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Gianvito Rossi heels, Vintage Bazaar skirt, Zara turtle neck, MMM for H&M accessory and vintage watch, Moo Piyasombaktul sungalsses from SungalssCurator , Stella McCartney ring

Photos by Serban Cristea




Those are my truths. Some of them. Put me in front of a beautiful building and start telling me how it was built, by whom, when, who lived here and what happened during the Belle Epoque period (this last detail being very important even vital for gaining my entire WoW-ness ) and I’m mesmerized on the spot!

I am away these days, visiting Serban’s parents. The last time we were here Serban took me to visit the biggest Baroque Palace in Romania but it was closedcausing a grouch on my face and making me look like a spoiled mushroom the whole day. It was time to try and visit it again and guess what? It was open and best of all, it had an old guardian who told me the most decadent stories ever.

 How it was built and how Maria Theresa  promised to come at the opening but she never did, being busy giving birth to one of her children. I don’t think it was Maria Antoinette, I asked but no one knew, I’ll investigate it later.

How, being the Archiepiscopal Palace of the Catholics, all kinds of characters came here looking for redemption. How in the saloons and ball rooms each Saturday night, all Austro-Hungarian  high society gathered here to play  poker games , drink absinth and party so decadent that no movie ever even came close to this reality. After the social habbits stories I wanted to know all about their clothes and jewelry – from crinoline dresses to head accessories and their complex lingerie, they wore pure glamour.

The old guardian even showed us some photos and he was right. The best dressed poker players and the most lavishly dressed ladies having tea gave this unique place an aura that will live through time.

I don’t have an explanation for being so magnetically fascinated by these kind of buildings and those periods in history but if  passed lives really exist then please God, may I be Luisa Casati or Maria Tanase in the next one?!


Tell me, what do you think about this uber-cool skirt? It’s a vintage treasure that was gifted to me by Vintage Bazar. It’s so different and chiccc, I adore it!





Congratulations Georgeta! See you tonight (#smile, #fun, #glam, #alexandruciucu,#fashionshow)







The Baroque Ana

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  1. Roxana says:

    Ana, imi plac tare mult ochelarii tai, numai ca nu recunosc modelul pe site. E posibil sa nu mai aiba fix acest model?

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Ba da, trebuie sa aiba, stai sa vad 🙂

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Roxana, ai dreptatea, n-au pe site. Am sunat la showroom si au acolo, daca nu esti din Bucuresti scrie-le si iti trimit poza. Oricum, ii pun si pe site zilele astea din nou.

      Te imbratisez cu drag 🙂

  2. In general nu prea comentez, in ideea ca nu ai timp sa le citesti pe toate si cateodata sunt doar zambete si drag, nu comentarii verbale (yes, yes, I know very stalkerish :P), dar azi m-am deci sa iti spun ca ai un zambet asa frumos si jucaus, iti lumineaza fata, il simti ca e onest si e contagios 😀
    Sa ai o zi minunata Ana!

  3. Zadin says:

    Fusta este o piesă statement şi îmi place cum ai pus-o în valoare prin purtarea de piese negre în rest.

    Şi eu sunt o fană a arhitecturilor spectaculoase de pe la 1700-1800…

  4. Ida says:

    Absolutely love this outfit and the color combination 🙂

  5. Roxana says:

    Sunt din Bucuresti. 🙂 Multumesc.

  6. Emanuel I. says:

    Just loving u in this amazing skirt.
    Esti magra!!!

  7. Anaivilo says:

    Oh goodness that place is heaven! De cata vremne vroiam si eu sa il vizitez..And that skirt is amaziiiing! I love love love the volume! 😀

  8. Miruna Moldovan says:

    I love how you pursue your dreams, how you make them come alive 🙂 It’s amazing to be able to do that for yourself, I really admire you, your principles and your dreams 🙂

  9. Milena says:

    I absolutely love these kind of posts because it shows you`re interested in culture, you breath for beautiful things and that you might become a true inspiration for the younger ladies to go and visit our beautiful places and cultural spots.

  10. Paula says:

    Love your outfit!!!!

  11. Melania says:

    Eşti femeia prin care mă redescopăr zi de zi, iar acest post îmi demonstrează o dată în plus, dacă mai era cazul, cât de puternică şi impunătoare poţi să fii, indiferent de locul în care te afli.

  12. Mi-a placut postul asta datorita povestilor si misterului care invaluie palatul si datorita faptului ca impartim aceeasi curiozitate si pasiune pentru cladirile vechi si, totodata, extrem de frumoase prin arhitectura lor.

  13. Dana M says:

    Din ultimele 5 posturi asta e preferatul meu! Pt ca tu arati superb in acel decor superb! Si ai acel ceva cu care ai putea sa vinzi si o cutie de carton ca fiind locul perfect de vizitai!

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