which I’ve been a consumer for several months. 


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  1. Ioana Demian says:

    Lista asta ar trebui predata la facultatea de business!

  2. LovelyMary says:

    Awesome list, I needed to read this

  3. Sabina says:

    Si eu fumez Iqos de cateva luni si nu m-as mai intoarce la tigari normale nici daca m-ai plati! 😀

  4. Danielle says:

    Rochia asta e wow, e super frumoasa si iti sta mi-nu-nat!

  5. Oana Peller says:

    Iti ador rochia, imi spui te rog mult de unde o ai? Multumesc!

  6. Lilly says:

    I adooore your shoes

  7. Petra Illici says:

    Am incercat acum cateva zile pentru prima data Iqos pentru ca te-am tot vazut pe tine cu el, imi place super mult si cred ca voi renunta de tot la tigarile clasice. Multumesc pentru ca mereu ne recomanzi produse misto. Inteleg ca sunt recclame dar la tine sunt reclame la produse chiar misto nu la gramada!

  8. AdeAdelina says:

    Ce frumoase sunteti! ❤️

  9. Ralu Dascal says:

    Sunt total de acord, mai ales cu punctul 9 😀 Unele sacrficii nu merita facute

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