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25 July 2011 / By / 64 Comments
 Snobbish Breakfast dress, H&M necklace

Photos by Delia Robescu


 Because it’s Monday, and we all kinda hate Mondays, I thought it would be a great opportunity to make you smile a little.
I already told you that I mostly shop online lately. Well, through my searches I found an awesome online shop. It’s called ORIENT and there you can find all kinds of cool watches, especially watches for men. I’m telling you this because lately, women wear men watches too, at least this is the trend.

Well, the guys at ORIENT  decided to give away a watch to one of you! 😡

Here’s what you have to do:

– kiss someone you love 
– say “thank you” and “forgive me” more often
– follow High Street Cardigans with Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin
– tell me in a comment what kind of watch would you like to wear, a lady like one or a more manly model?


I picked this one for you. I hope you heart it.
The winner will be sort out randomly next Monday.
Goooddd luckkk and start the week smiling!


One last thing…I want to show you something before I go.


HERE IT ISSSS!!! Look down!

This is my present! I got it from Gabriella, who is an illustrator and a designer. You can find more about her on  The Fashion Crayon.
THANK YOU SO MUCH Gabriella, it’s awesome! 😡
Now, go and do what I said for the giveaway, after all, it’s a circle, Gabriella made me happy, I’m passing it on, making you happy so that you can make others happy and…(I’m off base don’t I?).

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  1. Laura says:

    I always loved wearing my lover’s watch, thinking that was the best way for him not to know when was the time to stop loving.

  2. colorsdiary says:

    this watch is very very nice, I love it. I will surely go check their website.

    p.s. already following you by all means:P

  3. NinaG says:

    What a lovely giveaway!
    I would love a manly watch because i’m quite bored by my only watch which is a ladylike type.
    By the way, I love the one you have chosen! It’s great for this fall!
    Have a great day!

  4. Miki says:

    What a lovely way to start the week. 🙂 I love the website, i will surely check it. i love your pick, the orange watch. nice tips also…done all the requests..the first two at the first time in the morning 🙂 + i am following you for a while.

    have a great week!! 🙂

  5. Cosa Nostra says:

    i more over like to wear a lady like watch…but when i was a little girl i used to play(sometimes wear) with my papa’s watch all the time(he used to have an elegant blue screen mechanical Orient watch…it used to fascinate me..actually it still does..as some things never cease to bedazzle you)

  6. Cosa Nostra says:

    i more over like to wear a lady like watch…but when i was a little girl i used to play with my papa’s watch a lot..i even used to wear it or at least try to wear it as it was really big for my little hand…as i recall he used to wear a blue screen mechanical Orient watch..it used to fascinate me…actually it still does as some thing never cease to bedazzle u in time

  7. Anna says:

    I really love mens watches but only the ones with leather bracelet, more clasic, simple watches. I love the one you chose for the giveaway, I hope I win it 😀

    following you with GFC and Bloglovin of course!


  8. Ruth says:

    I like a leather strap and a classic large dial (maybe with a few cool looking little dials on the face that I don’t know what they do) 🙂
    I’m already a follower!



  9. Deffo going for a manly watch <3 Don`t have a quite clear explanation but I love how it fits a girlish outfit.

  10. I’m more of a man watch kind of girl and I’m following you for ages. The thing is – you look amazing and I love the dress and necklace, you’re beautiful.:)

  11. Shaya says:

    My favorite jewellery pieces are watches, I wear one all the time. I like more manly models, I often borrow my bf’s watches :)I really like the watch you chose for the giveaway.

  12. Corina says:

    Mie imi plac mult ceasurile barbatesti, mi se pare infinit mai sexy felul in care imbraca o incheietura feminina 🙂

  13. maskin says:

    manly all the way, hon!

  14. Alina says:

    Imi plac atat ceasurile barbatesti, aflate in contrast cu stilul feminin, cat si cele mai finute, feminine.

  15. vini says:

    hello ana, i love this watch http://orientwatchusa.com/cet05001d

    i really like men’s watches – they complement a woman’s wrist and even make her more feminine – in my opinion.

    already following you via bloglovin!

  16. miruna says:

    I will definitely choose the men’s watches. They look so sexy!
    Thank you for being so kind and offering us, the readers, so many give-aways. You’re lovely!

    Have a nice day!

  17. miha.ela says:

    I love mens watches with leather bracelet, more clasic with a medium/large dial.

    following you with GFC

  18. ana says:

    Hello Ana, I like your pick, but in all black version http://orientwatchusa.com/cesaa001b

    Thank you! 🙂

    (following you with bloglovin)

  19. SO beautiful. I really like it! It’s the perfect amount of manly and lady like, of course i’m following (how could I not). Hiven@live.co.uk

    x hivenn

  20. Hello pretty! You look like a goddess 🙂 what a nice giveaway. I would like a more manly watch to wear it with my new shirt and pair of jeans. The one you picked it`s perfect!
    Veronica (www.vboutique.ro)

  21. Andrea says:

    Following you via google. 😉

    I would wear a mens´watch as I have a girly one at home already. 😉


  22. De Vero says:

    Fotografiile sunt superbe, cu aliura de vara ;)! Ceasul e cool mai ales culoarea.


  23. Supal says:

    Aww I love the sketch. It’s SO cute and chic. I never got into the men’s watch craze because right when it started, I started my new job and super super anti-fashion (sad day). But I’ve been slowly incorporating more colorful and cute pieces into my grim suits. I’d go with wearing a men’s watch. I think I’d love the statement it would make.

  24. April says:

    You look absolutely lovely in these pictures! Love the monochromatic look!

  25. The photos are stunning! that dress is fit for a greek goddess.
    I think I’d try for a more manly watch, because my others have always been feminine.
    And I love that drawing!
    lovecharlesvintage at gmail.com

  26. Andreea. D says:

    A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. So whether we choose a more manly watch or a lady one, we need to know how to keep our youth through style because a woman has the age she deserves.
    So i won’t chose, but i would definitely go for a manly watch sometimes.

  27. cătălina says:

    hi! I’m following your blog thru GFC 🙂 I would rather choose a masculine watch, for its statement value.

    have a great week and don’t forget to enjoy you coffee

  28. nymph3l0s says:

    Mi-au placut dintotdeauna ceasurile barbatesti. Ceasul meu preferat pe care il port zilnic este un model barbatesc de la fossil cu o curea foarte lata. Imi place mult si ceasul ales de tine 😡

  29. stilistele says:

    Hi hon! following you for a while now and not being sorry ;))
    Great sketch, that girl is really talented!
    Oh, and I’ve been wearing only men watches for a while now…they just make my arm look slimmer :))

  30. Adelina says:

    A masculine one, but I would want it with a feminine touch included, let’s say the colour…

  31. nony says:

    Hi!Since I am a watches enthusiast, I have to say that the ladies watches from fossil are among my favourite ones…I like the simple round ones, with metal bracelet and without many jewels…
    Thank you for the giveway!

  32. Deiusk says:

    Imi plac foarte mult ceasurile barbatesti!
    Te urmaresc prin GFC 🙂

  33. alinap says:

    lovely site…thx for sharing it with us…it’s the first time i’m commenting on your blog, but i’ve been following you for a long time. i visit your blog more often than i visit my university forum :)i’ve hadn’t had a watch in a very long time, but i’ve been window shopping for men’s watches for quite a while hoping that one day i can afford the one that fits my fantasies. i’ve always found something else to buy other than a watch although i love watches, but now that i found this site you recommended i’m thinking of the way to buy one…but not for me…for one person that i love and adore more than anything…my future husband i hope 😛

  34. Stephanie says:

    wow 😀 I love your outfit! Beautiful :))

    Live.Laugh.Love. – everyday.

  35. rebecca says:

    oh how fun! i have a couple of big watches so maybe something a little more danty this time around!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  36. Simos says:

    Oh, lovely pics, lovely watch :)) I prefer manly models for sure!

    Have a great week,

  37. Dee Dee says:

    Adooooor ceasurile! Mi-am cheltuit mai bine de jumatate din primul meu salariu pe un ceas de care ma indragostisem cu cateva luni inainte… Am si ceasuri girlie, am si un ceas manly pe care il port cu mandrie, depinde de stare, ele oricum au personalitatea lor 🙂 De fapt, ma completeaza pe mine…

    GFC follower 😀

  38. Lainey says:

    You look like a goddess! Love the maxi dress so much.

  39. Mariana says:

    Lovely! I usually wear a lady like model, but I also love manly models with a touch of femininity. I soo want to win this. It’s a very nice watch.
    Mariana Neacsu

  40. Biju.Brill says:

    I am often so conservative regarding clothes….but when wearing accessories…..BIG is the word! So man watches for me 🙂
    When are you going to stop surprising me with your wonderful pics? 🙂 Lovely!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    You are so sweet and inspiring! You seem to be an amazing person! Glad I’ve found your blog!

  42. Inna says:

    Hello, very nice pick. Normally I wouldn’t wear a men watch but the way you put it, I think I’m gonna adopt this style.

  43. Andra Postolache says:

    Such a lovely blog you have here… And a great giveaway if I may say so. It always brightens my day when I see one of your posts pop up in my bloglovin list:)
    But let’s get to the point. I’ve always preferred wearing men’s watches because I’ve always had quite an androgynous style, even before the ‘boyfriend blazer’ or ‘boyfriend jeans’ became IT items. This kind of originates from when I was little and I went out with my mom to buy a watch for my dad’s birthday and I fell in love with one from a Pierre Cardin men’s collection. Even though it wasn’t the one we ended up buying, I still steal my dad’s watch and wear it every time I come home haha.

  44. Alexandra says:

    I’ve been following you for , like, forever , on GFC .

    Love the idea of the give-away , I’d adore a more feminine watch .

    Stay happy, you inspire a lot of people !<3

    alexandra @

  45. Loredana Dezmirean says:

    oh this watch is lovely! Thank you for this awesome opportunity, i couldn’t get an orient watch in a million years 🙁 i think i’d go for a feminine watch!

    you’re such an inspiration! thank you!



  46. Anonymous says:

    Pe 14 iulie am primit de la prietenul meu un ceas Fossil, care e intre girlie si barbatesc, daaar, mi-e dor de ceasul meu de la Next exact ca cel oferit de tine de la Orient. Nu ca nu mi-ar placea cel de la Fossil. So, care mi-ar placea? Cel girlie….
    Esti foarte faina, si in fiecare zi trag o privire pe blogul tau!


  47. ? says:

    Hello! I would totally love a manly model especially this one: http://orientwatchusa.com/mens/modern-watches/cerak001w :X it’s pure awesomeness but i also love the one you picked. Thanks for this opportunity! Love you blog <3

  48. just claudia says:

    Arati ca o zeita ! 😡

  49. Anca says:

    A men’s watch makes a woman even more feminine and sexy!Lovely watch,lovely pics,lovely you.
    You are amazing!:)



  50. Zazuza says:

    you look like a Goddess 🙂

  51. J’adore, elle est magnifique cette robe, et les photos aussi


  52. Ina says:

    Can’t really pick a kind of watch I like to wear, but right now I’m definetely in a Men’s watch phase 🙂

  53. becky says:

    very cool. i do not wear watches often because i have the time on my cell. but would love to get back into it!

  54. markéta says:

    Hi Ana, I really like the watch you chose for the giveaway! I just love this lady models!

  55. markéta says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. beaflory says:

    Hello Ana!I love the watch men you choose.Because this become a trend,a watch like this it’s on my wishlist.I want lore manly model:)Good luck with you blog.
    GFC:Beatrice Cosor

  57. selffish says:

    hello ana!
    I love the watch you choose, and I definitely like mens watches.


  58. AndraB says:

    I follow you by GFC: Andra Bruma. I just love the watches, all kind. But I prefer the lady watches. I like also a manly model but not for me.
    And the watch you choosed is really nice!

  59. anaivecloset says:

    I like wearing both manly and ladylike watches. It depends on my mood of the day. the one you picked is just great: an excellent mixture of both masculine and feminine. Love it!

  60. girl says:

    I like masculine watches but also the feminine ones, depends very much of the model. The one you chose is very cute.

  61. Irina Serban says:

    This one is perfect for my little sister.Her birthday is coming soon,on August 8th.It would be perfect timing.;)
    PS:I love your blue jewelry.Gorgeous!

  62. Oana says:

    Hello! This is so nice of you! And I’m not talking about the prize, I’m talking about the “conditions” one has to fulfill in order to participate. Those are really sweet!

    Let’s see: I kiss my sweety & my cats everyday (it counts, right?), I never forget to say thank you, I ask for forgiveness when I’m wrong…

    What else? I follow you with GFC with the name “Oana” & I love watches. I own both femnine watches and manly ones, I wear them depending on what clothes I am wearing.

    I love the watch you picked out.
    & I love your blog.


  63. Julie says:

    I am definately a “men’s watch” type of girl.I think they make an interesting contrast with the elegance of women’s hands.
    I’ve been checking out your blog for a long time and I absolutely love it.You are an inspiration for all girls and women around the world.
    Have a nice week!

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