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Even if you’ve only been following my adventures as of recently, I am quite sure that by now you’ve reached a definite conclusion: I am not one of those girls. I am not your “classic”, if I may, lady who writes a blog. And I don’t mean that as an insult to the ladies who are, au contraire, to be honest if I think about it, it’s more of an insult to me than them. Why? Well.

I don’t go to the gym, I can only hold onto a diet for like… 3 days? It’s a bigger miracle than the birth of Jesus Christ if my eyeliner is symmetrical and I couldn’t style my own hair if my life depended on it (and it’s a damn bob, after all). Howeveeeeerrrr, there’s one thing when it comes to beauty regimes and this kind of routines that not even I dare mess with: skincare. I’d rather die than go to bed without having had removed my makeup and I’d rather skin breakfast than face the day without the proper facial cream. Your skin’s quality and your youth are something no one can give you back, so I believe you must preserve them the best you can.


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So, what products do I use?

One might say it’s not possible, however I am using products based on ingredients that so many Countesses before me used for hundreds of years (staying true to my roots, but of course), however with the benefits that we need today. By that I mean products that are based only on natural extracts, yet shield you against the negative effects of today’s biggest enemies: pollution & stress. How is that even possible, right? Well, for the exact formula, you’ll have to ask the guys at Yves Rocher, however their #StopSkinPollution line & their all around brand concept won me over.


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You might’ve noticed, if you follow me on Instagram, that I took a trip to France a couple of days ago. Initially I thought it would be more work than play, since most press trips are like that, however I had no idea what was waiting for me.


La Grée des Landes Eco-Hotel Spa

The first and most memorable, in my opinion, place we visited was Yves Rocher’s own spa. Reached after walking a good 4 minutes through the forest, the first thing that impressed me was the silence. After spending days on end on set, filming, constantly surrounded by people and noises, you’ve got no idea what a blessing silence is. Secondly, everything about La Grée des Landes is as eco as it can be – from the architectural design being based on feng shui principles, to the simple materials used in the construction itself, to the bamboo grove that lies on its premises, everything there is run with the utmost respect towards nature. And you know how important nature is to me. Let’s just say I left this place feeling as if someone struck a chord in my mouth and then in a socket, left me there until my battery was at 100%.







Maison Yves Rocher

 The second place that left me staring in awe was the Yves Rocher memorial house, a one of a kind high-tech museum that was built by Yves’ nephew in memoriam of his father, the single man behind today’s empire. Yves’ actual home was too small for what his nephew imagined, however he bought a bigger house in the same small French city, La Gacilly, which, in 5 long years of working on the designs & technicalities, he turned into a audio-visual spectacle. A must-see, if you ever find yourself in that region of France.





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5 Reasons why Yves Rocher made me a Loyal Customer


After visiting La Gacilly and learning all about how it all started, we headed to Paris to see more of the present: how it’s done today. That’s where this brand won me as a customer forever. Why?


  1. It’s a brand that respects both women and nature

Can it get any better than that? From their ingredients, to their bio-degradable and recycled packaging, everything they do is with the utmost respect towards their customers and nature.


  1. Up until today, they have planted 69 million trees

Yup, even in Romania, where the need is dire. Up until 2020, they wish to plant 100 million more.


  1. Only 3% of their products are not plant based

And it’s not even their choice, EU regulations impose that at least 3% of every cosmetic product that is sold on its territory must be preservatives. The rest 97% however, is all natural.


  1. They do not and have never tested their products on animals

Fitz approves.


  1. They think about people too

Before we even knew what sustainable business practices were, Yves Rocher was employing 5000 people from his hometown and surrounding small cities. Even today, at the Spa, the ingredients used in the restaurant are ordered only from local farmers and only the ones that are in season (so they grow naturally).




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This press trip opened my eyes towards a brand that, hands down, deserves all our respect. In case you’re wondering how profitable is all this environment protection, they have 650 shops only in France and are market leaders when it comes to beauty sales. So, yes, the number one excuse big brands use to justify being cruel to both people and the environment is, if I may speak frankly, bullshit.

Cheers, Yves Rocher, for everything you are & do!




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  1. Emiliana says:

    Cat de tare! Am mai folosit de-a lungul anilor produse de la ei, dar nu stiam ca sunt atat de eco friendly si de grijulii cu natura.

  2. ami says:

    chiar nu credeam ca mai exista branduri care se tin de genul asta de promisiuni. very nice 🙂

  3. ramona alinte says:

    I love what you’re wearing in every since one of these photos!

  4. Ana Maria says:

    De unde e rochia aceea ca o camasa, albastru cu alb? 🙂

  5. Carla says:

    Yves Rocher sunt minunati, ma bucur ca scrii de ei

  6. Floriana F says:

    What an amazing brand, truly respectable

  7. mariana says:

    Am vazut noua gama a lor de fata si ma tenteaza. Tie ti se pare ca ti-a imbunatatit tenul?

  8. lukia says:

    what beautiful places ❤️

  9. Karla says:

    I’ve heard of Ives Rocher, but I never knew they were this green for real. Wonderful!

  10. ioana miruna says:

    You look gorgeous in that long black dress ?

  11. rumy says:

    super funny ultima poza, love it ??

  12. Lili Oprea says:

    acel spa facut de ei suna ca locul perfect in care sa te retragi dupa un an greu. il voi trece pe lista locurilor de vizitat 🙂

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